Sick of Snipers (Suggestion)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Silkensmooth, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. Silkensmooth

    How about removing the ability to stealth while using a BASR?
  2. Demigan

    I really hope you are trying to make a joke on all the recent nerf request threads instead of being serious.
  3. UberNoob1337101

    Why do people dislike snipers?

    They are just shy people, who prefer to avoid over-crowded areas. They are socially awkward. They live and find friends on top of trees and rocks.

    Like owls do.

    ...Who would hate owls?... I mean... seriously...
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  4. Eternaloptimist

    The time-limited cloak is a stealth feature that compensates for lower HP and slow firing weapon. I have no problem with snipers having cloak. You have to hit dead-on with a single shot and are prey to stalker, LAs and vehicle weapons.

    Having said that, it is a PITA being sniped when there seems to be a sniper behind every rock. What do you think about cloak with SASRs? they can be pretty lethal too. I use them all the time now when I run sniper (which isn't often tbh)
  5. Exitus Acta Probat

    I'm sick of having to move and want to stand still, can they just make me auto dance a jig

    While we are at it, I'm sick of the commissioner, can they remove the ability to hit I-Win shield while wielding one.

    I'm also sick of harassers, both friendly and enemy, as I get killed by them equally, can they just make them made out of actual nerf so they bounce off you.
  6. The Shady Engineer

    Either that or make bolt rifles accessible to all classes. Except LA obviously.

    At the moment bolter infiltrators are essentially the only counter to themselves. To kill a bolter at range you need a bolt rifle yourself. (inb4 "I counter snipe infiltrators with pistols all the time") If nothing else, this is just bad game design.
  7. Demigan

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  8. Demigan

    What do you mean, "except for LA obviously". The Infiltrator is a far superior class to be using a sniper on than the LA. The LA is far to vulnerable to countersniping and being ambushed himself compared to the Infiltrator who has spotting tools and stealth to try and keep from being killed.
  9. FateJH

    You have to unstealth before you can use the BASR against a target.
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  10. The Shady Engineer

    Same reason we don't give infiltrators shotguns. LA mobility combined with a one-hit-kill long range weapon would be broken.
  11. Doc Jim

    Snipers prefer static targets, just don't stand still out in the open.
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  12. UberNoob1337101

    Aside from that mobility, they have nothing to boost their performance. Literally give up everything just to make roof-top sniping less of a pain and gain a vertical mobility benefit out in the open. No biggie IMO, win at long-range or someone who doesn't pay attention, rest in Pepsi if you get attacked in CQC or mid-range. Even infils with less health have better odds to live.

    Infils with shotguns is an entirely different beast tho, because it's more like completely nullifying a downside and always putting yourself in an optimal scenario rather than giving yourself more options.
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  13. Demigan

    No it wouldn't.
    Infiltrators with shotguns was broken as they could overcome a lot of the downsides of shotguns.
    LA's with sniper rifles wouldn't be OP as getting in a "good" sniper spot only opens them up for a lot of counter-fire. We know from bases like Howling Pass that having snipers on a hard-to-reach spot with great oversight across the entire base is nothing to be afraid off. It can be annoying, but rarely is it a real problem. They are often countersniped or killed by LA's anyway, and their best defense is avoiding them with stealth. LA's wouldn't have that option. They would be constantly shooting-and-scooting, hoping not to run into an LA or other enemy in CQC or hoping not to be counter-sniped while fighting.
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  14. The Shady Engineer

    What I meant by the 'infi with shotguns' comment was that even if we gave infiltrators shotguns, light assaults would still be the most proficient users of the weapon. We don't give em shotguns though because it would create un-fun gameplay. On review, I agree, it was poorly thought out.

    My problem with LAs with bolt rifles is it creates the same situation as cloakers with bolt rifles. How do you get rid of a LA that's sniping from the top of an AMP station or a Tech plant leg? Well you need another light assault to get up there.
  15. UberNoob1337101

    Ah, I get it. Kinda dumb to have a load-out that effectively counters itself. Shouldn't have thought about it literally :p
  16. Hegeteus

    I don't think it's that big of an effort to sneak up on them and kick their ***. In fact, it's so boring I often pass the opportunity
  17. Littleman

    They crap constantly, chuke up whatever they eat, and have talons that dig in deep. They're worse than cats, and those amount to more than enough murder and destruction.

    Seriously though, putting a BASR in the hands of a class that can go invisible and has a regenerative shield was a stupid idea from the get go. 100 less shielding amounts to jack all at the distances they'd be operating within against most infantry weapons, and within 10 meters the difference between an infil and a medic/engineer/light assault is nearly non-existent, since within 10m it will take as many rounds to kill an infil with a Cycler as it would other engis/medics/LAs barring nanoweave/carapace/+50 shields. It mostly comes down to who shoots first and making sure your aim isn't garbage. And the infil has the tools to help them make sure they shoot first.

    And yet, remove the cloak OR remove the shield while a BASR is equipped makes things fair again. Suppressive fire is actually dangerous, it isn't just some snap fired chip damage the infil will passively negate with 6 seconds of hiding. At the moment, it's pointless to fire back if they're beyond 100m and at all reactive to being fired upon and moving between shots regardless. Their only practical counter is enemy snipers. If you're sneaking up on them, they're being dumb. Period.
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  18. CaptCran

  19. Doc Jim

    Nano armor + auxiliary shield + bolt action = I like
  20. Cirena

    Other than the near mythical tsar/sasser/ghost ace, snipers are the second least useful and impactful thing a planetmans can be.

    Anyone is going to be much more useful with a medtool or lmg in their hands than a basr.
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