Slug ammo for Shotguns.

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  1. grin

    Multiple in game tests at different ranges indicate different behavior.
    0-12m - 500dmg
    12-66m - decreasing linearly to ~364dmg per shot
    >66m - constant at ~364dmg

    150% headshot multiplier like shotgun pellets.

    This gives you 2 shot kill anywhere on the body at 0-12m.
    3 body, 2 headshot for Nanoweave 5 non heavy or NMG heavy 0-12m.
    4 body, 3 headshot for nanoweave 5 NMG heavy 0-12m.

    At the worst it gets to 3/2 for nano 0-3, up to 5/3 for NMG + any nanoweave.
    Although I heard that they implemented a breaking point for the NMG shield, but I do not know how that works so this is speculative until then.
  2. Dictatorfish

    Ah, right - thanks for the info, I didn't realise that. I assumed the numbers I had been told were correct and true since it's still 3 shots to kill (2 with headshot). Good to know. I might experiment using the slugger as a close up battle rifle from now on, although then it may as well be replaced by an AR or carbine. Still, all in the name of science, right? =]
  3. JokeForgrim

    Off topic, but can I ask why you didnt use it on the thanatos?

    I made a VS specifically so i could shotgun, and looking through the base stats of them all the thanatos traded a small ammount of damage for a huge reload increase.

    What are the advantages of the other 2? I guess with slugs you would want the slightly higher damage to counter the damage decrease up close.
  4. FigM

    as far as damage reduction goes, it's something like 650 to 500, and that 650 happens only in short range where all the shotgun pellets connect with target
  5. grin

    It is a difficult weapon to do well with. It is most effective at very short, and very long ranges. Missing even a single bullet could mean your death.

    At mid range many other weapons will be more useful because of the aiming jerk from being hit by bullets. Faster firing guns make you jerk more. With this slow ROF high damage weapon, that is very bad.

    If you already have the shotgun, its 100 certs to play with it as a sniper while maintaining the short range viability. While any other gun I could recommend will be multiples of that. VX6-7 is 1000 certs. But if you want something that hits harder at longer ranges, I would just get the Pulsar C for 250 Certs.
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  6. Dictatorfish

    Nova: lowest movement CoF, highest ammo capacity
    Pandora: full auto, highest rate of fire
    Thanatos: unloved middle child with no redeeming characteristics.
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  7. grin

    Based on Thorbinators document:https:

    The Thanatos has no difference in damage at all, All the shotguns do exactly the same damage per pellet and number of pellets. The only advantage it has is a 0.4 sec faster reload time. When compared to the higher magazine capacity of the Nova, it is not really an advantage at all.
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  8. that_darn_lurker

    I just trialed the thanatos, and it's a semi-auto like the nova. Per shot, the nova and thanatos do the same amount of damage, but the Nova you get more ammo in your default clip and reserves, but trade that for a slightly higher reload rate. Higher reload rates can affect the outcome of an engagement, so that's something that may affect people. The thanatos has a supposedly faster ROF, but since its a semi-auto that's entirely dependent on how fast you can left click with your mouse and still maintain control of your mouse, so in that regard, personally, the ROF doesn't matter. So really, for me the thanatos is the same as the nova minus all the extra ammo you get.

    Regarding the Pandora, its an entirely different animal. It's full auto. I certed the extended mag attachment so I could get of 10 shots per magazine instead of the default 6. The 30 overall rounds you get doesn't seem like a lot, and it's not, especially since it's easy to go through rounds with your Pandora during an engagement. You may find yourself running back to a supply point in a hurry or looking for an ammo pack. It's not a weapon I'd take with me deep into enemy territory without a ready supply of ammo following me. I'm going to cert for the "extra magazine" in my suit slot, specifically to have more ammo for my Pandora, but I can't decide if I want to do it for my Light Assault or Engineer first.
  9. Verisimilituder

    Engineer can just drop an ammo pack. Actually, I only use an auto shotgun with engineer because of ammo issues. The extra-ammo shotguns seem far more ''deep in enemy territory as a LA''-friendly but I have no personal experience there. But regardless, between engineer and LA, if you're set on getting the ammo suit slot, LA makes infinitely more sense than engineer.
  10. Dictatorfish

    Actually, I've very recently started trying out medic with shotgun with extended magazines and ammo belts and it's been pretty fun so far. Ammo hasn't been a problem what with all the additional rounds I can now carry with me and I get unlimited self-heals.
  11. Draxo

    I picked up my hard hitting less ammo empire pistol for this scenario (Emperor for TR). As long as you can aim decently and don't expect to outgun HA without the drop on them it performs well. Especially if you can headshot.
  12. grin

    I tend to use a single shot and then combo a few bullets from the pistol or a knife depending on the range. A single shot to the chest at proper range will do 85.8% damage to most people. With any 143 damage bullet, you should be able to kill with a chest shot. This combination saves so much ammo for me that I can use the shotgun on any class rather well. 2 Pistol body/1 pistol headshot + knife works wonders too.
  13. Tharrn

    I use the Nova with slugs to snipe. Very accurate with a 4x Scope - can't understand the complainers that say it isn't.
    When getting into CQC situations I can always switch back to normal ammo and a 1x Holo (although I tend to forget more often than not and then I really don't get along well with it in CQC).
  14. HyperMatrix

    It's's just not worded as well as they could have worded it. From my experience, not having slugs is better than having slugs. At least as NC because for medium to long range fights I can easily pull out my scatter mag pistol and kill most players.
  15. CitizenSoldier

    That is most moronic slobber I've read in a while.

    So to your remidial mind, A person playing a Janes game would automatically know to activate the ILS when conducting a carrier landing because.......they're playing a game that has a F/A18 Super Hornet. Stay off the forums, you dunce.


    Hyper, screenshot where it states that, please.
  16. Stigma

    Slugs are a little bit disappointing IMO. The damage potential is reduced by about half that of the pellets. Accuracy is very good assuming that you don't fire them fast (and for gods sake don't even try full-auto as they will fire absolutely randomly everywhere past the first and maybe second shot).

    I can't say anything spesific about how the damage scales at ranges as I only tested them quickly up-close. I very much doubt that they somehow increase in damage at range though, so its half normal damage and then probably a little less at far ranges.

    From BF3 I'm used to slugs being a tradeoff between having to be super-accurate at close-range too vs. getting more range to work with. In PS2 the tradeoff seems to be a lot more about reducing your damage, so what you get in the end is a battle-rifle type weapon which does pretty good damage compared to normal weapons but that you have to fire fairly slowly if you want ANY kind of accuracy. Firing a shotty with slugs as fast as you can is not recommended past literally 2 meters as you immediately lose any semblance of aim.

    The reason I question the slugs effectiveness is that you effectively need 3 shots to kill a healthy soldier (2 for an infil and 4 for a HA with shield). You need 7 regular bullets - and those can typically be spammed down-range full-auto style in a much shorter timespan without losing control of your aim and you don't have to deal with many of the drawbacks of shotguns in general such as having incredibly limited ammo ect.

    I'm not saying slugs are useless but I found them underwhelming overall. I tend to prefer to go shotgun whit pellets when the situation warrants it (certain cases of biolabs and some tower-assaults) or just use a normal gun for most other situations. If you aren't an engineer yourself - be aware of the ammo limitation of shotguns. You are going to be pretty dependant on having some form of ammo-resupply unless you have extremely tight fire-control.

    EDIT: Its worth mentioning that slugs are not only effective at long range but actually almost better than most weapons. They are essentially almost like semi-auto snipers. The slugs WILL fire exactly on target as long as you keep the fire-rate down. The only problem is that slugs travel really slow so moving targets are for the most part a lost cause at long range, and you have to compensate drop heavily. If you can do the latter though then taking out mostly-stationary people at long range is something it can do very well. Having this pseudo-sniper option available to you is absolutely a point in its favor.

  17. KjarAchran

    the slugs are awesome at medium to long range, close-up you need decent aim.
  18. IMTasty

    Another positive think to point out is that it will cause quite a bit of people you kill to accuse you of hacking for killing them with a shotgun at long range. :)
  19. Zyzyx

    I think the choice of shotguns is mostly determined by your style of play. I have slugs certed in my semi-auto (Nova) and not in my auto (pandora). Because I tend to rush in close, I get far more kills with my slugless pandora. I learned this by spending lots of certs, not by reading the tooltip.
  20. Suriakk

    I would know that, but then again I was a Plane Captain on that Aircraft when I was in the Navy.

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