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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Villanuk, Apr 25, 2014.

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  1. Villanuk

    John Smedley@j_smedley Apr 24
    Reddit has the best community on the Internet for gaming.

    John Smedley@j_smedley Apr 24
    vehemently disagree. I find it to be the sanest forums on the net with a broad group of players

    John Smedley@j_smedley 10m
    Also we have been good at listening to you and will continue to

    John Smedley@j_smedley 14m
    Ps2 players please don't judge implants cost without the drops working. No one is going to gouge you here

    It never amazes me that this guy has so much contempt regarding his own forums. Any forum will have players with negative view points but I still think this forum has many players that have some fantastic opinions and thoughts for the game. Some people here criticise PS2 forums as whineside BUT there are many constructive threads that appear.

    If smedley interacted with this forum then maybe he would have a better opinion of them and like wise from players regarding him, but it also becomes clear that the focus of PS2 ideas is from reddits players not from here. So its begs the question, is smedley correct about Reddit and are these forums quite pointless?

    Implants, this forum stood together and made a massive NO to them ( yes apart from a few ) but he is still pushing ahead, although he says they are good at listening, but yet we don't have an option to turn off Kill map which we didn't want !!

    So, another question,
    do we want implants,
    do we need to make the game more complex for new players.
    Will they add any value to the game.
    Shouldn't SOE focus on more pending issues?


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  2. Crayv

    The official forums for nearly any PvP based game is going to be a massive hive of negativity as that is where people will go to demand their nerfs/buffs.
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    comments true to character of a man who has run several successful games into the toilet, with PS2 right on track as the next victim.
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  4. Paperlamp


    Reddit is amongst the worst places for gaming discussion.

    Subreddit hates a game: mainly negative comments float to the top
    Subreddit loves a game: mainly fluff and praise floats to the top

    If people actually followed reddiquette it might work but downvotes are used as a disagree button and it kills all controversial discussion turning most gaming related subreddits into pointless dull circle jerks. There are a few exceptions like r/games which has strict moderation and is more link/news focused.

    Also half the people don't even read past titles, you can post " wow this TR revamp is really great" and get tons of upvotes before people realize everything you said inside is negative. I know because I've done this both ways, positive title shot to the front page, negative one got buried, same exact content in the post ;) . Most users are so trigger happy on their agree/disagree buttons it's hard for any real discussion to happen.

    PS2 subreddit probably has an overall positive sentiment towards PS2 which would explain why Smed here thinks it's so great.
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  5. Phyr

    This forum doesn't have a downvote.
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  6. Revanmug

    And he is right on that.
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  7. Paragon Exile

    I'd be so screwed.
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  8. Phyr

    Downvotes separate the good trolls from the wannabes.
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  9. Paragon Exile

    I'll try to interpret that positively :3
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  10. bPostal

    I still like PSU for my primary Planetside community site. Unfortunately there aren't nearly as many people on there as on here and reddit.
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  11. Chipay

    Actually the PS2 subreddit is on fire right now, threads about people cancelling their membership because of Briggs issues, people bashing SOE for implants, people bashing SOE for being a bad company, etc etc.

    It's no different than this forum at the moment, people are generally pissed at SOE.
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  12. Paperlamp

    Yeah, the Briggs issue is hard for anyone to be positive about plus they've somewhat organized a sort of protest, there's just no way to candy coat that one.
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  13. kadney

    Reddit is overrated. I don't get why people love it that much. Just look at the page, the whole structure is a mess. And most developers tend not to read their own forums anymore since reddit appeared. It splits the community and makes you feel like a "second class" member if you have to go to reddit (which I personally still don't) to get the latest information and news. Quiet sad.
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  14. MarkAntony


    This is pretty much how I feel. The reddit forums are very badly structured and I can't find anything on it. And I also feel like a second class citizen on these forums.
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  15. Villanuk

    +2 The reddit forums are impossible to keep a track of what's going on.

    One of my points is why focus on implants when Briggs is broken, lack of priority from someone?
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  16. NinjaTurtle

    I think Reddit is a mess, the design is horrible.

    The upvote system means that perfectly legit comments are pushed to the bottom instead replaced by a bunch of troll posts or only one side of an argument is shown as that is all that gets upvoted meaning you can't engage in any real conversation.
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  17. ChipMHazard

    Aye, sadly we have lost most of our active posters... Largely because of PS2. The devs have also relegated themselves to an almost purely "read only" status when it comes to PSU. Not surprising that Reddit is the only place that the devs, or at least their CEO, actually cares about when it's the only forum that they actively interact with.
    Want to nurture communities, SOE? Then start promoting them and not just focus on one.
  18. Hiding in VR

    Reddit is a cesspool.

    If the members of the SOE Dev team do not like the environment of their own game forum, then they are in a position to change it.
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  19. Vivicector

    Well, probably if Smedly will start actually replaying here at least once in a while. Or care about the feedback provided here. Perhabs, forumside will be a bit better place.
  20. IamDH

    Communities dont change when they change websites. I do not believe any of this
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