Skill gap between factions

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  1. Mythologicus

    A lot more than just once.
  2. 0fly0

    Are you people never going to be tired complaning about VS, at some point we only going to have rock and stick for fight and it's going to be bad for you to realize that you're still losing after that. I can see the future thread "why vs player always kill me with a stick in the ***" :rolleyes:
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  3. Ballto21

    i was using those as examples, i didnt know about dapps member count and was talking out of my *** when i listed examples.

    i know tr is more than just aod, but aods shoddy leadership and poor coordinations does drag them down.

    Hell yesterdays amerish alert they lost 4 very defensible bases because we attacked them at nc arsenal and they refused to leave
  4. Hegeteus

    This thread isn't as much about VS weapons as it is about factions. I'm not sure if it's a grass is greener thing, but NC will pretty often leave a bad taste in your mouth. That's why I like stalker infiltrating, because in NC you keep enemies close and you stay the **** away from your allies.
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  5. Vivicector

    /Miller here

    Spandex is power! Spandex is might!

    VS have the worst tank of 3 (fun to use, but bad in combat), most useless Harassers (I forgot when I saw one on VS side), lowest amount of air support (thats a TR trait on Miller). Infantry weapons are all balanced fine.
    On the good side, VS have Lancers (coordinated Lancer squad is to be feared), Lashers (when spamfest comes) and... well. Looks like it.

    On Miller, VS was always the lowest population for a very long time. We are used to fighting outnumbered and outgunned. Now, population is more equal here. A lot of TR and NC vets are no more. But VS guys are still here mostly. So, with equal numbers, we usually win.

    VS have the best player retention cause they are the least generic faction. NC suffers from all those liberty kids a lot. TR is hard to fight against, they have overall better players and tend to use A LOT of vehicles.
  6. Ballto21

    id say TR is an easier faction to play when you first start off. This isnt just faction bias, the trs trait is fast rof and a lot of bullers, as such they have the highest DPS starters and the most bullets in their mags. New players dont notice many other stats except "How fast can i kill when i do hit" and "How often can i miss"

    The ten extra bullets give a safety net the VS and NC just cant get without NS weapons, which are expensive, and the Trac 5, Carv, and T1 cycler are amazing guns and incredibly easy to use, and the repeater is the best sidearm in the game and among the best stalker primary as well. Many new players never notice 0.75 ADS, and i didnt even know it existed on the orion until late 2013, and they dont care as much about accuracy stats, at least not more than getting a grip to lower jitter or something, which is why you never see a low level with a pulsar c or cougar most of the time and they usually stick to their trac 5, AMC, Solstice, serpent, merc or GD7F.
  7. Gorganov

    I've noticed that playing against vanu I usually feel like I'm fighting against a team. NC and TR are usually incredibly easy to fight against because they rarely work as a team; just killing solo players... NC you have a chance of getting some really decent players, TR... I feel like their good players stick to vehicles (mossies and harassers), infantry are rarely a challenge...
  8. SavageBacon

    Teamplay and a decent community make for a more fun/enjoyable PS2 experience which helps with player retention. Not only do good personalities help build a community that folks want to be apart of, but a strong level of teamplay that produces results is good. How one defines results is their opinion... For me, it's fights with even adversity (in skill or numbers to compensate for lack of skill) where we win, get good kill stats before being run out, or do our intended goal (sometimes to just draw enemies to our fight and hold them there so a cap somewhereelse can go through).

    Compare a squad that sticks together with a goal and rough battle plan of how to achieve that goal, picks a good mix of classes (depending on their goal), backs one another up and is constantly communicating.... To a squad put together that is given a waypoint and told "go here". I get a lot more "go here" from outfits in the TR/NC than I did with the VS. Are we really surprised that people not really working together and focused so much on getting kills before anyone else are getting picked apart by coordinated squads?

    Part of the teamplay build up on the VS is history based. Miller, Mattherson, and Waterson all have similar stories of folks who decided to focus on teamplay against an overwhelming force rather than reroll or quit and ended up prospering over the long haul.
  9. Vixxing

    Got a level 100VS on Cobalt but started to play NC instead just to get some variation... enforcer>saron i mean 8 shots instead of 6 and no recoil? And its sooooo easy to kill esf/libs with vanguard compared to magrider... Railjack>Phaseshift and finally Phoenix is ALOT more fun than Lancer i love flying it into ESF... No NC has got BETTER gear than VS imo... (but alot worse teamplay...)
  10. Shellana

    This. I spent most of my time in PS1 playing as TR. I also spent most of my time with a bad case of hovertank envy. I don't give a crap if the Magrider is the worst tank in the game... It is a hover tank! That + lasers + disco balls of plasma. So when I started in PS2 I went Vanu. Even after the first outfit I was in dissolved, I kept with Vanu because I have way too much invested in VS to really swap factions, and, of course, hovertanks.
  11. IberianHusky

    This is also false. AOD isn't really the TR's problem. During prime time, usually AOD's good leads are on, and when AOD's good leads are on, AOD is great. The problem with TR is that we do not have an outfit that can counter GOKU. The TR's counter to GOKU is either collaboration between smaller outfits or a straight up AOD hellzerg. Because of this, we are unable to counter GOKU on a consistent basis. For the TR to win, AOD has to have a good lead on, and multiple smaller outfits have to be running OPs. This is assuming the smaller outfits care enough to take part in the alert. There are many times where the smaller outfits will skip an alert to go have fun on another continent, because nobody feels like fighting GOKU. When the TR finally has a GOKU clone, the TR will start winning alerts a lot more often.
  12. Ballto21

    alright then, thanks for a better insight to the current state of outfit politics.

    It still stands that while AOD do have some good leaders, they have a lot of either piss poor players or leaders, but plenty of good ones as well

    also FRZA
  13. \m/SLAYER\m/

    vanu players taking game too seriously.
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  14. SavageBacon

    ... And folks complaining every which way to Sunday about the VS having OP this and that rather than recognizing that improving ones gameplay and teamplay yields better outcomes than just logging on and mindlessly tuning out while bullets go flying every which way.
  15. IberianHusky

    FRZA doesn't count. They're 4th factioners.
  16. Rekov

    Yeah... The last few days I have bothered to log in, VS represented 50% of the active players on both unlocked continents. I will totally admit that the average NC player needs adult supervision to cross the street, however the human flood tactic doesn't really epitomize gaming skill. There must be a reason everyone sticks with VS and half the active players of the other two factions are messing around in virtual reality trying to find guns that give them a chance. I assume the marginal advantage of less recoil combined with 1.5-2 times more players on the field combine fairly well.

    That said, the influx of newbs is making VS sloppy and this newish account is getting a much better k/d ratio as a result. If the game stopped locking out the good continents I really wouldn't care.
  17. wrenched

    VS have the games best LMG by far.

    HA is the most popular class by far.

    Don't undersell.
  18. Chewy102

    I roll with DVS and GOKU is just not fun to fight for the NC as well. We have 1 to 1.5 squads in ops nights and it feels like EVERY time we go after a VS base in an alert GOKU or someone else shows up with 3 times our numbers.

    I joined very late for tonight's OP and got stuck in a queue for the last 20ish minutes of the Esamir alert. So I just took the job of watching the map for attacks, enemy redeploy counts, and what not. We had a 3 squad platoon going working with BAX but each squad was doing its own thing in order to draw focus, poke for a weak defense, and mass up when called for. In every case my squad attacked a VS base in that final half hour there would be about 3 times our number show up. Only 1 attack didn't have this happen as both TR and VS was in full tunnel vision fighting each other in the final 10ish minutes.

    You can watch platoons jump from base to base for VS on the map. Seen this in TR as well but not as much in redeploying. TR is more likely to use aircraft/vehicles to move troops or an overkill attack. I can't really call NC on this or not as I don't tend to fight them as I main NC. Can say though that NC does tend to over commit time to time by sending EVERYONE that can be spared to one base if no one calls off reinforcements.

    It is so rare to see a faction send a proper response to an attack. My outfit is perfectly able to hold some buildings against greater numbers, we've done that many times and even taken bases with a single squad from a faction WHILE it was being attacked by another. But nothing can be done when it is against a whole platoon half filled with MAXes who show up out of nowhere to flood over you only to be gone within moments.
  19. CrimsonSentinel

    UGH screw those GOKU guys... thats when I know the VS is going to kick the wind out of whatever team I'm on. Almost always instant kills... level 100 fully loaded... sounds like a bunch of pay to win try hards. It really sucks when the VS is the dominant faction on the server or continent because they just completely push TR and NC back even with a 1-2% advantage. If anything their guns need to get nerfed or something..
  20. Nitrobudyn

    I don't think it was teamplay, that he was talking about. Few days ago I saw a VS guy staring through a window. I shot him in the back of his head. The amount of b***hurt that came back was enormous. He said that my stats are bad and i should be ashamed to play Heavy Assault. And he wasn't the only one doing so. Seriously, I've never encountered TR b****ing so much about their precious stats.