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  1. StaHoo33

    Hey fellow planetsiders, as a person that plays the game since day 1 I wonder will it ever stop?.. What will stop? - you ask? All the constant whining about things. OP this OP that and Nerf in every thread.. I enjoyed game a lot more at the beginning with intense graphics - beautiful visuals and huge pop, you want to guess what happened? Yes little bunch of people that was probably playing on 10 yo computers started whining that game is not running smooth for them, blah blah blah that they'r being killed every 10s and so on and on... And it started now every little inconvenience they come across ends up crying ocean of tears on forums.
    I'm asking developers please, if there is somewhere a original copy of the game release it on a let's call it "hardcore" server where no extra "adjustments' won't be done - ever ! Where tanks feel like tank where air feel like tank killer where infantry is just cannon fodder that have to use hiding spots when engaging battalion of tanks and not roam around like bunch of headless sheeps. Where air superiority was archived by simple skill not numbers. Where team play is a game changing factor. Where is no stupid lattice system and enemy can't predict what side he's going to be hit from. All I'm asking is stop listening to minority ( yes minority - veterans don't come here posting all the time about imbalance they'r too busy chasing kills) of players and look for what really brought you money in the first months of this great game after release. Why did I mentioned all this? Because you might thing what will bring more people back to the game - This is solution. Old players will come dragging new ones on the way I'm sure of it , cause they left having enough of constant nerfs and paying for weapons that turned out so badly that they felt being scammed.
    NEW "OLD" Server and let the tears flow I say.
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  2. Goldmonk

    It'd be a toughie to pull off, because they'd pretty much have to revamp the entire game. But I'm for it, just need to get my new computer up and running.
  3. Pikachu

    Make these changes for a day and lets see if things were better. Btw are talking about just undoing nerfs or revert the weapons completely?
  4. Jubikus

    Ide actually have to say even tho it is a minority of people that ***** in the forums most of them are Veteran players. Why? you might ask well its simple only the veterans have invested enough in the game to give a **** when they feel something might be off and the opinions may vary drastically but they are still alot of the time from Veterans. Remember a veteran player means they have played for a long time it doesnt mean they are smart doesnt mean they are good hell it doesnt even mean they know alot about the game because some people are just dont learn.
  5. Azawarau

    Its rare that a game starts off well balanced

    And this forum is here for feedback

    If thats an issue ask for the feedback section to be removed and watch the game end up relatively the same as it is now but balanced without player feedback