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  1. FlippinBox

    Hi! I'm looking for a good SMG for the Infiltrator! And which of this SMG is the best?
    -NS-7 PDW
    -SMG-46 Armistice
    -PDW-16 Hailstorm

  2. Moridin6

    well, vanu here so not Sure about the other two . .but Not the ns7. its OK at best
  3. IroncladBomber

    I like the Hailstorm and MkV. But that is for my Engineer, the Armistice is good too. But the Shuriken, on PS4 at least is Trash.
  4. SpeedFreakPS1

    You are playing the Point and Click Republic so pick any PaCR SMG and do what the PaCR do, blatantly spam targets with their higher RPM weapons that give you a greater probability of landing those shots (and more important headshots) than the other factions.
  5. FlippinBox

    Thanks at everyone! :D
  6. glitchaj

    I don't have any smgs for my tr character, but I know that the hailstorm is commonly referred to as the fail storm. From what I've read the Armistice is comparable to the NCs Cyclone. In that case I would have to recommend the Armistice.
  7. dfury73

    Nothing in this game is like the Cyclone
  8. orangejedi829

    Between those three, I'd probs go with Cyclone.
  9. Cooliodude

    I mostly play infiltrator on TR, and have used all of the available SMGs.

    The NS-7 and its MKV sibling gun are decent, but tend to not be very powerful when compared to the faction-specific versions.

    The Hailstorm is actually my favorite SMG of the four, it has a decent RoF along with a 60 bullet clip, it makes it simple to get chainkills. I honestly have no idea why people named it the "fail-storm". It's an overall great weapon, best for going all out commando and taking on multiple enemies.

    The Armistice on the other hand is also great, because it has an incredible rate of fire, allowing it to drop 1 or 2 targets with ease, so long as you don't miss half the bullets. I'd suggest it if you're the sneakier type, catching enemies by surpise or making sure you're only going into a fight where you can get the kill, and then avoid the enemy's teammates so you can reload and prepare for another fight.

    TLDR: NS-7 and MKV aren't that great, Hailstorm is good for chain kills, and Armistice is good for singleing out enemies.

    Hope this helps!
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  10. JobiWan

    Hailstorm is great if you know how to use. It works especially well with EMP 'nades for room clearing.
  11. Ryme_Intrinseca

    Shuriken is pretty good with the hva buff.

    Having auraxed all smgs available to tr id say the ns-7 and MKV are the best all round options simply due to the extra reach they give you.
  12. FlippinBox

    You're the best! Thanks you! :)
  13. breeje

    I say the vanu is the point and click faction
    TR don't need to point, they just spry in one direction
    The NC are the ones who need to work for there kills
  14. Lord_Avatar

    Armistice - hands down. Especially on the Infiltrator.
  15. Moridin6

    i want the nc one, that snipes me from across the biolab and sounds like its rpm is 30000, or does it only do that when hacking sht bags use it? i dunno.. i know i aim on head with my Carbine at this little planetman across the way BRRRT his smg goes and i drop . lol

    meanwhile im using the vanu directive smg..

    it's better than the pdw at least
  16. Turekson

    For first SMG I would also recommend the Armistice, it's great for close encounters and really satisfying to use. I wouldn't bash the NS-7 though, it might not be so good at close ranges when used as a traditional SMG, but at medium ranges it excels as a pseudo-carbine with infiltrators who otherwise can't access them.
  17. BurntMyWater

    I was under the impression that scout rifles were the carbines of the infiltrator world. But I do agree you would probably get more bang for your buck with an NS-7 because they're not class restricted like scout rifles are.
  18. BurntMyWater

    Also, I've recently acquired a Cyclone on my NC toon. It's friggin ridiculous. The range and damage are insane for an SMG. It completely outclasses some of the carbines IMO.
  19. Turekson

    I tend to think auto scout rifles are the infiltrator assault rifles/LMGs (arguably you could say Hailstrom is the TR infil LMG though). NS-7 falls a little closer on the effective range than SOAS-20 mostly because of the lower muzzle velocity, also it's more flexible since the accurate hip fire and insane reload speed. This is why I associate it more with carbines. Ofc none of this really matters since in the end NS-7 is just the NS-7 of infiltrator world. :D

    There are two weapons in the NC arsenal that I'm officially jealous for.. AF-4 Cyclone and GD-7F.
  20. Iridar51

    I recommend Armistice.

    I agree with Ryme in that NS-7 is arguably the best SMG due to longest effective range, it doesn't mean as much specifically for infiltrators, because it's a bit easier for them to get into effective range. Armistice has highest DPS among SMGs, and as a squishy infiltrator, you need it. When you ambush someone, you want to kill them strong and fast, and then disappear.

    You can read up more about SMGs in general here:

    And some pointers for SMG infiltrators here:

    Directive weapons' HVA wasn't affected. Shuriken is just as bad as it was.
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