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  1. Ronin Oni

    Why are these forums so terrible?

    Day after day I come on here to act as a voice of reason so the devs reading know that the drivel being spewed is not shared by the entire playerbase.

    But man is it hard to deal with this constant barrage of inane complaints.

    Cry moar forumsiders, your tears shall sustain us.

    Also, if you could please bottle them and send them to california, we're in a drought and could use the water.

    Forumside could end the drought with all your sweet and salty tears
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  2. Ballto21

    i canthelp but feel i was at least thought of in this post.

    90% of what i say is pulled out of my *** because i can, ive only been serious maybe three times when asking for buffs/nerfs,
  3. Trebb

    I see a Vanu for the OPs forumside avatar, yet cannot find any player with that name. I'll go ahead and assume you play VS HA 99.999% of the time.

    If so, then yes, you probably see a lot of QQing on the forums, and don't understand what's wrong with the game. In the meantime, the rest of us are sick of fighting OP Shiat, whatever it is
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  4. Ronin Oni

    I barely touch HA save when I need AV as infantry. Occasionally I pull out a Lasher. For infantry, I'm maining Medic these days with a sprkinling of LA.

    I ***** the **** outta any air vehicle and all ground vehicles though, I'm sure there's lots of complaints about that stuff.

    I ALSO play TR and NC, and my first "Main" was actually TR and only switched to maining VS because TR on Waterson got overpopped as hell. Since Emerald merger, I haven't particularly enjoyed that server. I can do well enough on my own usually, but Emerald is full of platoons of BR100's jumping around the map squashing fights... it's just not fun and complete abuse of redeploy mechanics.

    Most "OP sheit" isn't actually OP. I'd like to refer you to:
  5. Clay

    I will stand by your side and help taking out the trash. We can only hope that someone, someday, will appreciate what we have gone through :)
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  6. Ronin Oni

    You seriously saying 2 out of 3 of your buff/nerf threads are intentionally BS?

    Ever hear of a story called "The boy who cries wolf"?

    And btw: This wasn't really targetted at you though you're certainly guilty of it. I'm speaking more of pretty much 90% of the threads created period.

    This is somewhat of a toungue in cheek rant on ranting. The moral of the story is basically just "Game isn't as imbalanced as ya'll think"

    Imbalances will always exist, and really are actually shaped based around player behavior in game. ANYTHING is OP if players decide to make it so.

    If ground players became so determined, they could completely and utterly prevent air from ever doing anything, ever again. All they need are some people to sacrifice SPM and sit watch. Take turns even.
  7. Unsp0kn

    People just get mad when they die. I'm guilty, but 99% of the time it's because I messed up, I got greedy after one measly kill or I just went stupid and forgot what button does what. Our society wants everything to be fair and everyone to win. Sorry, but that isn't going to happen on a game like this, there are just many different skill levels playing and it's always the less-skilled ones crying about imbalance because they are pissed when they lose a fight against an ESF while they are shooting at it with an SMG. Keep doing what you're doing, keep getting what you're getting.
  8. Copasetic

    Miller is the same. I don't understand why it's taking so long to do something about it.

    Attacking side sets up Sunderers, pushes into the base, secures the points, defending side just teleports 96 people in and roflstomps everything in 30 seconds. Attackers fall back and prepare for what they think is the inevitable counter attack but nope, those 96 people just evaporated to a base on the other side of the map. Yeah this is fun.
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  9. TheMish

    Then quit, because people are sick of the VS being unbearable to play against, and people will keep complaining because there's clearly something wrong.

    Everyone knows this, everyone plays 3 factions, even if they main one.

    Eventually the VS is going to get the nerf hammer that's been waiting for a year and a half now.
  10. Ballto21

    The only threads ive ever made that i truely with every fibre of my being thought were based upon true inbalance are threads on HA shields, Base AV turrets (mostly because AI turrets are trash against infantry and AV turrets trash against armor) and cloak visibility, there are a few ive made where i kind of thought that it needed some form of change, but its mostly just stirring of crap.

    Yes, these forums are a ****hole, no doubt, but i think its mostly for people to vent their ranting and have the devs/mods ignore most of it.

    Honestly, the only things that i consider completely imbalanced are ravens and vulcan harassers, the first one is just because of render range issues and sustainable damage, one of which is a problem with the game itself not the ravens, and the other is because of the harasser platform. Everything else is pretty good at what it does

    Also, All VS, start using only the beamer on any class, not just stalker. We need the beamer OP threads!
  11. Ballto21

    VS is the most nerfed factions of all of them.

    What is ZOE
    What is Magrider strafe
    What is lasher nerf
    What is spiker charge nerf
    What is BASR no drop nerf
    What is Saron nerf (four of them!)
    What is slug shotgun nerf
    What is magrider cruise speed nerf
    What is Another spiker nerf
    what is the second PPA nerf
    What is the last PPA nerf

    Many many more
  12. Ronin Oni

    lolol I love faction bias so much ♥♥♥
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  13. Ronin Oni

    I disagree strongly on HA shields (and despite avatar, I don't main HA in infantry fights)

    I believe their toughness is vital to the front line push.

    Base AI turrets are a joke, so yeah, they definitely need something. Accuracy maybe? They can't hit a barn and are meant to hit the smallest target in the game. Idiotic.

    AV turrets I feel are fine though. They kick out some serious damage, you just need your own armor and AV infantry also working with them. They can't stand against an armor zerg on their own of course nor should they.

    Infil cloak, I might bring in the viewable distance but 15ft a moving infil SHOULD be pretty clear to see IMO.

    As for Ravens... well, we've got Lancers. Ravens are just more popular which is the only reason it's more of a "problem". As per Wrels video I linked above in another post. Vulcans aren't too problematic either in my experience really... but my FPC + Saron Magrider rips harassers in half so......

    and yes, I would cry tears of joy and laughter if we can get someone to ever post a "BEAMER OP!" thread in seriousness :D
  14. Badname82

    This has been the case since Dec 2012. I took a year off, come back, and people are still crying about:

    1) NC Max
    2) Liberators
    3) AA being UP
    4) Vanu being OP
    5) Vanguards being OP

    It's like nothing has changed. Are their imbalances? Sure. Is it a big deal? Nope.

    Yeah, VS has easy mode LMGs so they wreck face in medium range fire fights. Yeah, TR has friggin' vulcan harrassers to pwn you up close and lockdown prowlers to pwn you from across the hex. NC has skillsaw maxes to slap you silly in biodomes and ravens to trash your tank column.

    Get over it, get certs, get laid, get paid, have some fun.

    Frankly, I love the forums. Because I'm a jerk and love to troll people who whine. But that's just me.
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  15. Ballto21

    I agree completely with the turrets, i just have issues with the range and splash vs infantry on AV turrets

    I also agree on infil cloak, but its not 15m, its 40

    Lances are great weapons but they have significantly less sustainable damage over ravens.

    The issue with vulcan harassers when comparing to an enforcer or saron is you do not have to reload to kill an MBT (or maybe you do without EX mags, but you dont need much of the second reload to finish it off) meanwhile the saron and enforcer do, this reloading downtime can be a make or break in any style of combat in this game, from infantry to vehicle to aircraft, on top of issues caused by it being on a harasser

  16. FateJH

    We actually had an earnest nerf Beamer thread once before.
    It became a ballad about how much the Beamer is a beloved iconic weapon of the franchise.
    I wish I were making this up.
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  17. Ballto21

    link, please for the love of god
  18. JudgeNu

    All games will have the Uninformed.
    I think the MMORPG's can be bad because there are many things to do and consider.
    This game is an MMOFPS and quite new to the average FPS'r.
    Most casuals are not prepared for what it takes to play this game.

    It is up to the Community to reach out to new players and guide them but there really is no incentive.
    This is why.
    In an MMORPG it is Guild Vs. Guild.
    A GL actively recruits players that meet a certain criteria in order for the Guild to be successful and even the best.
    Most meaningful activities require a Group whether it be PvP or PvE.
    You typically need to know what is going on and your GL and Members can help new players.

    In Planetside 2 it doesn't work that way.
    More emphasis is placed on the Faction as opposed to the Outfit.
    Being the first person to turn a point on a Single Cap Base gets your Outfit tag in a few spots.
    But it means nothing.
    With the ability to play all three Factions with no hinderances, Faction "Loyalty" is lost for most players.

    You can go through this whole game Solo and reap most of the rewards from the large players base, but there is something lost.
    It takes too long for the average, no-outfit player to grasp the various situations in PS2 without an active Outfit to guide you through the "shortcuts"

    I'd like to see another Tab added to the Chat window titled Recruitment, or something like that.
    A window that can be toggled off for the "cant-be-bothered" crowd.

    But all-in-all, it is the nature of the beast.
    All the Hardcore MLG Pros cannot sustain any Title for any length of time.
    You have to pander to as many as you can when making a game.
    Those who will play and pay while enticing those who may consider paying.

    Mostly imo, Companies make a game to be as good if not better than the next Game.
    But, again, imo, it is the community that will make or break a game.
  19. Mefi

    At least compared to reddit, on the forum discussions may last days, weeks.

    On reddit a thread disappears from radars in 1-2 days, dies almost instantly because it's really hard to track discussion there.
    Once the thread gets 100+ replies, it's already pretty dead and new comments are mostly ignored.

    And... it's kinda hard to find any old content there, built-in search isn't very good, and when you try google, it shows tons of offtopic subreddits even if you add "planetside 2 inurl:/r/planetside" or something like that.
  20. Ronin Oni

    They should just remove splash from AV turret, make it like AP shell. That's what it is in effect. I thought it already was though...

    I know infil cloak is visible out further than it should be by rights. at least as clear as it is. I was agreeing some adjustment would be called for but many people want like permanent deep cloak which is insane.

    Lancers are free. Also, Vortex are honestly not quite but almost as good. The big difference there is effectiveness vs Infantry. Vortex leaves you entirely gimped vs Infantry (as proper) whereas Ravens almost act like the NC MAXes mid ranged AI option. That's the only thing that needs balancing. CHange damage and resistances to reduce dmg vs inf only and dust your hands of it IMO. Every faction gets toys others wish they had.

    Vulcan takes 3-4x as long to Mag dump as the Saron though. Out right TTK isn't that much shorter honestly. Sure, it's faster, but it's also more limited in range whereas the Saron and Enforcer can fire at render range effectively. Of course, this disadvantage is less of an issue on the Harasser, it still does exist.

    In any case, not letting one ambush behind you is key.

    Beamers so OP
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