Sick of nc overpop

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  1. DLL2

    You are not premium or bought camo on your 3 accounts but only one.
  2. Epic High Five

    In order:

    GR-22 - all recoil increased, hipfire COF increased

    Reaper DMR - damage per mag, ammo reserve, moving hipfire/ADS accuracy increased. All three categories still among the worst of all ARs. Real huge buff there I agree.

    Gauss Rifle Burst - same buffs other burst variants got across the board. High FSRM hurts a 2 shot burst more than 3-shot so it's still worst in class.

    Gauss Rifle S - had too long of a reload for the damage per mag, this was fixed to bring it in line with factional equivalents.

    Carnage BR - all recoil increased, FSRM increased, hipfire accuracy nerfed, moving accuracy nerfed

    7F - given carbine COF/bloom statistics instead of LMG ones it had previously had for literally no reason considering the Serpent didn't have them

    X11 - See Reaper DMR

    Gauss Compact Burst - See Gauss Rifle Burst

    Razor - Pretty much buffed. Now performs at range as well as you'd expect a 167/550 gun to.


    Hipfire killed across the board, reloads increased for some. Only one big change.

    GD-22S - Now has reload and moving accuracy of an AR-style LMG instead of a SAW, with none of the advantages. Still statistically inferior to the MSW-R, which is the nearest equivalent.

    OOOOOOOOOOO man huge changes there, certainly on par with things like the Marauder/Vulcan Harasser and ZOE :eek:
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  3. MajiinBuu

    Since WDS started the VS had by far the highest population on Mattherson. We have more points than TR and NC combined(last time I played, last night). Luckily the NC and TR are fighting us together, if getting zergstomped is boring, imagine sitting at a base waiting for the timer. All I got so far was 1 hour boosts and single-use camos. I already have heroic boost and gray scale camo.
  4. Phazaar

    So we're removing F2P accounts now?

    What do you think happens if they remove two of my accounts? Magically I'm no longer a paying customer... /Facepalm...

    More importantly though, whilst I'm currently not premium on ANY of my accounts (allowed my subs to run out until they sort out their ridiculous approach to business), I was previously subbed on all three for 6 months, and two for a further 6. Subscriptions aren't expensive, when you compare them to actual hobbies.
  5. Nerovox

    Love that pic!!
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  6. BoomBoom4You

    I was on Mattherson last night and VS had well over 50% pop. Tell me again about the NC overpop.
  7. TomaHawk

    I eat NC and I **** blue and yellow.
  8. EmmettLBrown

    I gotta say that after VS lost the ZOE toggle and TR lost their harasser/vulcan tankbuster combo, I got more respect for the Vanu. They actually recovered and moved on with what they have and aren't crying as much as the TR are. And as far as the 4th factioners go, can any of you faction switchers tell me what weapons you think got buffed and are OP now so I can start using them more frequently?
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  9. Phazaar

    Yes, they are. If you would like to furnish me with them, we can have a discussion about them. I haven't seen any since pre-Oracle days, so as stated, I'm not in a position to discuss. Just to restate though, they still appear to be largely irrelevant when reminding ourselves that we cannot pull actual useful usage information from them (like distance to target, number of targets, teammates present, shooters intent etc.).
  10. Horrida Messor

    Things are horrible on Ceres - you can't find a decent fight - for the last week I was in maybe 2 good fights and BOTH was against TR. Currently playing any other faction than NC means - prepare your anus - NC zerg is coming to **** you with it's at least 60% of the total forces at any base.
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  11. Hiding in VR

    That's cause you are playing the faction with the highest population, who occasionally gets higher populations during alerts. TR only has the highest population when the total populations numbers are low.
  12. Liquidrider

    hmmm that's cool, you read all the NC buffs, and managed to add your own opinions to it. Even though I already know all the buffs NC since I was the one who provided the link in the first place. Now if you could continue reading you will notice nerfs on TR and Vanu factions. :)

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  13. Akeita

    That one time I meet a TomaHawk guy in NC with BR 72 or so...
  14. GoEErs

    Don't let me shoot you in the head then. Nice try.
  15. AdmiralArcher

    :( my poor TR brethren, we get slaughtered daily
  16. Epic High Five







    Giving the GD-22S stats like an assault rifle-style LMG instead of an LMG-style LMG is not a buff. It's fixing a gun that's been designed incorrectly. It is still inferior to both the Orion and MSW-R, DON'T WORRY.

    ALSO MOST OF WHAT I MENTIONED WERE NERFS! If making a carbine into a carbine and an AR LMG into an AR LMG consist of "dramatic buffs" then you are beyond delusional.

    You've been taking literal ***** all over this thread every time you post because you have zero clue what you're talking about and then support it with "evidence" that actually entirely contradicts what you say.

    Know what else I found in that link you provided? Buffs to VS/TR guns! Oh my, nerf the VS/TR! Now that TR isn't the highest pop faction it's suddenly alright to balance around global pop, but it wasn't before!

    You get killed by NC stuff because you get outplayed by the NC, and your faction is in the tank not because the NC is so great, but because your own faction is garbage apparently. Get better.
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  17. CDN_Wolvie

    After playing the NC for a year, I went from trying to be faction loyal to straight up hating the NC experience and for a bit there uninstalled the game.

    After more recently having a go at playing TR after the changes, in a short while I am already narrowing in on the same BR for my NC character, so I thought I would go back and fool around with my old NC character for a bit.

    Nothing of significance has changed. I am not understanding the surge in popularity for the NC player numbers on Waterson, the experience of playing the NC faction is still a FF TK filled gong show with horrible inaccurate after the first shot gear and MAXes who get their engineers and medics killed.

    The only thing I miss playing now playing the TR? The Bouncing Betty. That's it.
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  18. ChipMHazard

    Some of it might be explained with more players thinking that there is an imbalance, after the weapon rebalance update. Even if it's just imaginary and created by the community.
    If it continues then they'll probably try fixing it by giving a buff to VS/TR or a nerf to NC that doesn't amount to much ingame, but gives the players the perception that they should start playing TR/VS again.
  19. Killuminati C

    And sadly I'd personally be okay with that as it would allow me to play my main faction but I can't in good conscience endorse that as I feel it would be giving a whole faction a handicap which I honestly feel the NC has been dealing with since launch.
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  20. Aegie

    Waterson may be a somewhat unique place for NC. I came from Jaeger NC to Waterson with the merge and Jaeger was the NC server in the beginning and I have a feeling that Waterson will always be a bit of an NC haven due in part the that history.

    I have been on a bit of a hiatus from the game lately for various reasons and yesterday I decided to work on fleshing out my TR due to the NC population. Unlocked the AMC and loving it, still do not have all the attachments I want but with a 4x and advanced forward grip it is very solid and user friendly for my play style. I'm going to finish getting the rest of the AMC attachments and then go looking for the TR AR equivalent for a medic.

    Other than my relative lack of unlocks (things like my second C4 for LA, all the 1st tiers that can make a real difference, scopes and a few other things for other classes like beefier repair/heal tools) and mostly the fact that early mergers resulted in my TR being on the same server as my NC main, I am really enjoying myself. Yesterday afternoon TR took an Indar alert- it was close and the continent was evenly popped through most of the engagement- it was great fun, pretty good teammates with the public squad I joined, and for a while I just forgot what faction I was playing and enjoyed myself.

    I'm looking forward to playing more for whatever faction is not holding a pop advantage and can honestly say that the only good thing about NC over pop on Waterson is that it motivated me to switch things up- I would encourage more people to try the same if they have not in a while. The game certainly felt a little fresher to me and I think I walked away with a better idea of why NC is over pop right now- I would not be surprised if a lot of them are people who were put off from investing time into them prior to better balance that are there just due to that same fresh feeling I felt playing TR.
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