**SMG Infiltrator tactics for Indoor engagements?**

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  1. agentpuhpul

    Hi All,

    I play mostly on Emerald so some of you probably have seen me running around as "agentpuhpul"

    I started off playing infiltrator and to this day, it still remains one of my favorite classes. However, there's always something that bothered me, that I could never pull off effectively.

    The vast majority of my effective infiltrator (with an smg) gameplay is done on the outskirts of battle, so that usually relegates me to outside of bases, picking off stragglers. Rarely do you see an infiltrator who's relatively in the mix with the rest of the troops, indoors, and doing well. I figured out a big reason why:

    Indoors, or in enclosed bases (cough esamir) there are just way too many corners and ways people can get LOS on you. If they don't have LOS on you, playing as an aggressive SMG infiltrator (running around, looking for people) will eventually have you turn a corner into, say, an orion heavy. This gets worse, the bigger the fights get, because, unlike outside fights, people are funneled into a single general area, which makes it harder to pick off people without getting spotted yourself.

    *as such, defending a base as an smg infiltrator is usually way easier for me, than assaulting a base as an infiltrator (because in defending a base, the enemy has to walking from outside, to indoors, whereas assaulting a base, I am forced to go inside)

    I'm starting to wonder if the infiltrator is simply not suited for indoor fights? I can easily pull a 3+ KDR as a heavy in those indoor fights, but struggle to get 2 as an infiltrator. However, the reverse is true when the fight is taken outside (ie mountains, around trees/bushes, etc)

    Does anyone else have any advice for being combat effective indoors? Or even in closed bases like AMP stations, biolabs?

    Here are a few things I figured out.

    1) Lay mines, everywhere
    2) max and lay a motion spotter, and stay within that area
    3) *relates to #2* don't overextend (overextending is easier to get away with outdoors)
    4) *relates to #3* walk more, and take your time (outdoor play I'm running around more to look for targets, running indoors gets me caught into bad spots)
    5) always be the one to shoot first, or target people who are shooting at friendlies.
    6) try to stay on the edge of the base or a place that will give you positional advantage over people (ie, amp stations, the outer wall areas)

    As you can see, I've figured out a number of things, but I'm still not getting the results I'd like.

    I would love to hear from the community, particularly experienced, dedicated infiltrator players. Am I wrong to think Infiltrators can be played effectively this way? What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks guys! :)
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  2. cykael

    I'm not the greatest SMG player but I pretty much have come to the same conclusion, the best results as SMG infil you get on open-ish maps with some cover where you can just bounce around a rock while taking out people from behind 1 by 1, this is quite difficult indoors because space is limited and you'll most likely encounter more than one opponent at a time. My KDR tanks ******** when I try to "force" myself to play SMG (gotta catch em auraxiums) when it's just not optimal since taking on equally skilled players head on is usually death sentence, or even lower skilled HAs if they notice you out of cloak.

    If you want greatest results for indoor play it's either play in small 1-24 or so battles where you can isolate targets usually even if they are indoors or play CQC BASR. In bigger battles you're going to get ganked from behind or ganged up on inside no matter how clever you are. Some more indoor-ish bases allow for some creative movement around ledges and walls etc but on others it gets really difficult.

    I'd like to also add that if you're playing NC Cyclone gives you some leeway in 1v1s if you got good aim, I don't like hipfiring in this game and Cyclone seems to reward ADS more if you can land some good headshots. With other SMGs you're kinda **** outta luck if you get in a bad 1v1, all you got to hope is you lagwizard your way to victory (thanks for great servers SOE) by strafing and/or the opponent's aim sucks balls.

    HA is also extremely effective in 1v1 or even 1v2 fights where people come at you from a small angle, I've been playing some HA on my VS alt and it's way easier to take on people.
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  3. agentpuhpul

    I completely agree with what you're saying. I feel like if SOE could make it so that if you hit "fire" you automatically come out of cloak. That would give us that .3s or whatever it is to react quickly... these days I've just been uncloaking while I round corners...

    Yeah, I've auraxed the SMGs and got the directive one... But I didn't do it by hanging around indoors, I just kept picking big fights and going to that hill where all their snipers, rocket spamming HAs, engies, are..
  4. repairtool6

    Think you just suffer from general facts of life. How life and reality works.

    in any fight.....well the closer the distance and the smaller the confined area - naturally the bigger the risk for a directly open and focused confrontation.

    In-game i quess this translates to: not an optimal surrounding for a stealth-class.
  5. agentpuhpul

    Ah yeah, if you read my post I specifically mention what you just said in my reasons why I think indoors is more difficult for infiltrators

    it's in bold.
  6. Legion494

    Flank as much as possible and make sure of EMP grenades, be aware of enemy motion sensors/recon darts and make sure to kill them or get out of their range as quickly as you can. Personally I run medkits, motion sensor and the enhanced targeting implant (good for picking target/knowing when to disengage your opponent), I always try to flank buildings if possible and play hit and run tactics.
    Im really tired so forgive my poor spelling/grammar but I hope it helps

    Edit:Try to hipfire as much as possible, its just as accurate with the right attachments as ADSing and doesnt redistrict your sight
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  7. Astraka

    Forget the mines, and stick with Medkits. It's okay to drop mines occasionally when you can quickly switch back to your kits (like near the terminal at The Hunter's Blind on Hossin), but never have them take up a permanent spot on your load out. Medkits are just too useful for resetting fights, tanking damage, and general healing after a pitched battle.

    Improve your accuracy and strafing skills. I feel like this is obvious but is still worth mentioning given the number of SMG infiltrators I kill who don't practice this. You've got one of these most mobile weapons in the game, and with Adv. Laser you are nearly pinpoint accurate with it while strafing. Abuse the fact that you can move at 100% speed while firing while the majority of your opponents will have to slow down and ADS. If you have the ability, have another client open on a second monitor or a second machine and practice your strafing in VR. If not, a quick tip: don't tap the buttons, but hold them for a short period of time. You want your opponent to have to follow you around to hit you, and if you just tap the buttons you're not going to be moving very much at all.

    Still look for flanking opportunities. Positioning is everything, even indoors. Most bases/buildings have two or three entrances/paths. If you're lucky, you can typically find one of the entrances/paths relatively unguarded. Coming up from the side or behind targets engaged with your allies is a great way to not only net a lot of easy kills but greatly help your friends.

    Check out experienced players' videos. yeHHH1g, Mustarde, VS21314, ItZMuRdAx, TwF, Shockington, elusive. These guys know how to play SMG Infil. Not only will you be entertained, but you might learn something too.

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  8. agentpuhpul

    Fantastic advice, Astraka, thanks so so much. definitely been working on my accuracy, I think overall my accuracy stats with the smg are around 25-27%, but since I've been working on aim, according to my recursion stat tracker, I can pull 33%-37% depending on the day. HUGE eye opener for strafing, I think I tap the buttons too much, I'm guessing I should hold the ADA a bit more.

    Ah yes, Mustarde and Murda and elusive, I've run into and have had duels with... fun stuff fun stuff. I love their videos, and I watch their gameplay to see if I can pick up anything they're doing. For murda, it looks like in 1v1s he just outskills people with his ridiculously good aim...

    and yeah, on mines, I usually lay them down, then run back to the terminal to grab the medkits. agree with you there.

    how do you approach a building? Do you rush in? Or do you peek a little first (cloaked? uncloacked?) any tips on those?
  9. K2k4

    Just gonna say your mines should be helping to improve your indoor kd a bit. If you aren't setting up a trap ahead of time you can still bait enemies and use them just before your enemy rounds a corner chasing you for an easy kill.
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  10. Vaphell

    Some time ago i posted a big rant that infiltrator is a skirmisher who is excellent at running around a bunch of rocks but utterly useless in current 96+ meta outside of the recon aspect. Once the battle degrades to a static spamfest with spotters all over the place and MAXes at every turn there are no flanks to speak of, no corner that's not in LoS of somebody and every class will outgun that sad water elemental in a straightforward shootout.
  11. Astraka

    It is really dependent on the situation. Throw down or shoot a motion detector and let it tell you how to breach. If there are multiple bad guys inside, do a peek and see if they're facing your way. If they are facing your way try to pick a different entrance, try to bait some of them out (a few bullets shot their way will typically draw out one or two), or avoid the confrontation altogether without backup (you're not a MAX or a Heavy after all). If no one is in the building or they are not facing your way, feel free to move in (after quickly checking for Proximity Mines). You really have to play it by ear a lot of the time, and kind of let circumstances dictate your actions as they unfold.

    Another important tip is to get to know the bases and their layouts intimately. You don't have the mobility that the Light Assault has, so you have to be infinitely more creative in how you approach flanking situations. Take a page out of the CuteBeaver handbook and learn how to climb as well. Being a level above your enemy is a lot better than being on equal ground - even with the cloak.
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  12. agentpuhpul

    I see I see...

    and what types of battles do you usually go for? I feel like the more populated (96+ vs 96+), the harder it is to pull off the indoor game as an infiltrator (though it's easier the more populated once it's outside) Do you try to stick primarily to areas where it's a bit slower paced? I guess no point in going to the chokepoint meatgrinder where everyone else is, right?
  13. Jawarisin


    I haven't played in a month, i switched to archeage, so you might not recognize me. Nostalgia brought me to the forum, and so here goes:

    There's one tactic that works all the time: Aim for the head and be faster. Sounds stupid, but you will win head on engagements this way. Also, personally i prefer medkits and always thought mines were
    1- An un-dignified weapon
    2- less effective than medkits; if I can get 1 kill per hp/fill, 4 medkits nets me 4 more kills in an ideal world.
    3- it encourages laying mines and playing passive, hoping they get kills to pad your stats.

    I also prefer darts, i feel like they outshine the motion spotter in 99% of the scenarios. Oh and I disagree with sneaking on the sides. I feel like the most important is to be aware of where your enemies are/where they are looking and how fast they will react. It's smarter to run in the middle if they are looking at the sides. The same way you shoot someone at the back of a column first instead of the guy at the front.

    Lots of rambling, but as every time I give advice and I expect people to come back saying how wrong I am, you can go look at my stats on dasanfall or anywhere really. Thanks.
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  14. agentpuhpul

    Appreciate the tips, Jawarisin.

    I guess the main issue for me isn't necessarily aim, but more so positioning, indoors.
  15. sform

    What exactly are you disagreeing with? You're saying the same thing Astraca said. The technical definition of flank is the side of something. "Look for flanking opportunities". If they are looking at the sides then obviously the middle becomes a flanking route if the enemy isnt paying attention to it. Don't know what your'e trying to say.

    But generally speaking, the middle of fps maps is where you're most exposed and more likely to be spotted by the enemy because the middle is high traffic route for average players and have a higher chance of being spotted.
  16. Booface

    Indoors is not the ideal environment for an infiltrator. Things can sometimes get funneled too much for you to really flank, and infiltrators are by design not ideal head to head fighting. A few things that help, though:

    Grenade bandolier and EMPS: They go through walls (sometimes, it's been very inconsistent for me), and drain shields. You'll get the advantage on most enemies except heavies. Just keep in mind it doesn't drain a heavy's overshield, and he'll still have more effective HP than you.

    CQC BASRs: You'd be surprised how well these work compared to SMGs at close range. A shot and then a knife will kill almost instantly, and with liberal use of EMPs you don't need to worry about getting headshots. With a straight pull bolt they are functionally similar to the semi-autos with tons more damage.

    Proximity mines: Use them as bombs rather than traps. Especially on towers and other vertical levels, try to jump from above into a crowd and throw down 2 mines plus an EMP grenade. You'll go down, but as long as it's a decent crowd of people you'll get at least 4 in the process. Sometimes it's also worth it to just cloak and bunny hop through a doorway head-on--you won't make it far, but you only need a second or two to decloak and throw down your bombs.

    Grenade bandolier and frag grenades: This can work on any class, but it's especially nice on infiltrators and LAs. Even indoors, your cloak lets you sometimes get to a nice nade-tossing angle you wouldn't have gotten to otherwise. It's not that your cloak will work very well indoors, it's that it makes you slightly harder to headshot as you sprint to the other side of a room and uncloak to chuck 4 grenades.

    Nothing you do is going to be nearly as effective indoors as just going Heavy with a pump shotgun, but sometimes you just want a change of pace, you know?
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  17. agentpuhpul

    yeah I've been rolling explosives for indoor infiltrator too, fun stuff

    on the CQC BASRs, why not just roll the xbow, then? you can still shoot/knife OHKO, and that way you can at least have stalker cloaking
  18. sform

    After what Astraca said. I'd say one of the most important things for SMG infiltrators is movement. Never remain in the same position unless the situation demands it. You want to be always on the move. The enemy must not know where you are. If he thinks you're in the front that's where you must not be.
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  19. agentpuhpul

    well, I get that much, but that's sort of the inherent problem with being indoors, no? Because the more you move and try to flank someone, the more of a chance you'll run into someone else or at the very least, they'll have LOS on you. Especially in those larger fights in bases
  20. sform

    It really depends on the base and depends on how well you know the flow of battle. This comes with time and a conscious effort to learn how the average player and above average players moves from point a to point b. For instance the typical places a sunde is spawned for a particular base and the typical movement enemy make from the sunde to the capture points. The typical places enemies like to stand when they're attacking or defending a point. You can make observations from others (your enemies or allies) or how you typically move to these places yourselves. After awhile you start noticing the high traffic routes, the low traffic routes, angles where you can attack the enemy with decent cover.

    You just need to think differently. You can jump out a building window and navigate around the building without actually jumping off the building to another window instead of moving through the building to that spot, you can use an elevator to propel you to another structure, you can jump off one level of a building to another lower level (like for instance in towers), you can move around a base instead of through it like around the biolab from one jumpad to the other jumpad and kill enemies trying to get in the base, etc, etc. It really depends on the base again and the critical eye you give from going from place a to place b. After awhile you'll try stuff out of necessity and fail sometimes it will succeed. You can pickup a few of these things at start by watching how experieced players play infiltrator, the links posted by Astraca is a good start.

    Starting to ramble here, but the simple guide to positioning is getting the enemy from the sides, behind, or above where their reaction time will be hampered, and will not have an easy time to aim for you and take you out.
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