Sick of Indar

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by darkphilli, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. darkphilli

    Is anyone else sick of only playing on Indar because there are no good fights on any other continents? There should be some sort of incentive to fight on Esamir and Amerish, maybe an xp bonus on certain days. Been playing Indar since beta, its a good map, but it gets old.
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  2. TheUprising

    They should give bonus xp on continents that have lower populations as an incentive to go fight there.
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  3. Garakan

    weekly or daily bonus xp on different continents would be nice.
  4. McGubble

    That's coming in next patch continent pop
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  5. Selerox

    It'd help if the other continents were even vaguely interesting. Esamir does have stuff going for it, but Amerish bores me. It's the same rocks and trees whichever way you look almost. It's not engaging or interesting to interact with. Indar has real variety, and locations that stick in the mind. The rest just don't.
  6. tastyBerryPunch

    Amerish has some interesting base layouts. I wish more players played on it. I play on one of the smallest servers (Lithcorp) and the big fights happen mostly on Indar and sometimes on Esamir. Amerish is pretty much ghost capping or 1 squad vs 1 squad.
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  7. fish998

    Problem with Amerish, it's hard to get about, and you can never see very far due to all the rocks and trees. I like Esamir though, pitty NC are usually getting murdered there by TR (on Woodman) due to no having no air. If we take the nearest amp station or biolab it's a miracle and we never keep it.
  8. Gavyne

    Help is coming, check out their 6 month plan. Also their next continent coming out should be very interesting, it'll be nothing like what we have with the 3 we have currently, according to the devs.
  9. RadiO

    There are concept images of Hossin, the next continent. It's meant to be all swampy and murky, so hopefully my LA will be able to jump onto sideways trees and whatnot. :p
  10. tastyBerryPunch

    Everyone is saying Amerish is difficult to traverse. You just have learn the roads, just like Indar and Esamir. People played on those and learned their way around. They barley play on Amerish and don't know the map that well.
  11. ScrapyardBob

    Amerish is more fiendish then even Southeast Indar. There are far fewer shortcuts / goat paths. And the supposed "flat" areas are frequently filled with gullies that just eat up ground vehicles. It would be a far better continent if the low areas were smoothed out (but leave the nearly vertical rock formations) and a few more shortcuts were added for infantry.

    For instance, when you roll down on Ikanam Bio Lab from the north road, there is this line of rock that blocks any way to bring a vehicle over it unless you go all the way down to the NE bridge. Or it's impossible to use a vehicle to circumnavigate Kwhatee, without almost going out of bounds on the west side of the map.

    The folds in the ground on the west side of Stoneridge Reserve are just evil (and are repeated at a few other locations). Those little folds in the ground are where my major dislike of Amerish comes from.

    Amerish would also be far more interesting if they'd put the new "interlink" type base in the middle of the map, just west of Ascent / Raven Landing. Then you'd have a major facility, with a major benefit, that is only reachable by air or infantry unless you control Ascent or Raven Landing.
  12. darkphilli

    The problem with Amerish is you HAVE to follow the roads
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  13. McGubble

    I have to go there and lay down mines more often. Who am I kidding mines are meant to be thrown.
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  14. tastyBerryPunch

    Even if you lay mines there, those roads are empty.
  15. Malishan

    So whats it going to be? 2% exp incentive? Because that works so well for faction population balancing?
  16. VSDerp

    ya indar getting pretty boring
  17. Malishan

    Terrain doesnt need to be smoothed, vehicles need to climb better. Its rediculous how gentle a slope will prevent the tanks from climbing. The Flash is even worse and constantly feels like its on ice. Whoever handled the driving model/physics needs to be put in a padded room.
  18. McGubble

    I don't see why you think it's a little affect. If a continent has lower pop you get more XP fighting there meaning MORE CERTS
  19. Malishan

    I'm saying it better be more than 2% because thats not going to draw enough people there. 2% more exp is not going to compensate for not being able to find enough people to kill. Anything less than 10% probably wont catch anyones attention at all.
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  20. McGubble

    While I play when pop is unbalanced I get usually 120 xp for a kill instead of 100. I'd play on a continent where I get that 120xp because every xp gain counts