Small outfits can make a difference - Watch n Learn

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by cassan0va, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. cassan0va

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  2. cassan0va

    Wish we'd had better tools to record stuff like this other than an alt.
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  3. MrEclectic

    Just a thing of beauty!
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  4. Swellzong

    Wish I'd been there.
  5. Kosetzu

    Well played there. Sadly few want to defend usually (even though you end up with loads more XP). Wish there was more outfits out there running ops like this, for all factions.
  6. PS2Freak

    dwg is in my opinion best miller vanu outfit.

    your friendly nc soldier .
  7. Riku

    It's lots of fun with you, I slaughtered you and got slaughtered by you nearly every time I played.
    However claiming that you were the only one defending that hex while a few seconds later shooting your own leg by showing that you were only about 50% of the defenders is pathetic.

    I still have respect for you guys but mind you, being good ("skilled") is one thing, being arrogant claiming all the laurels (and maybe blaming others for anything, like arrogant people do) however ruins the foundation of cooperation between outfits of an empire.
    I think you are the lone wolves because of that behavior, nevertheless you seem to do a good job (saw that tag a lot on both my kill- as well as killedlist) so you still have my respect. Play the way you like :)

  8. pnkdth

    I have little doubt this is one of those battles I will remember long after I stop playing PS2.
  9. cassan0va

    Video isnt about showing that we where the only ones there, that can be clearly seen in the video but if you have 50 people that are running around doing nothing cordinated but what a small cordinated group can do against a larger force but we couldnt have done it without the randoms for sure, worst case they take a bullet for us.
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  10. Konfuzfanten

    First and foremost: well done - but "small" outfit?

    You nearly got 3 full squads, i wont called that a small outfit making a difference. It would called it a good size outfit making use of better organizational skills to bring superior local firepower VS an larger disorganized mob.

    But still well played! :)
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  11. carbonite

    That was pretty cool. Great work, and keep it up.
  12. cassan0va

    Well compared with other outfits we are rather small, at the time we had roughly 100 members now we're getting closer to 200 (not that the inactivity of some people help) Still run 1-3 squads no more no less.
  13. Maidere

    I was like
    "Ok, let's take a look"
    <screeny with 3/4 of platoon appears>
    Me: "lol@small outfit", ctrl+f4
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  14. cassan0va

    Considering they are looking at 48 vs 48 MLG format i consider it small:)
  15. Mastachief

    It's not that's mid size. Small is squad to squad and a half.
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  16. Norse

    A smaller organized team will beat the crap out of large band of morons every day. And what those large bands of morons dont usually understand is its the smaller organized teams paving the way for them.
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  17. cassan0va

    well considering the game supports what 2000 players per cont then 38 people doesnt feel midsized:/
  18. Mastachief

    Lots of outfits.

    The zergsfits tend to run anything from 45 to 60 player squads on an average night. So yeh 38 is mid there are many many outfits running 6-14 guys on average those are the small outfits.
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  19. Laraso

    If everybody played like this, something tells me there would be considerably less complaints about bases not being defensible and there wouldn't have been nearly as many requests for the lattice system.
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  20. cassan0va

    Thank you, someone understands:)
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