Sick of nc overpop

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  1. ManualReplica

    >TR/VS overpop for 6+ months
    >NC slight pop advantage post-ZOE nerf for a few weeks, NC begins winning alerts during prime time on some servers

    >"I'm sick of NC overpop! Nerf! Bad smell!"
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  2. axiom537

    If this is a fact then please point me to the weapon data that would now show NC weapons outperforming the TR and VS. The fact is that since PU2 most of the weapons are fairly balanced, Sure TR have a few weapons that are in the top performance position, so do the NC and so do the VS, but over all since the PU2 most weapons are looking fairly balanced.

    I am sorry but this is an opinion, if the math is so simple, then it should be really easy link to the weapon performance data that is showing NC weapons outperforming the TR and VS across the board.
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  3. Liquidrider

  4. Libpilot

    VS matherson overpop during the run up to peak time is rediculous too. Fighting against superior population on both Amerish and Esamir because Indar is locked. What kind of game is it to try and get out of your warpgate with no resources to half kill a soldier only to die to 4 others shooting at you? I logged of and came back on later to see 48+ VS in all the Esamir Biolabs waiting for 12-24 NC or TR to come in and flip a point for maximum WDS defence points. Pathetic play.

    Bring back reduced spawn timers for an underpoped empire so it counteracts this major problem a little.

    Large outfits should feel responsible for balancing out the pops on each server during the seriously overpoped hours.
  5. EmmettLBrown

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  6. SharpeShooter

    haha its not an opinion! I'm not even sure if weapon stats are up since PU2. However, what I said was correct! Its a fact that nano weave was changed: Fact; the head hit box was increased: Fact; harder hitting weapons that shot at the head will now kill faster than faster shooting weapons shot at the head: Fact.
  7. vulcan78

    This new NC over-pop trend is a direct consequence of the NC not suffering the same kind of overbearing nerfs sustained by the TR and VS (loss of Vulcan and ZOE respectively among other changes). The NC are now the de-facto OP faction. The stats show this. Personal experience reflects this. So, if youre a new player, or have thought about jumping ship for a while now, say you were sick of the VS or TR, there is no better time to join the NC.

    Faction imbalance wont be properly addressed until the inter-faction weapon imbalance is addressed.

    Preliminary suggestions:

    Jackhammer, Gauss SAW and Vanguard "Win" Shield all need a big fat nerf.

    Restore range of Harasser weapons and some of the damage resistance of the Harasser itself.

    Damage taken and given can remain where it is but allow ZOE to be de-activated, ditch the cool-down.

    Additionally, and possibly to the benefit of the NC overall, NC Max close-quarters weapons, i.e. Scatter Cannon or whatever the hell it's called, could use a close distance nerf and a long distance buff. This could be accomplished by tightening the "shotgun" pellet spread. As infantry, in a Bio-lab, it is shocking to succumb to one shot of this under 20 ft or so. I mean, I use dual Blue-shifts, and I can't insta-kill infantry nearly as fast, usually 3 seconds or so. With the NC Max it is INSTANT. One shot, youre dead. But beyond 30 meters a Scat Max isn't very threatening.

    Just my .02. on the matter.
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  8. Liquidrider

    Where did you pull "to much damage" from anything I posted? I was simply providing a source to why NC have the best Maxes and weaponry than any other faction at the moment. And to be honest my NC main is taking full advantage of it while I can.
  9. Bape

    Seems TR/VS only sees "200 damage" and ignore everything else that makes the weapon bad. Just like the new NC ES sniper rifle that coming out all they see is "Shotgun" and ignore everything that makes it terrible. NC only has saw/raper/acx11 that 200 dmg and most of the NC uses Em6/Gauss rifle/ Mercenary which are all 167 dmg which TR/VS also has.
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  10. HadesR

    Link ?
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  11. vulcan78

    Good observation and I agree.
  12. Jalek

    So I do it wrong with a NS-7 PDW on my NC HA with the Decimator, I should stick to NC slow weapons?

    The JH lately hasn't been much use, the defense game is either peek-a-boo with infils or mass zergs where the JH won't take down any faction MAX first at shotgun range and is entirely useless against the usual MAX crash when everyone just gives up defending so you're alone. Join the zerg or get farmed seems to be the gameplay options. I pick... Warframe.
  13. EmmettLBrown

    From the chain of quotes.

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  14. soeguud

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  15. vulcan78

    Looking for it now. You know, when everyone felt that the TR was OP, it turned out that the TR was OP (pre- PU01, back when they won the entire WDS Pre-season). Now, I mean, it is a virtual consensus that the NC are OP, yet we still have players such as yourself for reasons unknown who wish to remain argumentative. 1 vs. 1 against Gauss SAW I die nearly every time, doesn't matter if I start shooting a second before they do AND am ADS AT THEIR HEAD WITH AN URSA W/ HVA (167 DMG) AND HAVE MY RESIST SHIELD ON. I'm dead. Same can be said for an encounter with a Vanguard with their "Win" shield activated in my full certed Magrider. But oh no, here you come "no, no, no no, the NC aren't actually OP!"

    Update: actual stats below.
  16. ikillyou1990

    Sadly, they actually used to have players limited to one character per server..they took that away and thus the 4th faction was born..
  17. vulcan78

  18. HadesR

    Asking for the stats isn't being argumentative :rolleyes: it's asking for the data .. Data that was produced in regards to TR ...

    Without said data it's all opinions and we can't have a sensible valid discussion without one side or the other going off on one ...

    BTW in regards to NC being OP you mention 2 items .. Gauss and Vanguard .. So we can assume " NC " isn't OP but just those items are ?
    A bit like ZOE was OP .. not the VS
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  19. axiom537

    If you are not even sure that the weapon stats are up since PU2 and you have not seen how they are comparing to each other since PU2, then everything you have said is OPINION. Those 3 fact are irrelevant when you claim that NC weapons are now outperforming TR & VS weapons, that is an opinion and a wrong one as well.

    Here is a link to the some of the post-PU02 Oracle of Death Stats.

    I do not claim that this information is the end all be all of weapon balance, but it is a fair indicator of trends and it has the pre and post numbers, and when you look at them and make comparisons you will see balance is much better. There are still a few outliers, such as the VS Vortex and the TR Vulcan and the NC modified, that need more love, but overall balance is pretty good. And that is my opinion, but atleast I have some actual hard data comparing weapon performance to support my argument.
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  20. EmmettLBrown

    It's strange that people aren't complaining about specific weapons isn't it? It's just that the NC are just too powerful.
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