**SMG Infiltrator tactics for Indoor engagements?**

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by agentpuhpul, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. cykael

    You can manfight any class in the game with a BASR since you can kill anyone with a single shot. CQC doesn't imply you're constantly at melee range.
  2. Astraka

    Amp Stations, Tech Plants, the Crown, Quarts Ridge, the Bastion, and really only a handful of others are suited for 96+ vs. 96+; and even those are dicey at best depending on the force makeup. My best fights with an SMG are around 48 people on each side, a base with lots of cover, typically more enemies than allies, and mostly infantry. Any more than that and things become too spammy for quality infantry gameplay.

    Something that Booface said that needs repeating: Infiltrators are not the best class for high enemy density indoors fighting. You've got less cover, and fewer avenues to attack from. This doesn't mean you're useless though! Don't get caught in the trap that Infiltrators are only good as Snipers or only good with an SMG - we have a varied weapon selection for a reason. Grab a different weapon and play from behind your team's MAX Units & Heavy Assaults if you're in a position where flanking isn't an option. A lot of kills can be had by a competent infiltrator with a Scout Rifle or CQC BASR.
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  3. agentpuhpul

    BAM, yeah I agree with you guys. My KDR really started going up when I learned to use the right "tool" for the right situation. In those cluster****fests where it's all about the chokepoint, I've been working on twitch close/mid range sniping with the SASR. The vandal is great for high pop areas too, because you don't have to commit as hard when going for a kill, you can stay a safe distance away.
  4. Moz

    You know you can only lay two mines at a times dont you? :)
  5. agentpuhpul

    yes :p

    and yeah, nade bando is nice too hehe
  6. salembeats

    The strategy is create 1-on-1 engagements, and then to acquire targets more quickly and maintain them more steadily than the other guy.

  7. penandpencilman

    Severe case of tactile reptiles right here. Endless discussions on the forums on how people think a different weapon or playstyle will make them a better player. It doesn't. Shoot more, aim better, die less.
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  8. salembeats


    The thing about an SMG is that it's weak, low-bloom, and low-velocity.
    This puts an extra emphasis on quickly acquiring your target and predicting his strafing movements enough to lead him with your low-velocity amamo.
    The "tactical" part of SMG play is where you set up 1v1 engagements. The rest is 100% dexterity.

  9. SJAC

    Before i had the problem to play indoors as infiltrator, recently i learned and developed my own way. Sometimes i get pretty nice k/d in really huge fights.
    In such setups i could run with any SMG, Bandrolier or ASC, Sensor Darts and Proxies.
    For me, additionally to what been said, such zergy fights are good if you:
    1. Have maxed spot and provide all time area coverage. The friendly zerg means there will be some engy to drop ammo pack and you can be that only guy who covers all the base with your darts. This could lent you kills and see where you can flank.
    2. You flank in midst of the zerg, where your friendlies act as distraction. Basically it is Go In / Go Out combat when you go to kill in cloak in places where you have friendlies as distraction, and see where are enemies to kill because of your darts. One kill - bailout again to cover and regen.
    3. Sometimes just going stealther from the cover is enough, you unckloak, shoot some quick headshots while moving to the side, and cloak and bail again.
    The only thing is to avoid is dumb fire (esp max one) and grenades. I play for Vanu so i dont care about fighting versus Lashers.
  10. Ander

    Or ammo capacity are my favourites. I switch between these two on regular basis depending on situation.

    Inside bases I try to get a vantage point. Humans are very bad at looking up, so obviously I try to get a higher point than them.
    (Does not seem to apply to rocks for some reason, dont try to climb the rock if the enemy has a good full view of the whole rock...)

    Grenade bandolier is great for big clusters of enemies. Lob them grenade onto them, onto their sunderers or generally any choke points. Best way to get a full hit is to be above and drop the nades down on them.. as if you uncloak anywhere infront where you can be seen YOU WILL be a a target.

    The recent nerf to cloaks (seen more easily on all settings) makes things more awkward. It's possible to work around, but gone are the days you could run past enemy cloaked. They will see you quite easily close to medium range.
    At longer range you are still fine however.
    Use shadows and darkness to your advantage, your cloak will be seen less then.