Slug Ammunition for the Piston

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by MissusAwesome, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. MissusAwesome

    I recently bought the Slug Ammunition for the Piston shotgun, and i'm not sure it's supposed to be like this but instead of firing 5-7 bullets in one shot (as a shotgun should) it only fires one when you have the Slug Ammunition equiped. This makes the weapon close to useless as it takes twice as many shots to kill someone.

    Just wondering if it's supposed to be like that or if it's a bug!

    Thanks and continue doing such a good job with this game ! :)
  2. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    My understanding being its one slug for more penetrating /longer range, pellets is more spread! i think its working right dude im just going by real life hunting experiences with my own shotty! Slugs for wild pigs/boars pellets for goats/rabbits as its wider spread! Correct me if im wrong though
  3. MissusAwesome

    Oh ok so it's supposed to be one bullet and increased range? Then i just missunderstood the word "slug" as english is not my native language ;)

    Thanks for clearing it up! :)
  4. Sexx

  5. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    No probs mate! Happy hunting, as long as its not meee ;)
  6. Beltway

    after grabbing them myself I find it hard to hit with them. They kill in 2 shots from range unless a HA has a sheild on, but even with a red dot they seem to never hit. I'm unsure if a forward grip would help or not.

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