Smedly comments on Implant changes: "sorry but we are actually trying to make money"

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  1. Bape

    Really? they want to make money? It ****** simple make stuff that will force veterans to use their certs. Right now the average player has over 4k certs and why would they spend $$ when they got certs to back them up? I know many players that has over 9k certs.

    I been using cert to buy everything and I don't even have boosts.
  2. johnway

    TBH i have used implants maybe once since they were first released to see what the fuss was about and i never used it ever since. I've never seen much of a difference and i don't appear to lose out in fights with people who presumably do use it. So this change will not affect me at all. Is there anyway i can profit from the thousands of untapped energy?

    But that said, the cynic in me would start ranting and raving that this is unfair and its going to be a slide into severe P2W and that will thoroughly kill my enjoyment. But i doubt it won't come to that. Hopefully.

    Whats really hacking me off right now is why my Right mouse button constantly fails and i can't ADS when i want it. The mouse works fine and Rclick works normally in everything else. Its the last few updates that the problem that i see a detrimental effect on my gameplay. Thats on top of the random knife attacks when i switch weapons sometimes eating away more vital seconds during combat. Its probably lag that's causing it and frankly i'm starting to lose patience.
  3. NoctD

    You must be one of those one dimensional players then - I've got over 100k certs my BR100 and still haven't gotten various things certed fully yet.
  4. Murx

    No problem with that. Making money is SOE´s game. But before they are willing to make money they should deliver a working and proper game, recruit some professionell gamemaster to get rid of this army of daily exploiters, scripters and ordinary cheater and end this painful latency issues once and for all. That would be worth money..
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  5. tf2hero

    i think they halve something going on with EA trying to get you to move to battlefront 3 when it comes out :/
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  6. Tommyp2006

    Well luckily Elite: Dangerous finally broke my Planetside 2 addiction, things like this aren't the direction I want to see the game go.

    If they want a good reliable source of income, make subscriptions more desirable.
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  7. 60rockstar

    I guess that is why they have increased the camera shake to the point of madness - SOE is trying to force us to buy Battle Hardened implants.

    Have the effects of EMP and Concussion grenades also been increased? It seems they are more noticeable and longer lasting - maybe I am imagining things
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  8. NinjaTurtle

    TLDR: The question should not be. "How do we make paying players pay more?", but "How do we make the free players want to pay whilst keeping a level, balanced and fair playing field for everyone?"

    So Smed has admitted that implants were changed to incentivize people to pay money. This is imo not a major issue. Implants are not a major game changer and a tier 1 is easy to maintain even with the charger drop change.

    What is worrying is their now open admission that to make money they would turn the game P2W if needed. Whilst I don't feel the game is there yet, implants are not imo P2W the possibility of how future content will be crafted to cater to this choice does.

    Imagine a time when new weapons and items that directly effect game play are only available through SC and no longer cert purchasable. Certs are only able to upgrade the items once bought? Is this a future that seems sustainable?

    You know why people are unsubbing, leaving and refusing to spend money on the game?

    Because for months performance has sucked and bugs take so long to get fixed and then even when "fixed" reappear.

    Why would someone pay money for a game that quite honestly looks like it's on it's last legs. People will not invest in a product that they have no confidence in surviving. This is I cancelled my membership and will not renew. I do not trust you anymore to deliver on the game I initially invested in

    You know what a better design philosophy would be?

    To think to yourselves rather than make people feel they have to pay money to be competitive make people feel happy and confident in what you are doing. Make them love the game you are creating. To do this you should be focusing on stable 60fps, lagless, stable ping, hitch free game play with bugs getting fixed fast and FOR GOOD

    People would pay if they saw their money actually going to creating a good game play experience.

    Your player base is not big enough to support a P2W environment. How many people actually pay regular money.... 5% maybe... maybe

    You think driving the community away will save your game? Interesting thought.

    The question should not be. "How do we make paying players pay more?", but "How do we make the free players want to pay whilst keeping a level, balanced and fair playing field for everyone?"

    People who pay nothing have no investment to save in the game so they will leave the second they are forced to make the choice.

    SOE you go down that road you may as well pull the plug now. You are thinking about this wrong
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  9. Xind

    Beyond the impact on chargers, they seem to have really dropped tier 1 implant drops. I still have yet to have remotely enough to implants to create a single Tier 4. The way things are looking, it'll be weeks of gameplay before I get a random (probably useless) tier 4. Then I have to struggle to maintain my energy levels. Even if I was willing to spend SC or Certs, we're talking about buying a ridiculous amount of packs just to have a shot at either of the tier 4 implants I actually want.

    That is a terrible system. Struggle to maintain energy, what you get is totally random, infrequent drops, and even if you spend money you still have no guarantees of success.

    They need to find a happy medium. Because right now it's a joke. ESPECIALLY for stalker Infiltrators who spend a lot of time more or less just waiting, burning energy.
  10. MotionBlured

    I don't feel forced to pay for anything. Ever.
  11. iller

    You must have missed the part in Higby Plz where he talks about "the new Cert Economy"... TL;DR version is" that Veterans will see a cut in SPM, while new accounts will see a bit of an increase that's intended to "feel" bigger than it actually is..

    OffTopic: Anyone who blames Higby or Smedley or anyone else in the studio for this is a moron who doesn't watch the News. Not just SOE, but SONY itself has been on a 10-year decline basically so it's actually their CEO's and Wallstreet itself behind this tightening measure on the consumer. Wallstreet really wants to keep hitting new record highs this year, they just got most of the Dodd Frank protections revoked ... and with that, they're going to penalize any other fortune 500's who don't meet "expectations". SONY especially. Some youtubers are arguing that the NorthKorea hacking was actually an inside job for Viral advertising. It wouldn't be surprising at this point. And the real blame goes to everyone who didn't vote in 2014. We now have the most Anti-Regulation "Activist Investor" Anti-Capitalism government that's ever existed. It doesn't care about your video games, it's already playing the RL version of EVE Online.
  12. NinjaTurtle


    It is the implications of what Smedley said that is very concerning.

    SOE want money and they want to take it the easy way by making players have to pay to remain competitive. They don't want to put the effort into making a great playing experience that inspires people to pay.

    I have never felt forced to pay but how long will that remain?
  13. NinjaTurtle

    I am always between 9k - 10k and my SPM is merely ok.

    Content is being released to slowly to give players a reason to spend their certs. This means when the next thing is released in 6 months time everyone can get it for free
  14. Xind

    The implant change is literally the factor that kept me from resubscribing.
  15. Jackplays17

    implants hardly ever dropping any more isnt what makes me mad. its SoE FORCING You to pay for a F2P Game.
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  16. iller

    I already told 'em in that survey what it would take to get me to fork over a donation.
    Shaders, Bugs, and...ESSR's... Whole thing's lame, and the Designers need to come here and discuss them with us.
    Stop ignoring infiltrators and their broken cloaks... we're not just part of the background. The cloak bugs already see to that...

    They have to come to the table with EVERYONE (not just whales) if they expect money to be placed on it
  17. Tommyp2006

    The thing that bothers me the most about this post on Reddit by RadarX

    "Depends on how you define P2W. If implants are P2W, then yes you may not like everything in the future."

    SOE needs to learn that the only way players are going to accept something that can be paid for is if it doesn't give a direct advantage in combat that isn't maintainable in normal play, like nerfing charger drop rates. Yes they were too easy to maintain before, but nerfing T3s, along with making chargers drop slower than an average player can gain them, pushes the boundary of a direct paid advantage.

    When we've been saying we want content, we meant playable gameplay content, not payable content. SOE should be focusing their monetary gains in the player studio, which is still very limited in what people can make, and making subscriptions more appealing.

    I've cancelled my sub, it's got about 4 months left in it. Idk how much I'll actually be playing this game in the time my sub has left. I haven't even started it up in a week.
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  18. Xind

    I wouldn't say most implants are pay to win. Most of them are utility, support or post/pre combat effects.

    Battle Hardened, however, is the solution to a problem that has existed in this game for a long time...and a player with Battle Hardened will have a superior time in a gunfight versus a player who does not.

    They can remove battle hardened and just bake it's maximum level of effects into the game and then problem is solved!
  19. eldarfalcongravtank


    they make purchasing camo worthless by increasing teamcolor for all factions. and now they suddenly moan about not getting enough money[IMG] if anyone gets SOE's reasoning, i sure don't understand it...
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  20. Xasapis

    My cert gain is indeed lower this month, but I can't really tell if it's me or the game itself penalises me for sticking with it for so long.
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