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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Clipped!, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Clipped!

    So the Sleigh Ride event directive requires you to get roadkills while in a vehicle that has a auraxmas cometic, excluding camo. The roadkills themselves aren't excessively hard to get, but since there is the holiday bow (given out for free last year's event) and the new Esamir holiday tree ornament (DBC only) are the only two cosmetics that allow one's roadkills to qualify for the directive. But plenty of people are ether new or weren't here for last year's event and couldn't get the faction colored bow.

    This is a problem since the last tier of the event requires four of the five possible objectives, meaning you'd have to ether have the holiday ribbon, or buy the ornament with real money to be able to get the roadkills to count, or be lucky as heck to find the golden snowman's hiding spot (1 max per continent at any given time right?), which could take mere minutes or many hours to find, if you do find it at all.

    I would appreciate it if ether the Sleigh Ride objective didn't need the auraxmas cosmetic for roadkills to count, or a sixth objective is added to the event. Future event directives and tiers should be able to be completed without having to rely on store bought items or pure luck to progress.
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  2. JobiWan

    I have the holiday bow but not on every vehicle. I'd love it for my Ant because that's just great for squishing.

    I don't mind paying for the tree ornament but it's still showing 'coming soon'. Bit odd to have an event on that needs but not have it for sale yet.
  3. Liewec123

    I'd prefer that they just replace the "toxic" objectives with decent ones,
    I'm an advocate of wraith flashes, and i'll argue all day against the recent nerf,
    But convincing EVERYONE to use wraith and harassers to roadkill is just super annoying.
    You'd think they'd have learnt from last years Halloween fiasco a toxic mess of roadkillers and knife stalkers!
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  4. WinterAero

    Ah look another ****** spreading utter nonsense.

    The current player studio tree ornament that went for sale on the store works just fine for the completion of the directive and is less that 100dbc iirc. The game has to make money from its events somehow and using the new ornament was brain dead self explanatory. Directive is done in 30 mins tops during peak time.

    Asking for freebies is just plain embarrassing.
  5. Campagne

    A public event celebrating the holiday all about giving gifts and generosity and spending time with loved ones. Yes, that's the one that shall be almost uncompletable with spending money during a time where many are low on cash to begin with. :rolleyes:

    The point of an event is not to make money. It's to draw players back and keep them playing for longer, in the hopes that they will spend money they otherwise would not have. Sales exist to make money, which DBG are more than happy to offer simultaneously without impacting the event whatsoever.

    Asking for base content to be freely accessible? How dare they, in this entirely free-to-play game. :p
  6. Clipped!

    I feel like I should mention that I was somehow lucky enough to find someone who was driving a harasser with the Holiday Bow that needed a gunner, but let me drive it since I asked nicely and they hadn't gotten any real progress with auraxing their harasser guns despite having purchased them all. Kudos to ALOOZER for squading up and pulling (many) harassers for me to drive. Many TR were flattened inside Jager's Fist by tires and shredded by the canister by our two man team at 2-3 am last night.

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