[Simple Question] Mind leaving your sign here, DEV, if you read the forums at all?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zagareth, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. Zagareth

    Dear Developer,

    up to this day, the community doesnt know if the DEVs really notice what the people say about their game here in the forums. Due to that, people are wondering if their input, suggestions or criticism is heard by the devs.

    Redit might be a nice place to be, but personally I think that the "official Forum" should be the first place to look at, what the community affects.

    However, if you are a DEV and you read the forums at all, please leave your sign here. It would be nice to hear that someone cares about us at all.

    Thank you and happy new year, :cool:

    best regards, JL
  2. JobiWan

    Probably not the best time to ask as it's the holidays, but I'd like to see more dev interaction on the 'official' forum.
  3. ALTRego

    No they do not read the official forums. Do not fix things and do not produce anything noteworthy to the Planetside legacy.
  4. Zagareth

    Looks like it. Too busy to get Arena online...
  5. Zagareth

    ... at least I leave my sign here, that I care what people say...
    ... not that it matters (my sign, not what people say... or, well, maybe both :D )

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