Skillless Kill Streak

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  1. variablez

    beat that for skill less kill streak
  2. a-koo-chee-moya

    Big KS are more a result of enemy stupidity and lack of awareness. I ran in and out of TR lines as is it were a hunk of Swiss cheese once.
  3. ColonelChingles

    Well if your choices are charging the enemy position with an extremely low probability of success because they have the numbers/positioning/equipment or simply letting them take the point and attempting to defend at a more favorable position, I think it's a valid PS2 tactic to let them take a hex while you wait for the odds to shift in your favor. Although killing people is a bit pointless in PS2, wiping out their vehicle and MAX support with proper positioning can have a positive effect.

    This is sometimes how you get those "tug of war" fights in PS2 that are so fun, where it constantly shifts roles between the attackers and defenders.

    Well I don't want to overstate it... not all battles were fought like that, but certainly some were. And also I don't want to give the impression that soldiers were somehow more civil back then or something. Their treatment of each other may have been better (sorta), but generally their treatment of civilians was somewhat worse. This was largely due to the fact that looting was considered to be an acceptable substitute to their meager pay... to the point where soldiers and mercenaries were expected to loot to make the fight worthwhile (not unlike how food service workers today depend on tips and not just their low wages).
  4. cruczi

    True. However, there are situations where you as an individual are likely to die just because you're the first one going in. Someone has to be the first, but others will follow and kill those who kill you, it's just inevitable that this happens because otherwise it wouldn't be a push at all, let alone a successful one. The benefit to the team exceeds the importance of maintaining your own K/D.
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  5. Canno

    Don't think I didn't notice that dig on infiltrator snipers in this picture! ;)
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  6. Revanmug

    I don't understand the point of this thread. In the last month and half of using recursion, I got 2 100 kill streaks achivements.

    Am I suppose to make a thread for every "big" killstreak or something?