Sick of Indar

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  1. Duff_Chimp

    The problem with Indar is the Zerg mentality. Which is also why Esamir and Amerish are so good. Indar is so spread out and accessible, zergs don't ever tend to meet head on. In Esamir, you are forced into the middle of the map for the only tech plant. Amerish's terrain also funnels you around the map forcing you to fight at certain locations.

    I like Indar, as long as NC or VS aren't zerging heavily you can find some nice smaller scale fights. The truly 'epic' fights are on the other two continents, IMO. Things will change when patch hits, people will take some time to adapt to new warpgates. Will be interesting to see what becomes of Indar.
  2. Dusty El Lion

    It's funny, on sol tech the NC capped the crown last night during the UES. There's at least 3 public squads named "HOLD THE CROWN" or "CROWN DEFENSE FORCE". We still had it last I checked a few hours ago.

    In other news Higby admitted on the spawn stream that Indar was bad for strategic game play with defense and territories and that they designed Amerish have better gameplay in terms of meta-gaming. (E.G. VS platoon just took this outpost so they'll be going through this pass which we can defend.)
  3. ScrapyardBob

    They absolutely need to do the XP bonuses for being under-pop at both the server level (as they are now) and the continent level.

    Server level bonuses help people to choose to play the underdog when they login. Especially if they're getting an additional 10% from everything they do because their faction has the least population. Frankly, the current server level bonuses are a bit too small to have the effect that is needed. But the current levels might be okay if they add continent-level bonuses on top of the server-level bonus instead of replacing server-level bonuses with continent-level bonuses.

    Continent level bonuses helps to spread people out, and give you an incentive to stay and defend against a larger force. These need to be beefy. If the numbers are 50 / 30 / 20, then the least popular faction needs to be getting at least a +15% boost. Whether that is calculated as "(max faction percent - min faction percent) * some-constant" or "(30% minus faction percent) * some constant", it needs to be big enough that 80/10/10 splits should result in migration of players from other continents. And at the upper end, a bonus of up to 100% (for the case of 0% population) should be possible, with it mostly running around 20-30% if things are moderately imbalanced.
  4. Ruggle

    I loved the big fights on Amerish during the beta when that continent released.
    It felt less brain-afk-zerging and more tactical......
    - tactical placement of mines to slow down a convoy
    - nice places to hide AA for surprise attacks
    - a lot of trees to take cover from aircraft
    - rocks to take cover from vehicles
    - rocketpods aren´t as usefull as on other continents
    - more air to air fights since its harder to find/hit the groundforces because of the terrain
    - etc....

    i realy love that map and hope more people will come there one day again.
  5. darkphilli

    What do you guys think about double XP weekends on specific maps, they could alternate them out every week. Que waits would be an issue but it would help get people to other continents
  6. illgot

    I love Indar. Easy to get around, easy to blend into the environment.

    I dislike Esamir, it is too easy to spot people and vehicles against the white snow, and hate Amerish because it is basically a maze that makes it easy for ESF pilots to rocket pod you.