Smedly comments on Implant changes: "sorry but we are actually trying to make money"

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  1. LT_Latency

    It is now, If you are spending money to keep tier 4 implants when other players can't even keep tier one running. You are paying for an advantage.

    It's not extreme P2W but you are more powerful if you are paying. Can you over come it be being better. Yes you can with skill. I just personally don't like the whole concept and don't want it spilling into all the games I play for easy profit.

    I don't like being required to spend money constantly to be at 100%
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  2. Iridar51

    Why SOE keeps adding reasons for me not to play their game?
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  3. Hicksimus

    Meh, I've run this dead horse through the LHC....make game fun get my money, attempt to force me to pay you money by making the game worse....get no money.
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  4. Thrones

    How to make money: (amount needed/estimated paying player base pool)/12=cost of new content. Stop trying to nickel and dime and cheat your player base by stealth nerds and shady dealings.
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  5. JudgeNu

    I agree.

    Well, I feel like there are alot of new players.

    I think Game Devs are realizing P2W games such as what PWE has can only attract so many players, and after awhile any title they put out draws less "new" people because of it.
    (But that is only speculating from me)

    I am waiting for BDO to come out in NA and it is F2P but there are things in the Korean cash shop that imo are on that slippery slope already...

    Lets just hope that SOE doesn't make items tradable for sale to players for in game currency, lol
  6. JacDoom

  7. LT_Latency

    This is the best one.

    "Should we expect a bigger P2W experience"??
    "Depends on how you define P2W. If Implants are P2W, then yes you may not like everything in the future."

    This is why I hate this stuff....once a company gets a taste of that profit they just can't stop. They will keep adding more until they players walk away.

    At least he gave honest answer. Props for that
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  8. Demigan

    So what's the problem? They are a software manufacturing company that needs money to feed their children, pay for their houses and keep the servers running by paying their employee's. I think it's a good thing, even though I don't think it helps enough for them.
  9. Jolanar

    [–]Radar_X [score hidden]21 minutes ago

    "Depends on how you define P2W. If implants are P2W, then yes you may not like everything in the future."

    I am not liking where this is going, but this is the nature of the beast. The PS2 dev team has to keep the lights on and the employees paid so that they can continue to operate. Whether we like it or not, and I am almost certain that they don't like it any more than we do, they need to find ways to fund a game that is naturally going to attract fewer and fewer players as time goes on. Otherwise you have to get rid of some designers, less content gets released, and the game stagnates and dies. I think we are already seeing the early stages of stagnation. It has been a while since anything really unique that fundamentally alters gameplay has been released. Lets be honest, the valkyrie was a total bust.
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  10. FieldMarshall

    If this surprised and maybe even disgusted you then its probably your first SOE experience.
  11. Jolanar

    I was very happy with the original Everquest and Everquest 2 until they decided to add the SC store...
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  12. OldMaster80

    I don't use implants. I used to spend money in the game but feeling forced to pay in order to keep alive an implant that can't be switched off is stupid.
    Nevertheless the advantage of implants is extremely low besides msybe t4 sensor shield.

    This is just a proof of how bad SOE is at managing games. The reason why players do not spend in ps2 is that certs gain for non subscribed users had always been too high. The game had been living on cosmetics for 2 years.
    Now performance dropped, development is almost stopped, we have countless unfinished features and tons of stuff we will probably never see and the solution they have is ninja changes to implant drop rates.

    I've been here since beta but in the last months I feel fooled.
  13. Iridar51

    The problem is:
    Normally you pay for fun gameplay.
    But here you will pay to not have bad bameplay.

    This subtlety makes all the differences in the world. It's like moving out because you can't pay rent, and moving out because you're moving in a penthouse. In both cases you abandon your current home, but in the first case you have nowhere to live, and in second case you live in a penthouse.
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  14. Demigan

    I played without implants for the longest time, even when they were around. With or without them, they usually offer not much. I use the sensor shield as LA and infiltrator, but for the rest it's almost arbitrary. They give you some added bonus, but it's just not enough to turn gameplay bad, at least from my perspective.
    Even with the change, buying implants is not required, and with proper utilization of chargers etc you can still use them forever. If people hadn't been complaining about it, I wouldn't have seen that my charger amount was now stuck between 445 and 450, rather than steadily rising. And I've been using the tier 4 sensor shield implant almost continuously... including sometimes AFK'ing with one when I need to do something else for a moment.
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  15. uhlan

    Sony has every right to monetize this game and I think they've done a really good job at keeping the game from falling into a pay-to-win spiral.

    They are walking a tight-rope now, however, and need to be careful that they don't completely alienate their fan-base.

    Most people who play PS2 (myself included) would LOVE to spend money in this game for MEANINGFUL CONTENT.

    Two years into the game though, I think all we're going to get are tweaks to code and gameplay or retexturing of this and that.

    I hope SOE has something up their sleeves, something better than the directives, the "holo" armor or the implants to offer us in 2015.

    In the mean time, my wallet will stay closed as I play less and less often.
  16. LT_Latency

    Because like people said it is capitalism. So companies will try to sell you as little as possible for as much as possible.

    It is our job as consumers to show companies that the best way to make money is with quality content and fun games. If we show them the best way to make money is to create fake power imbalances you need to constantly pay for that is what we will get cause it's way easier and cheaper than make quality content.
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  17. SpruceMoose

    not going to be renewing my sub after this
    glad they're at least being honest, its alot more than I was expecting looking at past experiences with other devs
    digital extremes, hi-rez, zombie, ect.
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  18. Demigan

    Allright, so you are against this implementation. What kind of solution would you give for this problem? The market has shown that micro-transactions such as this work best in getting money for your products, however bad the consumers might feel afterwards. And that's part of the problem, you are right there. There's tons of children and almost-grownups that had access to mobile phones and the micro-transactions riddled, money grabbing systems they had in those. And this new generation of players often doesn't even know they are being ripped off where they stand, it's become so commonplace that it's become the norm.
  19. LT_Latency

    We are in big trouble. It is the same reason game launch totally broken and like 75% of early access games don't get finished.

    We throw our money at companies with pre-orders so they already have most of their money before the game even launches. As long as most people are happy to do won't get better,
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  20. Freedom Fries

    It just reinforces my belief that Planetside 2 is on the real down slope now(Beta veterans say it's been going for a lot longer). The game has quite a few problems that are inherent to it's design(And not to mention the bugs that hang around for months-AKA ejection seat),and they've never really been worked on. At this point,I've accepted that they'll never remove the tiny redundant bases that make the map cramped. I don't think they'll ever stop their inane cycle of over buffing then over nerfing things. And we'll never have true asymmetrical factions(to be honest,this is in large part due to the whiny community). I think they're just trying to wring out the last few droplets of profit from Planetside so they can fund other games they're developing. The funny thing is,H1Z1 already looks like a failure,and while I really like the look of EQ next,their behavior is just killing my faith in their ability to make a lasting game.
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