Slaughter at Splitpeak

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by zukhov, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. zukhov

    VS on Miller demonstrate how to fight to the bitter end.
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  2. Aristel25

    Oh god, my eyes, they're bleeding, I'm begging you, BURST FIRE MAN!
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  3. zukhov

    Good advice, but why bother in that situation? Couldn't miss. But I did switch to single shot and properly aim once the crowd thinned out a bit.
  4. Prudentia

    And Unequip High Velocity Ammunition
    and is that a Flashsup on there? i can't think of a worse loadout for fullauto at long range than that.
    (and never touch the B key again for anything than a jackhammer, there is a reason you can click your mouse)
  5. RenegadeHelios

    Thing to do in this situation is to pull a harasser up from behind, nos into the crowd, and jump off the side of the cliff to escape.

    Did that with clanmates in Amerish; three harasser train, situation almost exactly the same as this with the TR, and we ended up dropping ~30 some people in a matter of 4-5 seconds.

    Still, heckuva fight. Nice vid.
  6. zukhov

    Thanks guys. Load out was Gauss compact S with smoke and compensator. As you can see from the video I didn't have the means to change equipment or pull a vehicle. I find it no problem at all to switch fire modes, mapped to a mouse button and find it a lot more reliable and accurate than staying on auto and trying to shoot a bullet at a time.

    Anyway. I was just shooting for the hell of it. I let the platoon do all the killing and dirty work :)
  7. Prudentia

    really no HVA and a Comp? then sir, i'm impressed that you can play with such a bad recoil managment :D i guess a good platoon management can more than compensate for that ;)
  8. morty420

    You should have just got a AI or AV turret out. Jumped out and fired your gun when they overheated.
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  9. zukhov

    Unfortunately it is not possible to magically have the correct set up for every situation or summon a turret when needed. Ideally would have been gunning a lib and racking up crazy kills, but you can watch 1000+ vids like that.

    Tactically its sometimes better to shoot to suppress rather than focus on a single target. The enemy will often stop and try and hide and the snipers can finish them off.