sick of seeing this BS!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by melioa, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. melioa

    Game Error G15


    You may need to adjust your firewall settings to play PlanetSide 2. Contact Technical Support for assistance.

    this happens every time i am forced to install windows stupid updates! and my firewall is not the issue, it is stupid Bill Gates and his crap windows updates that we can no longer turn off!
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  2. melioa

    oh, what a shock.......i can log into Connery server as TR....but it will not let me log into TR on Emerald.

    WREL!!!!! pull your head from out of your own @SS and stop with the stupid faction balance BS!
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  3. melioa

    sick of Wrels BS!
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  4. lemurwrangler

  5. RabidIBM

    You would probably get more feedback if you were a bit nicer about it. That does sound frustrating, but I wonder if it's happening for anyone else or if you're having a unique problem. I've never had what you are describing.
  6. Johannes Kaiser

    Had it recently and sent in a support ticket. They said it might be because of my ISP. Curious, as I had had no issues the week prior.
  7. FLHuk

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  8. Sumowning

    A few of players in the Outfit I'm in, also report this issue. Though, I'd say to keep the criticism a little bit more constructive for the Devs. If they actually read the feedback that is.
  9. FLHuk

    So, it's now hit me too.

    I have NEVER had more than 8 hops. Even on a 19k modem to the US in the 90's @ 500 ping in Quake!

    Resource mon is telling me the client is trying to send to 8 diff IPs, none of which are sending anything back....

    Ran tracert to a couple and I'm seeing time outs at hop 8, 10 and 12... Sony unreachable, odd, thought they'd gone but hey ho... Then G15

    My connection to my ISP is stable, has been up for 34 days, all other game servers I use are 8 hops and 29ms. Reset the connection, same results....

    Sony hops are all unreachable so absolutely, 100%, no argument a client error ;)