Sick to death of incessant warnings

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Nalianna, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. Nalianna

    I'm absolutely sick of being warned by the game when someone runs in front of my fire. It's not my fault they did that. This damned game needs to have that switched off. It doesn't stop team killers and penalises proper gameplay for the sake of some silly rule. It doesn't do its job and needs to stop.

    In regards to team killers, we need to be able to retaliate. Whoever thought that we shouldn't do so has rocks in their heads. Someone from my own team shoots me, I'm gonna shoot back. If they kill me, I'm going to hunt them down however well I can do that since on PS4 their names seem to have disappeared. I wonder why? Anyway I will find them and punish them and if you ban me I'm going to cancel my membership.

    This is a stupid rule. Without the means to punish them or retaliate in any way, the only recourse was the bounty system, and now that's gone as well. You seem to be doing everything you can to make this game unpalatable for me.

    Bring back bounties, bring back player names and stop penalising people for retaliating when team killed and that damned stupid message every time someone runs through my fire. I just rage quit because this stupid game is just annoying every nerve in my body and if you don't fix any and all of this I will be gone for good.

    Extremely angry right now. Fix it. Or I will.
  2. FateJH

    What part of "proper gameplay" involves (not caring about) shooting your own allies?
    The point of the "stupid rule" is that you should not have to take the act of video game justice into your own hands. For this reason, you are given what is initially a light smack on the back of the wrist. But by taking that responsibility, you have gone and completely muddled the affair from being one of "guiltless victim" to one of "culpable suspect." What if, having been alerted to the initial infraction between you and some other player, then discovering the longer papertrail between the two of you trading shots with one another, and also noting that you are want to aggressively pursue even subtle infractions, as so you have stated, the authority that be determines that you share in the much harsher punishment that the other person would be rewarded? Or, worse, no one receives punishment even though there is a lot wrong and leaving unpunished might result in greater wrong being likely.
    Possibly for the better. Unless there are hidden depths not discussed herein, I have to wonder how this game suits your tastes. Never do something you don't enjoy.
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  3. Nalianna

    Absolutely correct! But you're missing the point about the fact that I was NOT the initial person to start team killing. It was someone else and there is now no way to do anything about it since bounties are now gone. Bounties should be something I myself can put on someone not some automatic system that assumes the reason for them is super effective players. At the moment that system doesn't exist anyway.

    I am sick enough now of this game that I don't mind being banned because I will just cancel my membership. None of your words have actually addressed the reason I have a problem with this. I don't team kill but without the bounty system or some other effective way to deal with the scum that does this what alternative do I have?

    On another note, I am thinking the same as you. Why am I playing this game?
  4. LordKrelas

    If you're nailing friendlies that consistently, that is a poor position to be constantly firing.

    As well; The retaliating is the same act, if you kill them, you just team-killed - the same as them.
    If someone watched that, it's a series of team-kills; Accidental fire is accidental, Back & Forth friendly-fire isn't.
    A perfect example, is your own fire hitting friendlies; Do they not get a shot back at you for it? As it's team-damage both ways.
    Just one is intentional.

    If the problem is you can't Deal team-damage or kill allies, that have done friendly fire or have team-killed, without a warning..
    Which eventually locks them down - And you, whom in the 2nd case didn't start it, but in the 1st case did.
    It has no notion of "intent", it just acts on.. Actions.
  5. Nalianna

    I'm not nailing friendlies. That's not the problem. The problem is being team killed and not having any means to retaliate.
  6. LordKrelas

    Your first post, states you have literally repeatedly shot friendlies, as they 'walked into your fire'
    That is nailing friendlies, a bad positioning of your gun, being more likely if it's frequent.

    You can retaliate, but expect the same locks they have to deal with.
    Unless you want that Guy you accidentally shot, to Point-blank execute you;
    As that griefer will happily jump intentionally in front, and then team-kill without any negative issues.

    There is no point, in disabling measures against Friendly-fire, so you can "retaliate", as it will also lead to accidental kills..
    Being an endless train of Intentional team-kills.

    If you truly want to Return the death, you have to Accept the cost.
    As you aren't meant to Kill allies, regardless of intent.
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  7. Nalianna

    You are completely wrong. I'm not a noob. I'm now ASP rank 60 odd and have endured this for some time without saying a word. Mostly these are stupid people who run straight through my line of fire. I'm already firing by the time they do it. It's not even an uncommon problem. Plenty of people complain about getting penalised because idiots run through their line of fire.

    The real issue of this thread is so called friendlies team killing and not being able to retaliate without being penalised. You are completely missing the point if you don't grasp this simple fact. It's not about the idiots who run through my line of fire or even about the fact I'm penalised for it. It's about team killers who I can't retaliate against without being penalised and the fact that the bounty system, which was the only way I could do so, is now gone.

    Are you one who agrees with the bounty system being made automatic? If so that would explain why you seemingly refuse to see the point of this thread. It's a BOUNTY system. That means I myself need to be able to place bounties on those who I want to be dealt with in the proper way. If I can't do it myself without being penalised at least I can get the opposition to do it for me.
  8. OgreMarkX


    Heh, couldn't resist.

    Situational awareness by everyone is helpful--be mindful of how and where you shoot, be mindful of other shooters around you, or possible blind spots, or approaching enemy and friendlies and the likely paths that they will take and when.

    The mini-map is everyone's best and least appreciated friend.

    Also, never stand in doorways. Doorways are bad, mkay? Bad.
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  9. JibbaJabba

    It's not the game, it's you. Others are not getting this warning very often. You need to position better and not try to work and already over crowded firing position. It results in the friendly fire you describe and also means you probably suck at positioning and flanking. You'll do better AND avoid friendly fire.
    Go ahead and just cancel your membership now. The game doesn't need people like you playing it. The behavior you describe is against terms of services that you agreed to.
    They are making the game unpalatable for teamkillers and jerks. If the shoe fits...

    Well.... bye.
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  10. Nalianna

    Nope, sorry, you're not getting the picture. And others DO get warnings as much as I do. They just don't complain about it.
  11. ObiVanuKenobi

    Don't close your eyes when you shoot.
    Haven't been weapon locked for loooong time.
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  12. Nalianna

    I have been weapon locked just once. It annoyed the cr@p out of me. I should not have had the lock at all as far as I was concerned. I didn't tk anyone, and all that happened was some idiots ran through my line of fire. There is nothing wrong with my positioning, it's the same as anyone else's. I was probably just unlucky. Anyway I left the fight and did something else. I would have been an asset to the team but the weapon lock made it pointless.

    Now I'm scared to open fire in case I have someone do the same thing again. It's cost me a few deaths so far. I'm pretty annoyed about the whole thing and came here hoping to find someone else who had experienced it, and maybe some reasonable advice as to how to deal with it. I found neither. This is clearly not a game I should be playing, and it's only because of this function of the game. Everything else is fine. If it were not for the investment of time I have put into it, and the fact I'm working towards Auraxiuming my first SMG and my second LMG, I'd probably be gone by now. Those of you who think it would be better if I already left had better just wait until I've had my fill.
  13. LordKrelas

    If you managed to get locked, via allies walking in front: That is an absurd repeated action.
    I've had my entire squad kill each other repeatedly inside 3 minutes, for fun, and we basically didn't get locked.
    To cause a lock, via just nicks on allies; That would be a hellish amount.
    To the point, that you've likely nearly killed several allies, or were as helpful to your allies & enemies; given the volume of hits.

    Advice is simple:
    Account for stupidity, re-locate often, and if you believe the shot is worth the friendly whom is on the map, take the shot.
    But take responsibility for the miss, let alone if it's Not a once-in-a-blue-moon.
    It's literally a warning to not hit your allies, or nearly kill them; Unless you go ham, you don't get a lock casually.
  14. Nalianna

    I never killed a single ally in that battle. That was what I was so annoyed about. Enough to consider dumping this game.

    I've had warnings before, but never had this total absurdity of being weapon locked when I never even killed anyone. It was a massive battle in a biolab and idiots kept running into my line of fire. I'm sure they were doing it to others also, but I'm just really annoyed it happened to me.
  15. dsty

    i get warnings alot some people just don't care they want the kill so they just cut infront of you its annoying
  16. Johannes Kaiser

    Eh, I understand the part about friendlies wanting to kiss the muzzle of my rifle well enough. Walking in front of someone who is shooting is a move that is as classic as it is counterproductive. There are cases when this just happens or is almost unavoidable (very narrow spaces with >10 people in them), when 2 LAs are sitting on a roof the other one should be able to suppress their urge to get into my sunlight. Roofs are plenty large as it is and rarely there is only one single golden spot.
  17. MyNameIsLincoln

    I think you need to take a deep breath and reassess how you try to relate concerns to other people on the internet. That's just a really disconcerting thing to say.
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  18. Nalianna

    My reaction in this post was more to the other posters in this thread than to the original issue.

    The simple fact is the original issue remains, has not been addressed and will continue to be handled by the players in a manner which this forum would find inappropriate. No amount of punishment by the game will stop this issue, either the instigators of it, or the people who are punished for returning fire. The only thing that would work is to remove the punishment entirely and let people deal with it themselves. Noone deliberately hurts a team mate without good reason.
  19. FateJH

    No, it won't. It'll still just keep happening. If the teamkilling doesn't stop because someone is getting ther same annoying warnings you're getting, they'll just keep going at it without the warnings. If your next sentiment were correct - "Noone deliberately hurts a team mate without good reason" - then you should want to work this out with words rather than seek retribution anyway.

    We understand that you're annoyed. The thing is: we can't really care that much because you haven't presented a decent rational argument as to why your position would work. Everything you've said seemed to indicate the sentiment "I want to teamkill back without penalty" with which not many if any of us would agree in absence of an effective argument.
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  20. Exileant

    :confused: Being warned is a necessity for me. There are times I spot enemies at such great distances, there is no way to see the color or markings as to what team it belongs to, especially if 90% of it is well hidden. o_O The only way for me to know NOT to keep sending Magrider Plasma Bolt through that widow crack or just over that hill, is to hear the beep and be scolded. :oops: Otherwise I would lock myself, because I know I am hitting something and I am not going to stop until it dies, explodes, or moves out of the way. As far as getting your revenge, you can still do that. ;) You just have to limit yourself. Now it is no longer benefits either of you to stand in the same zone for hours killing each other and possibly other people spawning in, because of the issues that happen between you two. It disrupts the game. If the person is constantly killing you, call them out on it, and let your team do the work for you. Vanu is great for that. o_O They see the name, watch for the player, some even follow them around, and the second they step out of line the family takes care of its own problem children by taking turns killing them over and over and over, sometimes with the aid of a medic with the carrot of being able to stand back up at that base.... :D Only to be laid out by the next person. :confused: You need to be warned, and if you keep it up, you need to be stopped. It would be nice if they reviewed the footage to see if you were doing something you shouldn't on purpose, so you can suffer a week ban, because team killing gets out of hand. ;) Back in the day I was a rather gifted Liberator pilot, I remember trashing a guy so badly he swapped from T.R. to Vanu just to repeatedly team kill me. It was a good thing I was member running all resource boosters back then, or he might have upset me. After making the point he was not going to leave me alone to kill his friends that he decided to abandon, in the end, I just kept slamming into him until he could call no more planes. Back then you REEEEALLY had to just make it a point of existence to be locked....
    o_ONow tips for retaliation in vehicles and in general: (PERSONALLY I urge you to let it go... There is far too much fun to be had to grow bitter over one idiot, but if you just cannot grow up, try to act childish responsibly....)
    :( Often a team killer will take refuge in a vehicle and continue the assault from there, via a top-gun, before you lay into whatever it is (if you are in a vehicle yourself) BLOW YOUR HORN REPEATEDLY to call the attention of the driver.... Often (If the person who called it is nearby or in the vehicle) the driver will do their best to disrupt their shot long enough to put them out and leave them to the fate you decide for them, if they do not put them out and kill them themselves first for risking their vehicle. :confused: I have heard in Proximity people screaming at team killers for putting their nanites at risk, and at the victim for not giving him a chance to put them out first. This causes more strife and now YOU have a target on your back. :eek: Make sure you inform everyone what you are about to do first. The Pro's will understand and let you be, some may even help to hurry up and squash the mess so they can get back to killing the RIGHT WAY.... However, if you just show up trying to obliterate your attacker, note they only saw YOU attack first, and you will be targeted. Which brings me to let your revenge die with them. Newbies are going to try to kill you for shooting at a teammate. They are just doing their job, killing a traitor, you are in the wrong, just like they are so let them be, even if they kill you. :rolleyes: Lastly..... BE PRECISE..... If you want to kill a single person, only SHOOT that person. o_O I cannot count how many times victims get shot up because they wind up hitting several people uninvolved in the dispute... Now with all that including submitting a FLIPPING REQUEST to the game world is it really worth trying to retaliate? ;) That is why I say, call them out and let it go.
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