Sick of fun killing vehicle zergs? Time for infantry to fight back!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Cyridius, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Cyridius

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  4. daskleineviech

    Congratulations for discovering the Heavy Assault class. I hope you will be as excited when you discoved that you get a free Burster for your MAX by default.
  5. Cyridius

    What, you see a single HA doing this? Or a squad of single armed Burster MAXes being so effective?

    The point I'm making is the versatile nature of the weapon and what happens when alot of people use it effectively. It can switch between ground and air and then have the holder switch out to an LMG to handle infantry, and be mobile at all times. Can a Burster MAX do that?

    If you fail to see the significance, then this is the wrong thread for you.
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  6. daskleineviech

    You are presenting these things as it was news. The Annahilator's desrctiption states for everyone to see that it can lock onto everything, and the concept of "more guns = more damage" is something most people are familiar with. Get a few MAX units in a decent position with one or two Engis and you'll be more effective against pilots with brains (i.e. flares).
  7. Hoki

    See SOE you could have just added a guide-by-wire skill based rocket like in my sig bug no, you want everyone to use lock-on rockets. GG
  8. Cyridius

    Do you know what Flares look like? Because they were being popped by most of those pilots. Didn't help them for ****.

    There's a difference between thinking something might work and KNOWING it does by seeing it happen.
    Why do you want to discourage these kinds of videos? It's confirmation of an idea put into practice. How many people own the Annhilator? How many people wont buy it because they're not sure how effective it is? This is an example of what it should be used for.

    And no, having been part of 2 squads of MAX air cover, rolling dual bursters, equipped with significant numbers of Engis and Medics, I can tell you, you don't get nearly the same effect. Your air cover is damage over time, easy to escape from if you're against "pilots with brains", and you're totally vulnerable to tanks and infantry.

    The Annhilator rocket velocity out runs an ESF popping after burner. If you have enough rockets, flares don't matter - as seen here. You can switch between AA and AV fluidly, and that's topped off with the ability to kill infantry and have alot of maneuverability.

    Can't you see this is what infantry need to be competitive against armour? It out classes a SKEP launcher and Burster Air Cover by those merits.
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  9. PyroPaul

    or... you could Get a bunch of people to go Engineer and build a massive mine field which would stop any zerg just as well if not better. and it requires even less organization!
  10. Thagyr

    They haven't added Flying Mines yet.

    Besides, I got the bizarre image of a sea of mines being blown up in a chain reaction cause one of your own team decided to be curious. Rockets are much more PUB friendly.
  11. daskleineviech

    You're video showed one guy screaming in his mic to use G2A rockets against really low flying Libbies. I'm sorry, but that isn't a proof of anything, at that range I can get a Libby down to 60% health with a MAX while you're first guy still waits for the green square to pop up. Not to mention that Libbies at that altitude need just two dump fire missiles to deal with.
    It's nice that you found a way to deal with Libbies, but using a lock-on launcher to shoot down things is not news, it's common sense.
  12. iller

    so..... 30 guys with these things that each cost 1000certs..... to do what I was already doing in a single ESF for only 500 certs?

    Yeah that's a compelling video alright. ...Proof that people will buy almost anything if you can convince them all their friends are doing it too or that it will be just like being a Beer Commercial
  13. Cyridius

    Wrong. If you WATCHED you could see there were Libbys flying 400-450m. And no, a MAX cannot do that even wih Dual Bursters, unless you're telling me a MAX will kill a moving, high flying Libby in about 8 seconds, which you can't.


    Mines need foresight
    Mines cost infantry resources
    Mines can be placed badly
    You can only drop 2
    They're not aggressive
    They DO require organisation
    They can be blown up by the enemy

    Annhilators do not have any of those failings.
  14. 13lackCats

  15. Tycon

    Very interesting watch, I play VS and pretty much hate watching the other factions play, but this brought a smile to my face seeing infantry outside of a biolab actually doing something other than being free XP on legs for air crafts. This looks legitimately viable at least on a small scale and I really hope this is a viable tactic. The only problem I see is that you outnumbered the air over 10 to 1. With a critical mass of libs that organized outfits pull with 15 libs and 30+ fighters I couldn't see even 200+ infantry with rocket launchers and aa maxs even remotely competing with the sheer aoe.

    However I'm glad to see your trying, perhaps when they fix the sky guard throwing one or two in the mix with a few aa max and a swarm of lock on missiles with engi support might just break the air meta. Going to try this with a couple of buddies of mine with hopefully a VS equivalent if it exists? Also is it worth the station cash / certs with group of 5 people or under 10?
  16. LameFox

    The key word here is 'organized', and thus most people will remain fodder forever.
  17. comrade

    So air have not chance against this because of render distance. And this is BS as well. This is imbalance too.
  18. Cypherius

    Everything is imbalanced after reaching a certain magnitude. You can't start crying for the nerf bat every time someone demonstrates a unique and insightful way to counter a nuisance. Pilots can learn just as much from this as infantry, if only so much as to hope that they don't encounter a similar situation.
  19. Cyridius

    I would recommend a squad or so if you want to try this. I don't want you wasting your SC if it's not gonna be effective, so to be safe you'd want about 8 or so HAs doing this concurrently(It takes 3 missiles to down an ESF, and a good deal more for a Liberaotr[Not sure on the exact number]). If you guys can get out and co-ordinate yourselves then I would give it a try. As you can see in the vid, there were usually in between 5 and 8 missiles shooting at a Liberator at once(With the odd overkill), with 3 or 4 hitting ESFs. I wouldn't expect you guys to hold off a large air zerg but you'll be able to provide quite good air cover.

    You can all trial them at once and test it out for half an hour if you're unsure :)