Smedly comments on Implant changes: "sorry but we are actually trying to make money"

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  1. ThuddenBlunder

    I have no background in PR, Mr. Smedley simply responding with,
    "I know it's unpopular, but we had to adjust implant drop rates to maintain our vision for the game."

    Would have been better than -

    I kinda feel bad for RadarX. Between Mr. Higby and Mr. Smedley's 'sensitivity to the playerbase' and their love of Twitter, I would guess that if he wasn't hammered last night, he is right now.
  2. LT_Latency

    At least they are honest which is a nice change must companies will just denie everything.

    The only thing I don't get is I would understand if this was not coming out on PS4 but the game is about to get a huge influx of players. If they just don't have enough players to keep the lights on that is one thing but they should be getting a ton more really soon.
  3. radrussian2

    jokes on them. i have hundreds of chargers and only find use in two of the implants.
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  4. Inex

    I've got a question for those struggling to keep charged: How much repairing do you do?

    I've noticed I'm no longer netting +5 chargers/hour while I play, but I've also been seeing that "Hey, you've got Chargers" whenever I pull out my repair tool.
  5. CNR4806

    If they're trying to make money off this, then this game's future is already beyond hopeless.

    I'll continue to enjoy the game for what it is, but all considerations for paying a dime are now null and void. I don't pay for something that's heading for a forseeable destruction.
  6. zuka7

    "Overall Implant rates have been adjusted to accommodate the inclusion of new Tier 4 implants."

    How do you accommodate for the inclusion of highest tier implant by lowering drop rates.:confused:

    Edit: My SPM now is about 450 with boosts, and I'm at the point now where I have to start rationing with tier 1 implants.
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  7. Shanther

    You have to realize that SOE at the end of the day like it or not needs to make money. Getting pissed off about that fact makes zero sense.
  8. BetterFasterStronger

    They probally really thought out which words they woud pick to discribe that change, to not upset the player by first glance.
    That's some dirty marketing..

    Same how the discounts of x-mas/new year is set up, they pretty much did everything to minimise the chance that a player could participate in a disount. Like the discounts per day(people might miss some), or the discounts lottery per email.
  9. Elrobochanco

    Not really seeing an issue here aside from that it should have been spelled out better in notes.

    You don't need to pay for implants, you don't need to pay for energy (as far as I know they didn't remove the craftable chargers), and you don't even need to run implants at all, or even see the stupid prompt about getting them as drops anymore. You can forget they are even a part of the game pretty easily and never have an issue.

    If at any point you have truly felt that someone who had an implant beat you and he would not have otherwise, you should probably re-evaluate your own skill level among other players.

    People may not realize this but small transactions like this are what people have been asking for forever compared to stuff like larger purchases in guns/cosmetics. And small stuff like scopes and minor upgrades (that do not actually affect balance) are a real money maker. SOE is finally putting the micro in microtransactions, longtime players don't need them at all, many still overly offended for a thing that doesn't affect them, and in fact funds the game.
  10. HadesR

    TBH that doesn't bother me ..

    What would bother me is more nickle and diming monetization


    Little content updates ...

    ( And no i don't class new camo and hats content )

    Oh and not patching in bugs and issues before disappearing for 2 weeks might help ;)
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  11. Donaldson Jones

    You can have it 3 distinct ways
    Well Made.
    Pick any two.

    People want new
    People want a Well Made Product ...well made

    The price is the cost of production goes up.

    This should not be any form of revelation.
  12. SpruceMoose

    heavy assault nerfed
    shield has an activation delay

    unless you use the new T5 shield implant

    wait and see
  13. radrussian2

    well we dont get fast or well made. we get slow and half baked.
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  14. Signaldooo

    I rarely use the implants, but I'm burning through them now that I have to equip "Safe landing 3" because of the 10% chance of being launched 100 meters up in the sky when I'm leaving the harasser or Magrider.

    Now that the tier 4 implants are up I sometimes get ejected even higher, so that I die even with Safe Landing 3. Hmmmm....
  15. f0d

    which 2 is planetside?

    its not exactly well made with the fact the game is bugged more than it isnt
    development happens slow in ps2 - almost no new content has arrived in the last year (i said almost - valkerie and spitfires is about it)
    and i would argue this game isnt very cheap if you have to pay for implants to stay competitive with those that have paid for t4 implants and ultra charger - there are many other cheaper F2P games out there

    i would like well made and fast - i dont mind paying money when there is content released constantly and we can get patches that dont seem to break almost everything
  16. Pikachu

    You mean implant that improves f ability. :) Your signature made me laugh, the detail.
  17. Jackplays17

    We ALL Know SoE Is a STEAMING Pile Of SH*T. Stop talking about it.
  18. iller

    Glad I stored up over a gross of the damn things before this happened....

    But yeah this is literally a "Buying Power" situation now. It's now impossible to earn them at anywhere near the rate that they are consumed at. What implants can do, matters a great deal in running minmax loadouts or in being aware of the enemies around you. Or in making sure they aren't aware of you which is an even bigger deal against the more coordinated ones who then are put in a false sense of security when they have Sensors all over the place. Just being able to have Regen all the time and C4 in a util slot is too good of a power buying scenario just b/c both items are already too good themselves. Flinching is another example b/c a lot of the Faction-balance centers around it still.... not as much as during release when it was absolutely game-breaking for the NC. But even 5% differences in B.H. has this exponential effect & can be the difference between getting the last shot before the other guy does.

    The problem with this situation is that it's not just buying convencience or buying it in a way that "avoids grind" like most MicroTransactions. The way you acquire this stuff in this game is to engage in PVP Combat. That's the only way to get more. But without them you are at a sizeable disadvantage in the one and only place you can get more of these.... The only other way they can fix this is to hurry up with the Resource Revamp and allow a couple of the support classes (namely INF & LA) to generate these things gradually from non-combat roles in the A.N.T. & Resource supply line meta once that exists.... (is RadarX atleast reading this??...If there's any note he jots down to them Smed-Heads, it should be this point, just like how all their Landmark testers right now are raging that they took away all their non-combat means of acquiring important components too)
  19. NoctD

    Well, doh! At least he was brave enough to admit it. Implants were a money grab all along, they didn't get it right the first round, so they tried again.
  20. HadesR

    "sorry but we are actually trying to make money"

    Well maybe if they stopped the trend of the Butt Uglyfication of camo's and their coverage, people might be more inclined to spend money.

    " We want you to spend money .. But are going to make you less inclined to do so " is kinda nonsensical marketing
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