Slug Sniping

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by RayDrazon, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. RayDrazon

    I heard that the Vanu Slugs have less velocity as a trade off. Bullet Velocity can not be compensated while the bullet drop can.
  2. Minsc

    Bullet velocity and bullet drop are incredibly similar. If they are moving you have to take bullet velocity into account, but if they are standing still, you only have to worry about drop. So we have to worry about both, you guys only one. A little unfair if you ask me, but I haven't noticed too many shotgun snipers killing me (I try to always be on the move). Perhaps if they become incredibly popular and are found to be OP, changes will be made, but for now, I'm just jealous :rolleyes:
  3. Blackoth

    As an NC Engineer, i totally love my Mauler with Slug, Extended mag, and 4x Scope!!!

    I prefer the non-chevron scope because the lines dont go down far enough to allow an accurate line up on super long range shots. Sniping is so fun with Slug. yes the bullet drop is insane, but a little practice and its almost as effective as a bolt action, ill have to post a screenshot at one headshot i got, but i was on the ground at an outbase of a biolab fixing generators and i was getting fire incoming, it was a heavy on the outside rim up on the biolab, and i took my best guess and let off 2 shots............headshots....dead!!!!!
    In my best guess from memory....200ish meters but i will go to the spot and get screenshot and range. quite thrilling to get that shot

    Its supprisingly effective against snipers that are set up too close.
    Leading a moving target is super challanging, but im getting better at it.

    Close range is a different story tho, for some reason i feel that my slugs magically pass through enemys when then are right up on me (within 10 meters) and most of the time i will die while only inflicting some damage to enemys even tho i swear there was no way i could have missed the shot. ive heard there is some kind of hitbox bug for close enemys that are making lots of fast movements and turns but i dont know.

    Overall i love the slug gun, thinking of getting the other shotgun with a larger magazine because its so fun

    nah, im glad i dont play VS their guns are too easy to shoot with and offer no challenge. :p
  4. vaxx

    I would take bullet drop over the painfully slow velocity of the Vanu slugs. Seriously. If you read my other post I mentioend the fact the further away the target is, even with no bullet drop, its usually pointless to shoot outside of NV range, unless the target is AFK or wounded and standing still.

    I got my Auraxium medal on the Nova 85% of the time using slugs. I am not the "besest" player out there, but I have used it alot, and at know the good and bad. The no bullet drop is nice, but hardly makes it into the real scheme of things.

    Also like I said eariler, Haymaker+slugs > Nova+Slugs. Switched to TR and was surprised at how much more I liked it.
  5. Minsc

    I never got the hang of the slugs with the Haymaker. The projectile movement was just weird to me and I could barely hit anything. And it was perfect carbine range anyway, so I would go with the underbarrel grenade launcher. Got any tips for using the slugs?
  6. RomulusX

    Clearly an exploit. Devs probably never intended for a shotgun to be used as a sniper. This needs to be fixed!

    (and i don't mean to be a dick about it just clearly meets their definition of exploit)
  7. Corezer

    I find that VS is pretty much the only one I hit moving targets with except the rare instance of them running along level terrain, otherwise constantly changing my elevation along with leading is just way too hard...
  8. Wolfwood82


    Snipers take you out from much further distances and with fewer shots. That's great and all but it's a fairly cheap imitation.
  9. Corezer

    while I dont agree that it is so bad as to require fixing, I see it as very possible that the devs normalize slugs for the VS, I mean the weapons are so similar they may as well have come out with 3 NS shotguns instead of making 9 faction ones...
  10. Wily

    I've hit people from as far away as I've ever seen people render with the shotgun slugs. Bullet was hitting just below the bottom post on the 3 chevron 4x sight.

    The nice thing about them is, it's a 3 shot kill regardless of where you hit them, as opposed to having to rely on headshots with the sniper rifles. At standoff range at the crown, you can put down quite a few people if you're in an out of the way spot and they're focused elsewhere. I prefer it to the sniper rifles at extreme range.

    Couple that with the ability to get into odd sniper hides as an LA, and it's not a bad weapon. There are better things to do as LA than snipe people from an out of the way spot, but it does work.

    IMO it's not strong enough to be considered an 'exploit'.
  11. Ghoest

    Ive sniped a lot of peeople with slugs - its most effective in 50-100 meter maybe 150 range really(as an NC)
  12. X3Killjaeden

    50-100m = sniping ? lol...
    I have slugs as well because people said they are better then the battlerifle for long range. A the range i would consider using them they are outright crap imo. Yes they can be good in medium if your target is stupid. In every other case any other gun would be better. No Battlerifle replacement at all (in contrary to what some people suggested...)
  13. Ghoest

    If you are hiding picking people off its the best gun for an LA.
    But if you are using it at ranges over 150 meters you will probably be missing quite a bit.
  14. Balm

    Pretty interesting how VS gets access to what is essentially a class of weapon unavailable to TR and NC light assaults, isn't it?

    Vanu slugs don't seem to suffer enough linear damage degradation to make them anything less than a 3 shot weapon at range, just like TR and NC slugs.

    Massive benefit, with no real downside. Fortunately slugs are pretty inefficient, and really only for ***** and giggles. Even so, I wish my *****-and-giggles shotgun attachment was as good as this.
  15. RayDrazon

    Downside is that they travel slower. And slugs are actually quite efficient IMO.
  16. vaxx

    Do people only read the last post in a thread? Please educate yourself on the ups and downs of Vanu slugs, before spouting the tired old Vanu is better boo-hoo crappp.
  17. Wolfwood82

    Which was the entire point of that particular remark.
  18. Good_Kitty

    Nova was the perfect shotgun for infiltrator
  19. Ruvan

    Or, you could just get a Pulsar C (or NC/TR equivalent) and not suck.

    The projectile velocity of slug shotguns, let alone the recoil and poor damage (versus ease to miss), means that they are awful against a target that isn't stationary and/or completely clueless. Furthermore, using a Pulsar C ***** you less at medium range and CQC.

    Slug ammunition shotguns are effectively like semi-automatic sniper rifles in CQC/medium range, except with a nicer aim from the hip reticle. Sure the theoretical TTK is quite nice, however, they are overly punishing if you miss a single shot. Considering that in CQC a good opponent will likely be making rapid evasive action and will likely be constantly hitting you with a rapid succession of bullets that cause you to flinch (whereas he is hardly getting hit by any) you are much more likely to miss a shot or two, which will lose you the fight. There is a reason that Infiltrators, the class that can kill people with 1-3 shots with most weapons under 10m, are not the gods of CQC.
  20. Wildclaw

    TR/NC has to compensate for 1m of bulletdrop per 27m of range. VS on the other hand has to compensate ~10% more than TR/NC on side moving targets.

    So for equivalent balance, that would assume that the average side moving speed of targets at a very modest 50m range is ~18.5m/s.

    Plain and simply, the VS shotguns are overpowered, paying a far too small price for not having any bullet drop. If you want actual balance, the speed would probably have to be reduced from 275m/s down to 200-225m/s.