Shut up about shotguns - ARs are also in now

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Epic High Five, May 7, 2014.

  1. Epic High Five

    And omg



    Razor Reaper is Actual, gonna be such a fantastic gun. Lower dps/more accuracy with a 2x200 burst (!!!!!!) is a fine niche. Also it looks cool.

    TORQ (TR) is like an AR version of the Armistice and the Terminus (VS) is pretty goddawful at the moment but lacks polish so is obviously (hopefully) going to change. For reference, it's 2x143 with no special accuracy bonuses
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  2. Epic High Five


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  3. Regpuppy

    Initial impressions can simply be summed up as "meh"

    I guess I'll have to try it when the patch is done loading.
  4. OddChelsea

    A 200 damage gun with amazing velocity and a burst mode? Yes please. Should be balanced with it being the slowest firing automatic/non shotgun primary in the game. Also dat 30 round mag, mmmph.
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  5. Epic High Five

    If you like the Razor, you're going to fawn all over and adore this gun. It's a hybrid of the two, basically, with enhanced accuracy at the expense of dps but the damage tier of the Reaper.

    I'm extremely excited for this gun, and despite having the certs saved up to unlock it I will be buying the gold version to support SOE, unless it gets crushed under the weight of nerfs or something beforehand.

    Dis guy/guy-ette gets it :cool:

    Seems like a pretty balanced gun, it's certainly not going to be a king maker in the hands of an impatient person, but the Reaper has such a fervent cult following (AND I AM THE CULT LEADER) that I expect to hear a lot about this gun in the coming days
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  6. Pikachu

    What's the point of burst fire if it doesn't have higher ROF than auto and doesn't have extra accuracy?

    Anyway the first person look is a mix of razor and NC1 and I think that is not unique enough.
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  7. Epic High Five

    It's no looker in first person to be sure, but in third person it looks beastly as hell

    ROF cap is irrelevant, it's more accurate by dint of firing slower and forcing precision. Anyway it isn't a burst rifle, it's an automatic with a 2x option ala the EM6

    It does feel more accurate than the Reaper, at least in the important way - a lower FSRM. It's tough to suss out without the exact numbers because outside of the FSRM difference it could be exactly the same and feel more accurate because it's firing slower
  8. OddChelsea

    Burst firing also allows your CoF to reset and adds a tiny bit of control at range. Having a 2x burst is just convenient, nothing more.
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  9. Pikachu

    I just hope this thing gets a good firing sound. Chances are low though since ps2 has surprisingly bad gun sounds.
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  10. Nakar

    Tross is insane, NC better stay quiet about this thing because when it hits live it will cause VS and TR tears to flow incessantly. It's a beauty, trading an insubstantial amount of ROF for the recoil properties of a Corvus/SABR except with 200 damage bullets. And it has 6000 DPM. More than TR weapons. Think about that, NC!

    TORQ is perfect. It's the most fun AR I've used in the history of PS2. Don't change a thing. It does everything, it does it well, it spits walls of lead, it's everything that TR is about. It's a Lynx up close and... even better than a Lynx far away. It clusters shots remarkably well at a distance, it has insane moving ADS COF, it has both types of ammo, it's superb. If TR whine and get this thing made less fun I'm gonna be ticked.

    Terminus needs work. The accuracy is amazing but compared to the equivalents (the SABR, Reaper, and now the Tross) it is grossly lacking in damage per magazine. I love the idea of an accurate 143 damage burst weapon but maybe a larger magazine size is warranted?
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  11. OddChelsea

    Both the Tross and TORQ are exceptional and neither is OP but both will indeed cause tears from those who can't stand to die to anything because anything that kills them often is OP. The Tross is no more OP in it's role than the TORQ is and vice versa. Please SOE, keep both guns as they are! They are both perfect for our factions, they both fit our factions well and what we joined those factions for. Keep up that kind of stuff.
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  12. Tommyp2006

    I love the new TR rifle so far. It's got the exact same DPS as the t1 cycler (well ok, it's got 2 dps less but who cares), while having superior stats in every other regard, as well as a wider range of attatchments, so unless they just gave it a default amount of attatchments, this will end up becoming my go to all around AR once I finish auraxiuming the T1.

    And the fact that it's called the TORQ is pretty cool too.
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  13. NoctD

    Couldn't agree more!!! I'm looking forward to both of these.

    The VS have been screaming wanting a burst fire something for while now, looks like that's just what they got. Burst fire weapons just aren't my thing, neither are shotguns, but the Terminus is definitely off to a much better start than the Zenith. Its got a proper and good looking model and its attachments do make sense too.
  14. OddChelsea

    Pretty sure the VS wanted a burst fire pistol. Admittedly their gun would be pretty amazing if they could use it as a secondary (not a serious suggestion). As it stands though it's meh central.
  15. Tentakewls

    No, we wanted a burst fire PISTOL. A 143 damage burst rifle? We already have that, it's the Equinox Burst. Nobody uses it.
    Looks like we are getting another weapon as useful as the Phaseshift. Good thing I've been playing TR a lot more.
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  16. Epic High Five

    You must not have been here when forumside managed to make a half dozen 10+ page threads devoted to JUST HOW AWFUL AND UNUSUABLE THE LYNX IS NOW THAT THE DPS ACTUALLY TOOK A HIT AND RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE

    The reality? It lost 0.05 second on its TTK on paper. Welcome to forumside, where people actually exist who consider the GR-22 to be the premier NC assault rifle because it does marginally more dps than our other guns. As someone who loves the SAW and slugs and thinks that any ROF >650 is just excessive and unnecessary, I can personally attest to battling a few uphill battles here.

    They're absolutely not OP, yeah. People may think they are as a knee-jerk reaction to how happy people seem about them, but the TORQ is just a TR-styled generalist AR and the Tross is shaping up to be a smart cash in on the fervent love of the Reaper since PU02

    Terminus has some weirdness that tells me it's still getting some work done on it, but I just don't see how a 2x143 burst can compete. Even if it had SABR recoil with burst variant accuracy on the move, it would suffer from the Corvus syndrome of terminally low DPS for a lot of situations.

    Especially contrasted with the Tross, which feels much more complete and is a full auto gun with a 2x200 burst option, I think the Terminus is going to end up being a 2x143 with high recoil reduction and a full-auto option.

    And even then...ehhhhhhhh
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  17. OddChelsea

    I absolutely love how the NC and TR are coming together in support of these guns, almost brings a tear to my space 'murican eye.
  18. Xhaleon

    Ach, what a waste the A-Tross looks to be. I was hoping for a new CQC AR that was based around the higher damage models (167 - 200) as opposed to every one of them, even the NC ones, being (143 - 125). That's what is missing from the game and should have been filled. I guess for those who really want to play marksman with it, the A-Tross will be great for you though. I still have to auraxium my Warden, so I will have to pass on this one for now since medics are getting access to them.

    And what's up with the name? Does Albatross not sound techy enough?

    I will have to try these out when I can. Is the test server still having that problem with the right side of the screen being glitched out or is that just me?
  19. NoctD

    I've seen lots of SABR envy in the past, though I'm not sure exactly why that is. Like I said, burst weapons just ain't my thing.

    Thing is with my VS, I'm totally happy just using the Pulsar VS1 as an all rounder, the only other gun that's relevant to me is the H-V45 for CQC. Its not like there's much of an empty spot/void left in the VS AR arsenal.
  20. Epic High Five

    We have the Cyclone for that role though

    Having a not terrible burst rifle (trust me here, I'm one of a few with the dubious honor of having auraxed the Gauss Rifle Burst) will be fantastic. Option to go full auto and enhanced accuracy? Yes please, oh god yes please.

    A lot of people have some doubts but hop onto the PTS and give it a whirl. It's not for EVERYBODY but it's for way more people than you'd think. It's just really FUN to use

    The VS assault rifle lineup is a festering pit of despair. It consists of 3 11A's, the GR-22, and a couple guns that are outright bad or will spend more time reloading than firing.

    As an NC and full-time Medic, I pretty much can't play VS anymore.
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