Sick of nc overpop

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by jaktrobot, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. TomaHawk

    I think I know who you are referring to, I blamed him for stealing my name. :)
  2. Hiding in VR

    This is why a lot of the TR Buff threads talk about adding something fun not OP.

    I suspect things are pretty balanced right now, but its hard to tell in normal game play when almost every fight ends up grossly outnumbered on one side or another.*

    * cuz last time I logged onto Woodman it seems the effect of WDS was to banish everyone to their own faction specific continent :(
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  3. Antich

    Well, the head is way smaller then the body and it provokes a way higher chance of a missed bullet especially at weapons with lower hipfire / ads accuracy?
    So basicly the higher damage weapons are at a disadvantage having to land headshots to win?
  4. Gortha

    It´s not on all Server this way. On mine, on Ceres, it´s really too many NCs. But as i said, it´s not on all servers.
  5. Copasetic

    On paper maybe. Next time you're playing just count the number of headshots you receive every time you die to gunfire, especially at medium range. There's something really wonky about the way the game handles head hitboxes on moving targets.
  6. Theghostwad

    I don't know... ADK makes killing NC pretty easy. I don't mind being outnumbered on Connery.... :D
  7. Felkuro

    But i love being underpopped! more things to kill more territory to take! The overpop cannot be fixed though, unless SOE decides to do something drastic (wich they wont)
  8. whitupiggu

    Consider the NC overpop retribution for the months of strikers, fractures, and ZOEs.
  9. Antich

    Not many actually, i get many headshots in CQC but medium range, not so much.
  10. Copasetic

    Count the ones you get hit with, it's a lot easier to tell since it's such a distinctive *plink* noise. My deaths almost always involve at least one head shot regardless of range. I guess I could be cursed, but I doubt it.
  11. jaktrobot

    Ofc it can be fixed, they got all op toys, tr got only mossy and pounders and vs got nothing.
    With other words its time "fix" nc (aka nerf).

    There is no need for skyguards on nc side, vanguards shot down all esf easy, now try that with a magrider, its about 800% harder for a faction with no bulletdrop, but intsead magrider got teh sickets bullet drop.

    IT SICKENS ME TO SEE A VANGUARD NOW DAYS, PLS FIX THEM ALREADY. Freakign god-mode machine atm, how about lower vanguard dmg and buff magrider dmg already?

    And this comes from a nc player (miller), i only play ha tho cba with easy mode tanks. Eventho heavy assauly as nc is liek 2x easier then a vs one, cause u drop targets so fast.

    So sick of nc on cobalt they are all bad players and win alerts and wds due to sick overpop. Worst part is nc on cobalt think they are skilled when they win, when infact they are not even close to tr and vs best players.

    Its really time to ballance all nc toys now aswell.

    The time to kill anythign with em6 or god saw is so damn short, compared to vs ursa which should be a high dmg wep aswell, but it totaly sucks compared to all nc weps :(
  12. Pirbi

    It does actually make me miss fighting Zoe spam. :(
  13. jaktrobot

    Or they could try ballance the game, now its time for a nc overhaul.
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  14. Felkuro

    However i see it, you talk as if making the NC weapons less Powerful will solve your problem? However it will most definitly not solve anything. People will Always play what they favor more, some prefer better weapons due to its OP others just generally choose by the color of the faction, or were there most fellow countrymen are located. I chose vanu at the start knowing this... LAZORS/accurate weapons. wich is true in every aspect. < And thats basicly how most people choose there faction when they get into the game. Even though i think veterans think about how to get the most fun out of the game.

    For example on miller we are almost all day outpopped by the TR/NC. And we still manage to kick there butts with ease, due to superior gameplay and tactics,. This of course is only on 1 continent since we dont have enough people on the others to make a diffrence.

    while i do get your and many other peoples frustration on this, Nerfing the NC weapons wont solve anything.
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  15. Pirbi

    The next update will include an actual fourth faction and the map will look like this:

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  16. InvitroCanibal

    They used to say the same about the vanu and that was why their population was always so high. Yet NC populations always seemed to be down prior to that major nerf patch. Then suddenly NC got a 40 percent population in december. I play TR and Vanu mostly and I see the 40% populations globablly.

    In regards to this thread, I don't want more nerfs in this game. I'm sick of nerfs, it's so disappointing to work up to a cert line and expecting an ability to have a certain degree of functionality. They pretend that we should assume all abilities are subject to change but this is completely disrespectful to the player base when it takes that much time and effort to get there.

    Instead why not boost the under populated factions abilities to match that of the over populated factions abilities? Even things out and don't do these over kill patches. Make boosts in under performing weapons so they actually work properly instead of nerfing everyone elses guns and making it into a witch hunt and not a game.
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  17. jaktrobot

    Well cobalt vs got the best players in the world and we still kicking some %"%%, we had the lead in wds, we really try to win it but now, the nc overpop wins it for them which is kinda ********..

    I did chose vs cause i like how magrider, maxes and the esf looks like, but i didnt knew they were underperforming when i did chose this faction, imo all faction should perform equal. And vanguard overperform in all aspects of this game.

    Either they have to make nc weps less powerfull or buff vs and tr weps.

    Yeah so those LAZORS/accurate weapons u say, how come they cant kill **** then, and got worst recoil pattern in game. We have no bullet drop but we cant make any use of it, they should lower recoil on flare and ursa asp.
  18. jaktrobot

    I agree, buff underperofrming stuff, but i really got pist of nc whining so much on Zoe which is now gone from the game. I dont understand Soe they put down time to make Zoe look cool while using it, then suddenly its removed from the game..........
  19. InvitroCanibal

    The issue is that charge needs to be a default ability. ZOE and NC maxes don't work properly because of this, the ZOE max moves too slowly to get into range and dies when moving from medium to short range ZOE, it can't exit from combat and will surely die activating ZOE.

    The NC max moves too slowly for it's aegis shield to work at all, and the TR's anchored mode lasts too long that they are dead by the time they unanchor.
  20. Aegie

    I still have yet to see any useful data driven evidence to support complaints regarding performance.

    All I see are complaints about population and trust me, the only people who seem to enjoy population imbalance are the very people responsible for it (i.e. 4th factioners).
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