Shrike needs 6 shots to destroy sundy from side while Hawk/Crow take 5

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  1. NCstandsforNukaCola

    Someone told me that default launchers do lower damage to sunderer than G2A / G2G ones.

    So I did some simple examination in VR and he was right.

    It doesn't make sense since default launchers have more damage than other lock-on ones.

    Is there something I missed out, resistance calculation or what?
  2. Champagon

    I don't see a problem, that's pretty good for 1 infantryman
  3. Pikachu

    Default launcher is inferior to the others.
  4. Champagon

    I still don't see where OP is getting at. I think that's pretty good. It really can't be THAT bad. This is another issue of 1 guy wanting to do everything it seems.
  5. FateJH

    If you're asking where the rest of the damage is coming from, you should probably consult the Resistances Table. The default rule is called Dumbfire Rocket Launchers; the lock-ons are called Medium Anti-Armor Ordnance.

    The OP is probably suggesting that he believes the gimmick of the lock-ons should be that it locks onto the target, not the resistance-modified damage profile. (It should be noted that the lock-on launchers are worse against aircraft than the pure dumbfire launchers; and, Sunderers are the main Ground vehicle oddball between them in as far as resistances are concerned.)
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  6. Lamat

    I see this more as: Lock-on launchers are doing too much damage to Sunderers, aren't they supposed to have reduced damage for their lock-on perk?
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  7. LodeTria

    He's saying that the Dumb-fires are worse at dumb firing sunderers than Lock ons are.
  8. NCstandsforNukaCola

    I'm not saying that "I want to do everything!"
    What I meant is that default ones need 1 more shot while these have more damage than other lock-on ones.

    If Shirke got more damage, then It should have same STK at least as Hawk and Crow
  9. RHINO_Mk.II

    For some reason, ground vehicles have low resists to lock-ons, while air vehicles have extremely high resists to lock ons, but much lower resists to dumbfires. It's still much easier to hit a sunderer with dumbfires, since they move faster.
  10. NCstandsforNukaCola

    Every launcher was fired as dumbfire.
    It couldn't be locked on because I was shooting at my sundy.
  11. Unclematos7

    They've done so many buffs to the Sunderer's health, resist values and whatnot that it is hard to tell what's what with this thing.

    Here's an example: Composite armor makes it's rear facing stronger than the others.
  12. FateJH

    It doesn't matter. As far as resistances are concerned, a lock-on launcher is any launcher than can lock onto a vehicle (and is not covered anywhere else on the resistance table). A dumbfire launcher is a "pure dumbfire launcher" - the default launchers and the Decimator.
  13. Lamat

    lock-ons should do less damage than dumb-fires on all targets, that's the bottom line. But don't buff dumbfires, adjust resistances for the lock-ons to fix this bug.
  14. NC_agent00kevin

    Agreed; just a bug in resistance charts that need addressed.

    Until then, it's nice to know.