SMG HA? Anyone?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by TwoSkies, May 18, 2016.

  1. TwoSkies

    This is a weird question but I was wondering if anybody ever tried (or even has a regular loadouts) of HA equipped with an SMG? It's an available option for the class, so that always gets my inner "mad scientist" thinking about possible builds that would utilize that weapons line. I know that for the most part LMGs are "more powerful" than SMGs, but any thoughts on how an SMG would be the better choice for an HA?

    My initial ideas were to have a suppressed weapon with NV optics, adrenaline, and concussion grenades. Any thoughts?
  2. Casterbridge

    You would use SMGs in CQC weapon, with an emphasis on hip firing. So if your in a situation where you can keep your fighting into with sub 20 yards or so, and moving constantly and can limit your confrontations so you can safely reload after every engagement then a SMG is perfect weapon and will outclass an LMG, however outside of that window it's going to suffer (short range effectiveness, more reloading etc), having said that there quite a few situations where it's quite viable you just have to judge how the fight is going.
  3. TwoSkies

    Yeah, pretty on-line with my thinking. Laser sight would be a worthwhile attachment. Use the flashbang to stun and then capitalize on it my running in with the hip fire SMG and shield. Thinking it will be a good room-clearing build.
  4. HomicideJack

    Well, SMG's are best used with high mobility in mind, strafing from side to side to throw off your enemy's aim. Using one with the HA is counterproductive because the overshield slows you down significantly. You can give it a shot, but every HA I've run into with an SMG before has gotten gunned down pretty quick.
  5. _itg

    I did a chunk of my NS-7 PDW Aurax on heavy assault. It actually works well. Heavy assault with excellent hipfire has to be pretty annoying to fight, since you become even more difficult to kill. The PDW has plenty of range for the typical HA engagements, and with the laser sight you can hipfire through almost all of that range. The gun's main drawback, low DPS, is nicely offset by the HA shield. The one remaining drawback is the poor magazine/reload combo, which limits your ability to be aggressive.
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  6. Corezer

    SMG HA are like PA users, but taking advantage of the shield for a little more range.

    Still inconsistent. requires a lot of knowledge of battle flows to know when to pull it, and it is pretty binary in that it works very well (leaving others feeling like they were victim to a cheap mechanic) or it doesn't work at all (leaving you feel like it's never useful and questioning the judgment of any other player doing it.)
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  7. TwoSkies

    Sounds like laser sight is a must. I feel confident in my ability to read a battle, but I'm also hearing that it is important not to ignore the overall HA "role" of having a big gun to put rounds downrange.
  8. Moz

    HA + Cyclone is INSANE!

    Shame your VS (guessing from your portrait)....
  9. TwoSkies

    TR, brah. However, I alt on NC and I enjoy the cyclone very much. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. Iridar51

    HA is a dueling class, SMG is a dueling weapon. If SMG HA can manage to reload between 1 on 1 engagements, and fight within 10-15m of the enemy, he's gonna be at a great advantage.

    Naturally, that 1v1 advantage comes at a huge cost in effective range, total ammo capacity and the ability to lead a series of back to back engagements.

    SMG on HA is selfish and insecure at best, useless trash at worst. I wouldn't recommend using an SMG on HA anymore than on any other non-infiltrator class.
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  11. JDC038

    Have you tried extended mags on high capacity SMGs? Take out multiple targets in one mag without having to reload, at longer ranges than a shotgun.
  12. TwoSkies

    I haven't really tried using an SMG HA yet, but that was the direction I was thinking of going in. I mostly play engineer, medic, and recon (in that order, and yes I throw ammo/doctor/dart). So I have a lot of exp using SMGs with all of those classes. 90% of the time when I'm playing, I'm in a support role like driving a sundy or keeping a push going; so I wanted to expand into the HA class with a weapon combo that I'm at once familiar with and is effective. Still planning on picking up a MSW-R and a T16 Rhino so I can do "traditional" HA engagements.
  13. _itg

    The high capacity SMGs don't get extended mags. They're already "built in."
  14. Gundem

    Unless you are an NC. Cyclone headshots...

    *shudders in spandex*
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  15. LaughingDead

    SMGs are sort of effective range of little bit over a shotgun but within a carbines reach. SMGs can gank down faster than some LMGs and the only other tradeoff being better hipfire, but if you have an LMG that performs well in the CQ catagory (anchor, TW, onion etc) then the benefits don't really outweight the tradeoffs. However, in biolab fights or other ridiculous CQ areas, SMG heavy isn't out of the question.
  16. Iridar51

    Meh. Overrated AF. Honestly got tired of millions of seagulls repeating "Cyclone! Cyclone" because other seagulls do and no other reason.
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  17. Moz

    OOhhhhh yeah!

    Not sure how i f-ed that up! haha
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  18. Gundem

    Well, it does have the fastest non-OHK infantry based TTK in the game, so it's got some merit to it.

    For general use, sure I prefer my Anchor. Heck of a lot more reliable at medium range. But if I know I'm gonna be going primarily CQC, the Cyclone has no equal.
  19. Iridar51

    With a lot of asterisks to it, biggest one being range to the target. And I doubt countless zerglings praising Cyclone took their time to calculate TTK.

    It's not a bad gun, and surely performs well at close range, I'm just tired of the attitude "Cyclone = god, rest = meh / might as well not even exist" when there's no basis behind it.
  20. _itg