Slightly miffed at the new snipers...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RageMasterUK, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. RageMasterUK

    Decided to buy the 5 shot bolt action sniper rifle before the new 5 shot sniper rifle was announced, and did a trial to see what the deal is with the new .50. I'm TR by the way.

    The deal is its A FAR BETTER SNIPER RIFLE. It's not even side graded compared to the original. It's just better in every way that counts as a sniper. The projectile hits lightning fast for what seems to be higher damage, and the bullet hardly drops in comparison. It's just outright better for sniping, period. There is no argument, if you snipe and you have tried it, you'd know...

    The reason I'm miffed is because my previous purchase is completely redundant now, every time I use it I'm kicking myself in the face. Is this SOEs intention? To just keep raising the bar with every new weapon release? On the end are we just going to have weaker weapons we paid SC for collecting dust because we decided to support PS2 early on on its life rather than later? If this is the money making scheme im gonna drop out of this BS PDQ. There is NO ONE who would take the old 1 over this 1.

    I will be raising a ticket to get my cash back for this inferior sniper rifle, and hopefully they will give it, because there is absolutely no tangeable benefit to a sniper rifle with slower projectile speed, more bullet drop and lower damage, regardless of the cycle time. It's not situationally better in any way.

    I'm watching you closely now SOE... particularly with your announced AV weapons, to see if you will follow the same ethos...
  2. Dral

    I feel the same way, don't see why they would make a straight upgrade. This isn't an issue of play style differences, or pros and cons, the new one is strictly better.
  3. Mattressi

    Weird, I never realised that TR didn't have a 650 m/s velocity bolt action. NC do (the LA80), so the new sniper doesn't add anything other than 50 more damage (800 compared to 750 - pointless really) and slower everything. But the TR equivalent (SR-7) only has 600 m/s velocity, so you're right that the new sniper is a pretty decent upgrade. The damage increase means nothing and the RoF and reload are slower, but you've now got the same velocity as the NC. One way to look at it is that at least the new sniper is an upgrade for you, while it's not for NC...o_O
  4. RageMasterUK

    The damage increase does mean something.

    1. You can take partially wounded targets out with non headshots with more efficacy.
    2. Headshots on nanoweave targets is a kill with the new .50 whereas before the target would survive with 1 bar.

    It matters...
  5. Warlyik

    Yep. The new ones are superior for anyone not participating in CQC. IE, if you're infiltrating to snipe, you want the new ones. More accurate, more damage. Only slightly slower reload times.

    Luckily I already got my last medal on the LA80 and the free certs that came with it. One of these days I might go back to the other ones, but looks like I'm going with Longshot for another 1k+ kills and certs.
  6. RageMasterUK

    I advise any TR to trial the new .50 and see for themselves. It's just outright better.
  7. Gramps

    I just bought the M77-B too lol. I feel your pain. Going to trial the new one now and see how it is.
  8. NOX2097

    OP, fair points.


    Are you aware that a 50Cal rifle in real life is the GOD OF SNIPER RIFLES? That thing hits you in the pinky finger, you die.
  9. Hael

    I would expect a nerf to balance it a bit, either in the form of an even longer bolt time or a smaller clip. I didn't really notice a difference as NC because, as others have said, our bolt already fires fast bullets. It's entirely possible a lack of real testing on SOE's part is why it seems like such a straight upgrade for one faction and a sidegrade for another
  10. failbot

    This isn't real life and in real life you can't shoot a 50cal accurately while standing up.
  11. NOX2097

    Meh, only the Vanu can shoot that thing accurately at superlong range anyway.
  12. Millsy

    Sidegrades don't, 'ensure dominance' upgrades do :)
  13. RageMasterUK

    That's my point the .50 is now the bolt action no brainer choice, and every1 with the previous 5 shot bolt action will no doubt feel disenfranchised.
  14. Gramps

    Cobra assault cannon. State of the art, bang bang.
  15. RageMasterUK

    I didn't even know NC sniper had that velocity of projectile... Might explain why they seem more successful at sniping than the TR...