Shredder is OP

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  1. Govedo13

    Dalton is near useless against infantry at the moment. Unless you score direct hit and kill, you need 2-3 shoots with splash to kill the infantryman, 4 if he uses Flak, I am not sure if direct hit kills full Flak, if it does it should not.
    Dalton nerf is good thing, still Dalton is the single AV gun that does AV splash making it invaluable vs vehicles.
    All liberator guns are in nice shape vs ground now. Zepher is anti infantry boss gun, Dalton is AV and Shredder is jack of all trades master of none. Duster is SC bait- plain useless thing.
  2. Arkha3

    I wouldn't mind the shredder if it weren't for the fact that liberators feel like indestructible ESF-MBT's that soak so much damage
  3. JackD

    The feeling goes away after you actually try to fly one.
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  4. ohknoh

    Yeah, because esfs and mbts don't hard counter everything they run into. The feeling goes away, and is replaced with an over blown sense of superiority.
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  5. Medium

    Now imagine a new player joins the game spawns at a base walks out of the spawn room and is instantly killed by a shredder lib. They quit, they don't come back, and the game dies.
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  6. Inex

    Makes you kind of wish for a "You're being farmed: Redeploy to (insert base with no Libs)" hint on the death screen. Or have it just auto-Redeploy you.

    Or, I guess you could just give the low BRs a way to fight back against Libs...
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  7. z1967

    Although not apparent, it seem that many forumside Lib pilots want them to:
    -spend 20 hours learning how to fly ESFs
    -spend 30 secs to a minute plinking away whilst dodging shots that could either kill them instantly or takes a huge chunk of health out
    -get 2-3 friends to assist in this

    And somehow still have fun. Or just quit the game and play something else where they actually get to play the way they want to in a sandbox game.
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  8. Kylerr

    So you think a new player who's invested little to no time learning how to be good at the game should be able to individually easily kill a fully certed, experienced 2-3 man lib crew? Seems logical.
    Newsflash: This is an FPS, not FreeRealms
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  9. z1967

    Considering that the ESF is supposed to be the counter to the Lib, yes.
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  10. Brahma2

  11. Kylerr

  12. z1967

    Then do tell what the counter to the Lib is. TB/Dalton/Shredder is the counter of tanks. Zephyr/Shredder is the counter of Infantry. ANd that is just Lib mounted weapons.
  13. Brahma2

    Rock, paper, scissors makes for a really ******** game that doesn't account for skill at all. Tanks can shoot at, and hit air. ESFs can kill libs, or vice versa. Harassers (could) kill tanks.

    Nothing is set in stone, nothing should be set in stone. If you want to kill things better, faster, harder, whatever... then learn your trade.

    Or don't and get farmed.
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  14. DirArtillerySupport

    Yeah pretty much...shredder outside = Dir inside.

    I'll go toe to toe with a couple of liberators pounding the tower with shells...they tickle. With a shredder outside? No point in even stepping out of the doorway.
  15. OldCuban

    I've always loved the Shredder.

    Tricked out my Liby ages ago due to having a dedicated gunner who loved using it.

    He quit PS2 due to RL stuff and now I am without a competent gunner.

    WTB TR Shredder gunner on Mattherson, PST!
  16. Kylerr


    Hit me up in game, I'm not the best at gunning a shredder myself, but if not me then I have a lot of friends who're always willing to gun :)
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  17. z1967

    Neat, now that we have established your approximate age group as "squeaker," why is the Lib so much more powerful than every other unit in the game? Carries not one, but two of the highest DPS weapons in the game, can tank more AP shells than a tank can, and is basically the only counter is itself.
    [quote="Brahma2]Rock, paper, scissors makes for a really ******** game that doesn't account for skill at all. Tanks can shoot at, and hit air. ESFs can kill libs, or vice versa. Harassers (could) kill tanks.

    Nothing is set in stone, nothing should be set in stone. If you want to kill things better, faster, harder, whatever... then learn your trade.

    Or don't and get farmed.[/quote]
    This a nice quote. Unfortunately, it doesn't hold it's ground when...
    -AA has a skill ceiling as high as it's floor. It was nerfed because apparently it killed aircraft and that was horrible.
    -everything else in the game has dedicated counters. Liberators have been stated repeatedly as the non-tank counter to tanks (among the several others that exist lol)
    -Yes there are set in stone counters. Actually there are several of them. Take a guess and pick a weapon that isn't an infantry rifle and you probably will land on a dedicated counter.

    Other than that, yeah, don't get farmed. Its not like pops aren't decreasing and Higby himself said on X-cast that Libs were "over-performing." But oh deary me the AH is so OP since it can actually kill my Lib if it is within 50m of me since it's a shotgun is clearly what we should be concerned about.
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  18. Kylerr

    Way to take the low ground, how can you possibly judge my age by a picture I post? Two can play at that game. you're a BR49 Connery player with 1 hour of play time in a lib and 20 hours of play time in a mossie. Yet all I see you do on these forums is QQ about how OP everything is and how hard libs are to kill because it actually takes effort. My guess is you just get farmed whenever you do log on because you don't know what you're doing.
    That's why I haven't bothered continuing to argue with you, you've never had any credibility in the first place.

    EDIT: and by the way, as I stated multiple times previously, I agree that the lib needs to be A. Made louder B. tank damage nerf needs to be reverted against comp and C. shredder needs to be toned down. The lib isn't perfect, but your claims that any one noob should be able to easily kill an experienced lib crew are ridiculous
  19. Key Pusher

    We'd have Hossin by now if it weren't for this "community" constantly whining to SoE.
  20. z1967

    Well, that does kind of work against you in the instance of the fact that anyone with 100 certs and some free time can TB/Shredder any tank crew they want to. Experienced, ameteur, farmer etc. literally anyone can do it. You get within 50m and let it rip on their rear. Press and hold space so they won't be able to retaliate as you spray shredder rounds on them. Limited tank cannon gimbals ensure that they won't be able to shoot you as you shoot them.

    That is, in essence, why I think the Lib is too powerful. You can literally beat any skill level of tanker with it and you have to mess up pretty badly in order to fail at it. Replace Shredder with Dalton and you have the same situation. The fact is that the combination of a high DPS primary and a secondary with either high alpha or high DPS is an absurd combination. Seat switching makes it worse. Solo Libbers are pretty cool to watch (and no doubt are high skill players), but it really highlights the problem of seat switching since a 3 man vehicle can be manned by just one person. Yes, this includes tanks and it includes every other multi-seat vehicle in the game.

    And yes, I do judge people by their response. If your only responses in two instances have been a "facepalm" with no other context as to where I am wrong, and a second response (after trying again to provoke discussion) is a meme, you can understand why I was lacking in taking you seriously. Yes, I don't fly Libs. In case you don't know, Connery is infamous for huge zergs of everything imaginable. You either join the zerg and make a few certs every 5 minutes off assists, or you go solo and focus on hit and runs. Easiest way to do that is by ESF with AI nosegun and AB tanks. Libs could also pull it off except I would have to find armor and TB it or pull random gunners from SWAT. Either way, its faster and easier to make my quick certs in an ESF. And what I can't fight, I flee from courtesy of Racer and max AB. That is more or less why I ESF.And I like the flight model for the ESF better, but that's just me.