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Discussion in 'MAX' started by Ecko, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Beltway

    It is preference. Obviously you think slugs are the best thing since sliced bread. I don't feel the same way in fact I feel the opposite. I'm sure everything in the game is good when used properly, point is I prefer my spread rounds for various reasons and you prefer your slug rounds for various reasons. It's all about preference.

    It's preference. Some people think hacksaws are better because of the rate of fire, but I think scatter cannon is better because of the higher reload speed and slightly increased accuracy. I'm sure others would disagree and want to go dual hacksaws but I personally would go hacksaw and scatter cannon on either hand.
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  2. Beltway

    Well I'm glad you have success with em. and I agree scatter cannons are the best max set up currently.
  3. Frotang

    cool so you did not answer my question at all, I said the description made it seem like it still shot pellets meaning the cert should be renamed to a barrel choke that tightens the spread of your pellets. I have since learned that it is in fact shooting a slug round and with that info I know that I will probably not cert it but rather wait til they come out with some sort of choke cert instead. Slug rounds perform nothing like they should in this game and I'm glad for that because they would be OP as hell if made realistic, I just want different barrel choke options for tighter/wider pellet spread.
  4. Fuze

    Hacksaw is automatic and has a increased rate of fire at the expense of smaller magazine.
  5. Fuze

    I don't understand.. the cert says slugs.. what is it you don't understand?

    The description for it fits just fine.
  6. Fuze

    I can understand what you are trying to say, we all like different things but I'm not talking about that, I'm just looking at the technical specifications here, wether you LIKE it or not slugs are much more beneficial.

    It's like saying:

    "I don't like my upgraded weapon for engineer cuz it does X something bad and therefore it sucks."

    I'm looking at slugs from a non-personal view.
  7. snu

    from what i have seen, in CQC, slugs do maybe 90% of what pellets do in terms of damage, on a shot-for-shot basis.

    so i do not recommend using slugs in CQC with scatcannons, i would go pellets.

    but in outdoor, slugs are the way to go, turns your shotgun arms into magnum-revolver .357 arms that can kill accuratly up to 30 meters away.
  8. theGwa

    Are Grinders as accurate as scattercannons with slugs? I currently use dual grinders, it feels exactly the same as the scatters (reload etc) but wuth 2 extra shells in a magazine. I do not yet have the slugs..
  9. MaxSwift

    While Beltway has some VERY good points I am interested in people who have actually certed them, on that note I have Grinders and would love to know why scatt is better then grinders reload seems identical and I get 2 extra shots? win win
    but would slugs be worth it?
    I have the trialed the hacksaw and I got to say without the extended mag you are sitting there with your you know what in your hand waiting on the reload... but man when there is only 1-2 enemies they seem god like
  10. BadLlama

    I do not have Grinders but supposedly they have longer reload and a little bit less accuracy, none of which really matters. Kind of wished I bought those then got extended mags on them instead of the scatt guns but oh well. Hacksaw seems pointless though as all the semi auto shoot fast enough to get things done just fine. I guess it is pretty comical to instant gib another MAX with them.
  11. Beastmando

    I currently use 2 grinders with slugs as my primary loadout. It is extremely good especially if you have an engineer to repair you. People do not expect a max to be able to do so much damage at 30-50 meters. Spamming it will also get a a lot of headshots randomly which will instakill anyone. In close quarters combat firing both of them into someone will kill them instantly. I do not regret purchasing it at all.
  12. Tyrogon

    listen to fuze not beltway. slugs still 2 shot at decent range.
  13. Beltway

    Upon further investigation. I have decided to take up slug rounds again and see how exactly I fair in open combat. I did this to see exactly what Fuze's hard on for slugs was all about. After about 20 - 30 minutes of going vanilla ice (One Hit Wonder Shot) on infiltrators. I will say's extremely satisfying to nail people from a distance with slugs.

    However. due to the reticule it can still be a pain in the rear to aim with pinpoint accuracy. Especially with moving targets and your own movement. Yes they are strong, yes they get the job done in certain scenarios, but these aren't pick up and kick butt. Once you get a very good handle on using them your reaction in fights might be like this:

    I don't give my opinion on things that I haven't tried and I don't like to hype things up. I go by my experiences and as it stands I still feel you can blow 100 certs else where, however if you can master these things it will be worth every point.
  14. Fuze

    I don't have a hard on for slugs, I read this thread and found somewhat misleading information.

    I use hacksaw with slugs and extended magazine and I keep an even rotation with and without slugs depending on the circumstances.

    I'm glad you took your time to try them out again and nice that you enjoyed it, hope you got to kick some TR butt with it, those skanks.
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  15. Beltway

    Actually now that you bring it up what exactly are you getting out of the hacksaw vs the regular scatter cannon? Is the re fire rate that much better or what? I find I place my shots in a max vs going full auto.
  16. Fuze

    I find all the other shotguns sluggish, I don't like clicking each time I want to shoot since you loose time between each shots. Hacksaw shoots so crazy fast anything in front of it gets nuked and if you have slugs with that thats even better cause MAX's don't get affected by recoil so no matter how fast you fire you still have the same accuracy. And with my extended magazine I can keep an even rotation between the two shotguns if there's to many people around me so I can always shoot. Hitting people with the hacksaw is as easy with any other shotgun, if you don't like automatic you can also click to shoot with the hacksaw aswell, or keep the trigger down for an even greater effect.

    But the main reason I use hacksaw is because of the rate of fire, it's so satisfying.

    Hacksaw + Extended Magazine is like a wall of death, nothing survives, other maxes get killed in like 1 second.
  17. xboxerdude

    Fuze what server do you play on? The extended mags are 500 certs each .....
  18. Fuze

    I play on Miller / EU

    Indeed, 500 certs each but damn, totally worth it!

    Next unlock will be nano for the suit.
  19. Zaik

    The Slug ammo scattercannons(all variations) do not fire pellets, it's an actual single hit that delivers all the damage.

    Increases your effective range a lot. It's not perfectly accurate, but it's more than reasonable for a 2-3 shot kill weapon that you can fire two shots at a time out of. In particular you should remain stationary and crouch when you use them at longer ranges. Only fire each gun once at a time at longer ranges, though in close it's pretty much the same as the normal scattercannon.

    ADADADAD warping cheater types will wreck your **** though. You can't spray at them and win anymore, you have to get a bit lucky.
  20. Landtank

    Agreed 100%. Scattercannon/Falcon mix is incredibly deadly. I usually only pull MAX suits during base fights, and usually to break a stalemate, so I either die or get 30 kills.

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