Small outfits can make a difference - Watch n Learn

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  1. cassan0va

    Gonna be running some ops tomorrow, gonna see if we can do a setup like that then. Prob only with 2 squads but still
  2. MrEclectic

    As a viewer, what I took from the video:
    -Defending is not just sitting, waiting for the opponent to come.
    -Clear set roles/areas of responsibility for each squad and squaddie. Avoids confusion, maximises effectiveness.
    -Set roles doesn't mean set to stone. Fluid response, adaptation and initiative have their place in such a setup.
    -Flanking and over-watch are always better options than committing all your forces towards the same target.
    -All the above seemed deliberate and planned.
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  3. Rolfski

    Well, you sure did see a hell of a lot more than I did. Anyways, looking fwd to a new and improved video from DWG. Aside from ISK, probably my favorite VS outfit to put bullets in.
  4. cassan0va

    Had a good run today that would have been nice to watch problem with the recordings tho, ill see what i can do.
  5. Dinapuff

    No DIG reinforcement at the end ? Aaaww. ;<

    Good defence. Would appreciate a rundown of how exactly DWG does recon as you are about the same size as WASP has started to become. Flash placements and such would be great knowledge. I'd be the first to admit WASP does not use all the tools that we have at our disposal.
  6. cassan0va

    Will do a proper rundown how it works with us when i getbof work
  7. cassan0va

    Btw why do everyone assume that we run with DIG?:p
    Recon before you cap a base or recon during a base cap?
  8. MrEclectic

    And DWHQ is your HQ division :p
  9. cassan0va

    Haha yeah i saw that in another post as well, laughed my *** off...

    DWHQ is DWG Command, And DIG is our zerglings and DWG is our Spec ops!
  10. Root

    Enjoyed watching that, keep em coming! :)
  11. cassan0va

    Gonna see what we can get going, got another additional help with this:)
  12. Dinapuff

    Because you do seem to cooperate with DIG to some degree, or at least that is the impression a few of the guys have been left with whenever we meet either on the battlefield. The other is not far behind. *cough* might just be that Vanu are so few that the more outstanding outfits simply mingle together by nature. *cough*

    I'll take both before cap, during base cap, and after base cap ty.
  13. CDN_Wolvie

    Excellent video.

    I kinda dig defense by manning walls at some places with just a single squad, if even half of us are in the AA turrets and coordinating our fire, the place turns into a no fly zone for the enemy, totally changes up the battlefield.

    I am pretty sure we NCSO recorded this one defense at a Esamir Bio Lab, hopefully I get to link it to you some time.

    That said, most bases are simply indefensible, especially by small squads.
  14. cassan0va

    Doing Fly By's with Max Scout ESFs is rather essential that'll give a you a headsup to reloacate asap, the intention is not for the ESF to stick around or engage anything just a quick scan around the surroundings and the base itself.

    Flash Radars Work well inside shields, you need to put em in locations where you can easily get to it since it has a 5min despawntimer, always have minimum one up.

    Just a small teaser, giving away to much might spoil things for us:)
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  15. cassan0va

    Almost had a full platoon running today using similar tactics as seen in the video.
    Flash placements and Schytes
  16. Dinapuff

    Aaaw. Just tell us. We're all friends here. See the profile picture? Im totally vanu guise!

    Had a good run attacking into FU and Goons mountaingoating (sitting on cliffs and hills spamming Striker missiles) on esamir today. I hope we might be able to make clips out of our stuff to put on youtube aswell. Can you post your specs for planetside What FPS do you run at while recording?
  17. cassan0va

    Use a Avermedia card for capture so im stuck at 1080 / 30 FPS 1980, Pretty much Ultra settings cant really see what i would have turned off now.

    Just got a new comp, just make sure you record to another drive than what you're playing from otherwise you might suffer from hdd lagg.
  18. Dinapuff

    30 FPS? :< That's barely even playable. xD
  19. cassan0va

    I play at 80+ fps but the card cant capture more than 30fps ie recording doesnt impact my fps or anything really
  20. cassan0va