Small outfits can make a difference - Watch n Learn

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  1. cassan0va

    Gonna see if we csn get a similar recording with fewer people. You need 2 squads for a amp def
  2. VSMars

    The two sentences, "We are able to defend this base" and "The base setup isn't inherently defensible", aren't mutually exclusive.
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  3. Tekuila

    That's a small outfit? C22 runs 1 maybe 2 squads at most.

    Other than that good job.
  4. Laraso

    Amp stations are extremely defensible. They are completely surrounded by a wall of turrets, and the garage is a fantastic place to park a scout radar ESF, which gives you complete radar coverage of the entire Amp station, with the bonus of being behind a shield so the attackers can't do anything about it. Even when the shields are down, the capture point is pretty defensible and the SCU Shield is in an excellent position. The bridge in the center of the garage is a great place for engineers to use their MANA turret. The spawn tunnels allow you to go directly to any of the generators, making them easy to defend. The roof of the Amp station is also fantastic, and is often overlooked and forgotten about during defense. There are many safe areas on the roof for Infiltrators to camp in, giving them complete view of the entire Amp station while also remaining hard for the enemy to spot. The spire at the top is a great place for Burster MAXes, as it allows them to simultaneously shoot down aircraft and hide from aircraft.

    Do I ever see anyone take advantage of those features of the Amp station? Rarely. I can only remember one instance of it, where the VS literally had every single turret manned. Just getting near the amp station resulted in a barrage of AP shells being fired in your direction, and getting anywhere near it in an aircraft was suicide with all the flak turrets.

    There are many other bases that are potentially very defensible, but nobody ever takes advantage of it. The reason the Crown is so defensible is because the terrain is fantastic for the defenders but an absolute nightmare for the attackers. As long as there are people at the Crown, it practically defends itself. That's not what I consider a "good" example of a defensible base. Amp stations are.
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  5. VSMars

    Speaking of amp stations in particular: You do realise some of the more important features (spawn tunnels allowing you to man the walls and get to the gens quickly in particular, as well as the walls having actual useful cover and jump pads being owner-only) only came about because people pointed out to SoE that the base amp station was a Swiss cheese of an installation?

    It's still the case for the most part, of course, but now at least it's the defenders who have the better spawn point with the added mobility.

    Regardless, my comment was meant to reflect the reality of all bases, from Coramed Labs to Feldspar Canyon and Tawrich; not just amp stations.
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  6. Laraso

    Yes I do. I have been playing since before the spawn tunnels were released.
  7. Xasapis

    That's our everyday setup more or less. More than two squads is rare these days. Vanu on Miller suffer from population issues.
  8. cassan0va

    Yeah amp stations have gotten alot easier to defend but its still a pretty big area to cover.
    And yeah thats what we're pushing at now, 1-2 squads as well that was a event which caused us to have a few more on then expected.
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  9. Xasapis

    The biggest change that made the amp stations a lot more defensible were not the tunnels, but the jump pads. Prior to that, once the attackers got a hold into one tower, they were all over the base. Today the attacks are still directional and the attackers have to work more to move around the base. The tunnels made the inner shields a lot harder to keep down. If people knew how to place sunderers better inside the garage, it would be a lot easier to keep a spawn point in there alive as well.

    PS: People still don't mine the south part of the amp stations where sunderers can go through and deploy without the need to drop the vehicle shields.
  10. cassan0va

    Yeah thats true, the jump pads have made a pretty big change all around tho
  11. Figment

    Yeah AMP stations have received a number of defensibility buffs that were much needed.

    It would still be a lot better to have the objectives underground connected by tunnels (which attackers should be able to enter, mind) and the spawns at the heart of the facility, instead of having a defense that's biased to one side of the base. Xasapis comment that people don't mine those far away areas is in part because people don't get to that area through a natural flow. The location of the spawnpoint creates very bipolar population spread. If the base were designed around a central spawnroom, the population would spread out far more evenly over all walls.

    @Laraso: the majority of bases in PS2 aren't anywhere near defensible, particularly those with the smallest of spawn rooms. What I don't get is why some people think that bases are just the larger buildings, when they're any outpost.

    The main two things I miss currently is direct connectivity between buildings (making HE spam from vehicles a thing of the past and would remove the pro-attacker bias during a CC hold and allowing a CC point to have equal length indoor paths for attacker and defender: allowing the establishing of indoor infantry buffer zones) and walkways along thin walls at outposts.

    The new lattice/rush lane system does feature some improved bases and will allow for small squads to make a stand till back up arrives.
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  12. Shockwave44

    So the OP just stared a the map the entire time his outfit was defending the base? Guess they don't need him anymore.
  13. Xasapis

    He's a flyboy. We gagged him and tossed him into the tunnels for the duration.
  14. VSMars

    I applaud your restraint (pun totally intended). ;)
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  15. Phazaar

    I definitely wouldn't describe DWG (nor what DWG fielded in the video) as small, but still, vastly outnumbered and working MUCH better than the opposition. Truly the best Vanu outfit on Miller. DIG, if your members weren't bail-hungry surrender monkeys, you'd almost compete.

    I just wish that NC was well co-ordinated enough to NOT go to a base because a friendly outfit was already there.
  16. Rudette

    Great job, inspiring footage!
  17. cassan0va

    It was recorded with the help of an alt:)
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  18. Rolfski

    I found it hard to "learn" something from it tbh. Besides some use of tanks/ radar Flashes, not much in the way of clearly visible unique tactics and watching the map almost exclusively isn't exactly thrilling either. Besides that, there's no way greenies didn't help, you just can't prevent this.

    So for next time mix in some tactics footage from the ground and explain what's happening. And be sure to use maps that are not bugged.
  19. cassan0va

    Yeah, we're looking at getting something like that done
  20. cassan0va

    Maybe a cameraman from each squad and tactical overview in the mid