Since update, disconnected from server...

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by CHDT65, May 22, 2013.

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  1. CHDT65

    ... about every ten minutes !!!! (on Ceres)

    Is it just me ?

    Before I never had such a problem.
  2. ulceroso

    It happens to me and to a friend too, also on Ceres.
  3. Brainwayne

  4. Josh Developer

    Yep, we're looking at the issue.
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  5. Ravenheid

    Thanks @ Devs for atleast immediatelly looking at the problem doing this issue.

    Greetz from another crashed-one Ceres-TR ^^
  6. Darthsebious

    Just had this happen on Woodman at Allatum Bio Lab. Large fight, lots of people around and bang! You have been disco'd..
  7. Selerox

    Yeah, this is happening every 15 minutes or so on Cobalt. By the looks of it it's disconnecting everyone.
  8. SupeDupe

    Happening on waterson as well.
  9. Watz

    Ceres....looks like the whole server just got disconnected. When I came back in, about 3 ppl were on Indar :)
  10. Ixidron

    Same on woodman, I guess it happens on all servers, also, I recommend not using vehicles since you'll lose all your resources.
  11. WillSurron

    Just got dropped 20 seconds before we got xp for a Bio Lab and that the third time.
  12. Zakuak

    Yuck, I was in hopes of some lengthy game sessions tonight once I got home, I hope they sort it out soon!
  13. Corewin

  14. ladiesop

    Confirmed, keeps happening on Woodman.
  15. Dead soldier

    but for VS only. unless the VS normally have 10% pop
  16. Frostbitten

    Any ETA you can give us?
  17. haldolium

    ETA is what we want to hear actually.

    /too late
  18. Sladee

    We are still disconnecting fix this ASP plz
  19. InfraRedPS

    Miller - Esamir just got a disconnect!
  20. InfraRedPS

    Miller Esamir - disconnected once again
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