Skynight Bushido Nonsense

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  1. AxiomInsanity87

    They're never removing anything.

    People have paid for lockons with real money.

    People need to accept that they exist, not others accepting their twisted e honour bs.

    If you want to use lockons, then do it mate. If some special case did that to me then i'd do the above or have my whole outfit make another char on the other faction, all get lockons asap and gangk the person out of the game.

    For different reasons, 1 person on the ps4 ceres server has literally been trolled out of the game after a lot of trouble he caused and the fact he tk's for lols, well used to.
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  2. JohnGalt36

    I really don't understand the lock-on hate. Sure, if you get the jump on someone and they can't reverse maneuver, you can ruin their flight. However, 99% of the time, if I lock on to a pilot who is better than I am, they just turn around and wreck me with their nosegun. The A2A lock hatred is the most irrational thing I have ever seen in PS2.

    I like flying, but Skyknights ruin it. I tank most of the time and there are SO MANY hard counters to tanks, most of them fairly low-skill. Most of those counters are impossible to avoid, like non-rendering tankmines and C4 fairies. All you have to do in an ESF is turn around and kill whoever has locked on to you. You really have no hard counters as a pilot except other pilots.

    I can't imagine how nice it would be to tank and have my only real hard counter be other pilots and have no low-skill counter at all.

    I'm going to keep flying with Tomcats and up my time in my Skyguard, I think. This whole experience has really soured me to the air game.
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  3. AxiomInsanity87

    This is a game of mass murder.

    It is disturbing that people think their is some kind of moral conduct to follow.

    I can understand organised match play or whatever but not in regular play, the 99% of the time play.
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  4. Jamuro

    Solj's video showed pretty well what's wrong with tomcats ...

    The last guy even had flares ... all it did was make sol use up one more missile ... that's it ... that's all
    It's compared to nosegun aiming realy tough to throw off the "aim" of a tomcat user ... and in a fight were you aren't in a 1v1 situation with the lockon user it's almost impossible.

    Most pilot's even the skyknights wish for a more newbie friendly gun ...but that's exactly it ... it should be a gun ... something that helps the new guy BUT also teaches him and helps him to improve and prepare for the main noseguns.

    Lockons and especially tomcats don't do that ... they don't help "creating" new pilots ... in my honest opinion i think they hinder people that have interest in the airgame more ...

    instead of a gun that has a higher fire rate ... more tracers and maybe a higher bullet velocity +mag size but lower damage or one that works more like flak and has an increased detonation range (to make it more forgiving when it comes to leading) is what we need.

    Tomcats, while realy easy to use don't leave much wiggle room for improvement, nor do they encourage it.

    Also it would help if we could make custom chat channels ... give tankers, pilots, harasser fans and so on a way to team up more easily and provide feedback and advice to new guys.
  5. JohnGalt36

    Like I said. I don't care if Tomcats are removed. People shouldn't be intentionally TK'ing people over them. If you TK for that, you should be suspended/banned, because you are a terrible human. That is the point I'm trying to make.
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  6. Jamuro

    i am sorry that some people do that ... but if we start banning/susperning every ***** that Teamkills we whipe out 99% of the NC.

    Add to that the lovly people that blow up friendly sunderers or tanks for lolz or explode tank mines below friendly maxes or switch faction even to take a p*ss on the guy that kept sniping them ... well sorry to say but we would have maybe 2 or 3 people left^^

    I am by no means endorsing this behaviour but all this thread will do is encourage people to keep doing that ... or even TK people only because they posted BS on the forums ...

    Planetside is a challenging game in which you tend to die A LOT and sooner or later almost everyone turns into a raging 6year old for a few minutes, ragetells or like in this case teamkills.
  7. Iridar51

    While I might hate everything that flies faster than me, in that particular post I by "people like you" I meant those who are pissed off by lock ons. It's just funny to watch people recoil so hard over self-imposed rules. Mark of a scrub, IMO.
  8. bLind db

    Not unlike many other forms of artificial skill in this game, a lot of players need stuff like A2A lockons because they're just bad at the game and want to put in less effort for their kills.

    Skill is not a goal for a VAST majority of PS2's playerbase, and the vast majority will forever remain garbage because of it. What I find funny is a lot of the people that spout the whole "play how you want to play" ******** are the same ones calling for HA nerfs. Lol. Their cheese isn't as effective against HA shields, so it needs to be removed. Imagine that.
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  9. HadesR

  10. JohnGalt36

    I know this may come as a shock to you, but many of us do play to have fun. Obviously, some skills are required to have fun in the game, but many of us aren't going to spend hundreds of hours in an ESF with inferior weapons to "get gud."

    If I want to sit down and improve a skill without having fun, it will be something I can apply to my life to make money, not something that will help me rule the skies of a pretend world and **** on other people's fun when they play a different style.

    If you TK intentionally, unprovoked, you are detrimental to the experience of the majority of players, who are casuals, who do not live to be the #1 pilot on Auraxis, and you should be banned. Just my opinion.
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  11. Maljas23

    I don't care if you don't like lock-ons. I'll kill you. If you try to TK, I'll kill you. Its that simple. This honor-code mentality is hideously stupid at this point.
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  12. Moridin6

    the day all factions united to stop the Real threat. .
    Happy New Year!
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  13. JohnGalt36

    TK'ers or Tomcats? haha
  14. Inex

    Indeed. The only real problem with Don is that there's only one of him. Ideally we'd have 15 or more, so each server and faction could have their own air marshal.
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  15. JohnGalt36

    Quick, someone make a Connery NC air gank outfit.
    Call it "The Tomcats" for maximum Jimmy Enrustlement.
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  16. SoljVS

    [TENC] (Emerald) did an air gank squad yesterday as giant protest to RadarX saying tomcats were here to stay. There were about 10 reavers flying around all with tomcats. Air was completely shut down for anyone not playing NC.
  17. Demigan

    The top of hypocracy:
    "G2A weapons are build for deterrence. If you want to destroy aircraft, take an A2A weapon".

    *takes A2A weapon*

    "Don't take that A2A weapon!"
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  18. Moridin6

    esp this guy
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  19. Inex

    And call the TR one "The AristoTomcats"? :D Looks like Emerald beat you to the punch though.

    Did anybody submit a bug report about Tomcats not being available to the VS/TR?

    I suppose it says something about the health of the Emerald air game that a "giant protest" is 10 people.
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  20. Gundem

    *slaps hand*

    "Don't you dare take that A2A weapon!"