Skynight Bushido Nonsense

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  1. Jamuro

    You are right ...
    But i think the reason why it's such a small percentage is mostly because the a2a game was in a way broken from day1 ... add to that years of nerfs and blind rage and ignorance
    (even tough most dedicated esf pilots don't focus on ground units, they somehow always are a target for their hate)

    Well it's hardly a surprise that quite a few of the vets went for the isolation route and started to hate back on the community that only has hatred for them.

    Like it or not ... air is part of the game ... and as such it is (and has been for a very long time) in dire need of some heavy duty dev loving and complete overhauls (AND I DONT MEAN THE CONTROLS ... just in case a dev gets funny ideas again).

    Currently a2a chews up and spits out any new pilot and only the most dedicated and hardcore manage to overcome that and stick with it

    Again if you don't purly focus on your flying, you stand no chance ... that alone should show how dire the situation is when it comes to air and a2a especially.

    But as long as the majority of the community has only harted for this aspect of the game, it's very unlikley to ever get any reasonable amount of dev time and at best gets some more nerfs ... resulting in more resentment and hatred (and again only the top % will remain ... only enforcing the feeling that the sky is filled with skyknights)
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  2. Jamuro

    7 Minutes ... please hop in an esf for a day and tell me ... how long did you manage on average to stay alive?
    I can guarantee you the average airtime for a new guy is far far below that ... especially if you try to engage other aircrafts.

    Sadly focusing on groundpounding actually increases the time spent in the air (as long as you stick to a group and stay away from big fights) and that's why so many of the pilots you see are doing that.

    And again ... maximising your airtime is the only thing a new pilot can do to get better ... it realy shouldn't be hard to understand why this is bad.

    Air needs some serious overhaul and dev time ... not just another swing of the nerfbat.
  3. Reclaimer77

    Well they must be "bored" quite a lot!
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  4. Jamuro

    Easy ... here is how i did it when i tried to learn flying the first time.

    start @750nanites and pull an a2a esf
    die during the first engagement or the 2nd if a friendly was helping out before ... sometimes even without enemy help

    pull 2nd one and try again ... and same result.

    wait a bit for 3rd one ... now you are out of nanites ... ofc you ll pull the setup that allowed you in the past the most airtime and even gave you a cert payout.
    And voila you have another groundpounding esf ... focused on staying alive, while bombarding anything below him.

    It's sad ... but a2g is easier and depending on the fight size (organisation of the people on the ground) allows for more kills and more airtime than a2a hunting.

    I honestly can't blame any pilot if they decide that a2a isn't worth their time and focuse on groundpound.
    It's not like you get less hate from the community as a2a pilot anyways ... so why not just embrace it and make some certs.

    Btw a2a sadly has an even worse cert payout than g2a ... for the majority of pilots, but requires quite a lot of certs itself.

    And ... as soon as other dedicated a2a pilots start seeing you trying a2a frequently ... well we have so few people up in the skies it's very easy to remember who you can curbstomp, who is a challenge and who will just paint the ground red with your blood.
    Meaning you will be a favourite target for anyone who just wants an easy kill.

    It's a broken system that activly punishes new pilots ... and has been since the earliest days of the beta ... and in all those years it only got tougher.
  5. Abraham with Cheese

    Okay, so, can any skynight legitimately explain to me why I shouldn't use A2A? I mean, it's MY play style, why should I be limited by YOUR methods?

    I can use my harasser solely to run over enemies if I wish.

    I can strap C4 to my ESF or Flash and use it as a banzai kamikaze ram if I wish.

    I can use my galaxy to literally knock enemy aircraft out of the sky, or crush enemies on a landing pad if I wish.

    I can CQC with bolt rifles, snipe with LMGs, and spam smoke grenades if I so wish.

    Why shouldn't I be able to chose to use A2A missiles if I wish?
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  6. St0mpy

    Hilarious thread is hilarious. I fly casually, auraxed some of it, gave up using tomcats ages ago but they are awesome for salt runs when bored :D, if anyone wants to be ragetelled to death that is.

    Whats more funny are these so called honor pilots who fly bail assault, "I reserve the right to cheat my attacker and bail from my aircraft if I decide the weapon was cheesy" but then claim moral high ground against A2A users, rofl!

    The last observation here. Isnt it funny how there are NO valid A2A weapons as far as a skyknight is concerned. Coyotes are frowned on and only target non stealth aircraft and Tomcats, the only real threat, seeing users verbally abused and TKed for spoiling their little 'nobody should use A2A, we all shoot noseguns to feel leet' circle jerk, noseguns being something they are already good at ofc.

    So lets tie the two ends together, thats really saying ''pay us with your multiple lives while you l2p nosegun or you are a bad person'.

    No matter what DBG do Tomcats will never be accepted. Even if somehow some magic formula was come upon to satisfy both noob and knight alike its had so much hate thrown at it itll never wash off. Fact is skyknights want it to be rendered (balanced) useless and noobs wont ever use it if it is, so removing another threat to their air farm, Balance by whining lol.

    If you cant shoot them from the sky, whine the buggers down and insult them for using something while you fairy away from being outplayed lol!!! I'll stick to my Harassers, at least I can use whatever weapon I need to finish the mission without some self entitled ****head complaining about me using it :D
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  7. pnkdth

    No? Why would I even bother to accommodate these crybabies. The only reason they're upset is because someone isn't playing on their terms. They do not care if they farm infantry or not, unless they REALLY enjoy being bored not do they talk smack or TK those who do. I might pick up A2A missiles just annoy these scrubs though. Well, ok, I won't because I don't care enough.

    PS2 is a combined arms game. If you decide to specialise in one aspect of the game(air combat) and then specialise further to only do air to air dogfighting, guess what? You may end up in a situation where you're not very useful.

    Much how I enjoy the infiltrator class but also realise that if I choose to only play this class I will limit myself. On the flip side, I learned to be more creative in how to play it. Over time I branched out more into other classes though and learned a lot from it. Maybe if the Skyknights dare to venture out of their comfort zone and try something new they might just learn a trick or two? I know, I know, it implies you(in the general sense) have to do something other than exactly what you want(both for yourself and how everyone else should play) but I believe in you. You can do it.

    Who knows, you might actually enjoy it. Failing that, there's always other games who focus on air combat only.

    EDIT: SDGDGSGSDGSGASfgdfgiasgksdg auto-correct.
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  8. Jamuro

    Not sure if i posted this here or in another thread ... but the sad truth is ... if you want to stand a chance in a2a combat, then you need for the most part only do that.
    Difficult to master controls and high dps precision weapons do that ... that's why i keep trying to push for some variation there.

    The majority of pilots would never TK you just because you use lockons ... it's just that forumside tends to attract those guys.

    You do have the right to use a2a lockons ... and they have their use ... in big teamfights ... where nosegunning is risky ... results in bunched up esfs crashes and friendly fire.

    What they don't do (contrary to popular belief) is HELP NEW PLAYERS.

    They don't teach in any way the new pilot how to aim ... and even worse ... they hinder new pilots from learning.

    From day 1 since their introduction pilots from every server pretty much said that this is the wrong way to go and not something that's even remotly helpfull or wanted.

    Years pass ... and nothing changed ... air sadly has always been the shunned ugly kid in planetside ... noone(devs) realy wants it and neither do they like to look at it much.

    Small edit tough:
    I did use tomcats too ... it was a shiny new toy ... and while it's true that they attract rage tells ... i never got TKed because of them.
    That just usually doesn't happen ... for the most part tbh i got messages that offered me to meet somewhere to train with the nosegun and tells (not the simple hate tells here) about why it's a bad choice and how to actually improve my aim and dps output in an a2a fight.

    The air community does not consist out of a**holes ... it's just forumside that does.
  9. AxiomInsanity87

    Everyone should run tomcats then lol.
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  10. Shiaari

    Please delete your VS toons. You're an insult to everyone who bleeds purple.
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  11. JohnGalt36

    I was honestly expecting to get berated when I posted this thread.

    You guys have restored my faith in the PS2 community.
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  12. Cirena

    You should only be berated for calling yourself John Galt :)
  13. Reclaimer77

    This thread actually inspired me to buy Tomcats (with real money) and give em a spin lol.

    Not seeing what the big deal is honestly. The DPS is so low that I'm better off using the nosegun against air targets.

    Pilots are just big babbies who don't want their little Skyknight circle jerk interrupted or something.
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  14. AZAN

    My friend was teamkilled by one of these morons yesterday for using tomcats. When I told the teamkiller that he would be reported for that he simply replied "well there were 3-4 reavers with lock ons".

    Such a joke, if something is an effective weapon in a game it becomes the meta. If lock ons work well then people should use them, more they get abused the more likely it is they will be modified to have a reasonable counter. Otherwise you should use them simply because they are the best choice for winning air dominance.
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  15. Moz

    Wow, honestly thought this community was smarter than to TK over the choice of weapon...

    You can say WHATEVER you want but if its in the game its fair play!! Simple!!

    Hell, are the TR going round killing every vehicle they see with a gate keeper? Because that's just plain broken..... SO surely the same "code of honor ******-baggery" should apply here?
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  16. Scr1nRusher

    "skynights" are ******* useless.

    Instead of being A2A killing A2G ESF's,liberators & stopping galaxies.........

    They would rather hover dual in a corner of the map and then complain about A2AM's which are designed to focus on...... guess what? A2A combat.
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  17. WeRelic

    Bottom line, TK debate aside, A2AM are not fun to engage with or be engaged by. Most pilots just want it to be more engaging, not to nerf them into the ground.

    Also, "Skyknights" are a myth, because the attitude isn't exclusive to pilots. Where I come from, we call them douchebags, and they come in all shapes, sizes and vehicles.

    Call it as you see it, I guess.
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  18. AxiomInsanity87

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  19. Cirena

    I don't find it fun it when
    I'm defending a base that's being shelled by 57202472 prowlers
    I'm being lolpodded by lolpodders
    A zergfit drops 5 platoons on a 24v24 fight and yellspams how mlgawesome they are
    A HA medkit tanks my entire magazine and then kills me when I'm reloading

    But it's all good because I know I can't have everything I want. Perhaps the esf douchebags should realize that too.
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  20. Jamuro

    Sure ... but ... just maybe ... once in god nows how many years (since beta pretty much) it would be nice if air (and esfs especially) could get a decent tool for new pilots that does not stop them from learning and does feel not feel cheap to die to.
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