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  1. Alzir

    No, KPM weapon padding, we're talking about running around with medkits in your hand between kills.

    That is an ok point regarding accuracy by itself as an indicator, because yes it does depend slightly on playstyle, and also a lack of care towards the stat. I disagree that range has anything to do with higher accuracy as that has to be the opposite, when considering LMGs anyway.

    To be fair, you have a point there as well, but when I'm drunk and look at your stats,my 1st thought is max and tank padded.

    This is the first time I've been "touched" by DA, and find it slightly amusing how you're banding together, but this is the internet and your name is clearly important, I apologise for making you feel offended.

    I couldn't care less what the DA mandatory requirements are, but I assume it must relate to stats and that normally means treating accuracy above K/D.....although perhaps that's a Cobalt thing. Accuracy does depend a bit on your playstyle though, as you say, but is generally a good indicator of a player's level. If I see a player hitting 33% for example on a gun, I can be pretty sure they are really good (as general rule).

    KPH on the other hand is a hugely overrated stat. I can and often do exceed 60 KPH on the betelgeuse for example, but I'm also happy to play in the dead of night and much prefer small fights to 96+ clusterfu*ks, and I absolutely detest anything resembling a farm, which i redeploy from as I always want a fight over objectives. It is very difficult to garner any info regarding a players play style from stats, but the stat padding for KPH per gun has reached epidemic levels, and is so highly overrated I'd struggle to know where to begin in that argument. That is what you should take from my post.

    11.9 hours is a long time for medkits Posseeee, I have more time on my VS character (at least the one in my sig) than you and my total is 7 hours, and I can say that is honestly normal use. Tl;DR you're stat padding too.
  2. Kentucky Windage

    I have a long way to go to get to where most of you are. I'm working hard and at least attempting to play as well as possible during my sessions so my stats aren't skewed. I'm still reckless and sometimes have to resort to using my crutch(Max and Claymore) but I'm progressing or at least I get the impression I am. Maybe I'm just clueless.
  3. Meeka

    I'll never recover from my bad 'first months' stats, but... despite my suicidal style of gameplay and never waiting for medics I managed a KDR of 2 as SteelPrincess, lol... my TR (Meekalew) and VS (WarriorWay) are somewhere around 1.5 (and slowly climbing, but I play those factions far less than NC).
  4. Posse

    No, it depends on other factors, such as LPK (shots landed per kill), I've seen people with 30%+ accuracy that have 11 LPK, which is really high and shows that the guy isn't actually a good player. In fact, your LPK isn't that good either for your accuracy. You have 27% acc and 22% hsr with the betelgeuse, but you don't even get below 10 LPK with that weapon, that's really high, I have 23% acc and 15% hsr with that weapon and I have a 9 LPK. So that means your accuracy isn't actually that good, you have quite a lot of trouble finishing people up, and that's an accuracy problem.

    Fight over objectives means mindless zerging then? Because that's the only way you won't find enough people to kill to get a 60 KPH (assuming you're good enough for that of course)

    No it's not, I have 840 hours of playing in this alt, that means that my medikit was equipped for barely 1.5% of my time playing, while I have 440 hours with the Orion, in the worst case, that would mean that my KPH with the Orion is padded by 12/440 = 0.027 ==> 2.7%, which means that my KPH with the Orion, instead of being 84.5, would have to be around 81, and in reality, it should actually be around 82 because I've used other weapons besides the Orion, believe it or not, OH NOES, SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE, IM DEFINITELY A KPH PADDER!!!!!!!!!111111one
  5. FBVanu

    After reading some of these, I will probably get some flames thrown at me..


    there is NO such thing as a "cheap kill", there is NO such thing as "farming"., and "stat padding" is a load of hoopla....
    If you bring a knife to fight my Prowler.. your problem.
    if you keep spawning in the same room, to run out to the same corner, to eat another of my AP shells with your face, again and again.. your problem. That's not me farming.. that is you not understanding the situation

    I'm not great, I'm not good, I think I'm decent as a TR Prowler tanker.. Since Oct'14 I finally have a PC that let's me get into bigger battles, until then only the small ones, and constant crashes.. I provide lots of cover fire.. low accuracy.. and i just don't care.
    And if I use the same weapon/vehicle all the time, that means that I specialize... that means my play-style comes first, and my stats are just a result of that playstyle.. not stat-padding. If I put hundreds and hundreds of hours into a Prowler, that's not stat padding, that's me truly enjoying the Prowler and specializing in it.
    Vanu is all Lightning.. HE, Skyguard, AP and HEAT all of them maxed out
    NC was my first foray into PS2.. learned a lot.. especially that I don't like walking around.. NO infantry for me, unless I have to abandon my tank..
    here are the stats:
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  6. AlterEgo

  7. AlterEgo

    The glory of the battlefield, the highest of the high, the guys who do it all...
    Yeah, there should be an airborne class. I want to be a screaming eagle, jumping onto fascist guys wearing red hats!:D
  8. andy_m

    In a game that pits MLGPRO TDM FTW doods against total Lifetime Noobs, the only way I can be personally effective against the enemy and therefore useful to my team and faction is to flip cheeseburgers. So I am therefore proud of my Cheeseburgers Flipped stat.

    And besides, what is the difference between pulling a MAX and pulling an ESF (or whatever) to go "farming" the ground troops? None in my opinion. It's all part of the game. Enjoy what you do, and don't give a FF for what anyone else thinks :D
  9. Keldrath

    Thanks for crushing my dreams.

    Maybe someday I'll be good enough for you :(
  10. nehylen

    I fit the bill for the 30% accuracy player often with 11lpk on my guns. :p
    I've long known i wasn't MLG pro material so it's fine (lan parties made sure of that!), but my LPK&accuracy are heavily affected by how much i shoot at Harassers, more rarely ESFs/valks, but mostly MAXes, those very frequently. Having spent 70% of my time as field engineer/medic, firing at them is usually my sole option, where a HA can just try and take them out with a RL, LA with C4. It's especially true considering i avoid zerg, so i don't necessarily have a HA/LA (or they're not good enough) to do the job in my place.

    It's pretty telling that my LPK on the auto scout rifle i recently auraxed is much lower (9ish) because i never target anything but standard infantry with it, just as my few kills with Nebulas show a high LPK despite quite a few pure slaughters with those: i've countered AI MAXes with Nebulas+kinetic armor several times.
    Finally i just yesterday auraxed my first LMG in the Orion, with a much better 10ish LPK and lower accuracy than with my ARs, despite heavy impact of my newb stats on the 200~300 first kills, showing the impact of the RL.
    It's pretty telling that my Darkstar is at almost 12lpk, even higher than my VS1 despite newb-time impact, precisely because i felt i could just waste ammo much more easily on the bullet sponges!
    It's about the only thing that AR is good at actually...

    Also note that playstyle will affect LPK too outside of that. I tend to be a more prudent player than most, which means i get less client-side advantage due to less initiative. Less client-side advantage= more HAs with overshields (LPK) among other things.

    So even that LPK stat is only just an indication in the end. I'm not as good as my accuracy makes me look, but not as bad as my LPK makes me look either.
  11. Leondre

    In my sig. VS is so ******* easy.
  12. Troedd

    VS is sure easy after 2 years of ps2 experience :)
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  13. I play by many names

    I bet I have a lot of time with medkits out. My kids pull me from the computer all the time and my last move is usually to pull out the medkit. Half the time I forget the game was even running and come back hours later to the DC'd for inactivity message. My medkit time is probably insanely high.
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  14. Liberty

    A big part of it is "57 hours" with over 1,000 hours played. Planetside isn't like your traditional arena shooter where you log in, join a match, play for 10 minutes then wait to join another match. There can be a large amount of down time between fights whether it is waiting for an enemy response, picking the next base, waiting for people, or a host of other things.

    Is it "padding" your KPH? Sure! But is it the same as shooting infantry terminals to get your accuracy up? Not even close.

    Not really quoting you to counter point or anything, just agree with what you said.
  15. Nocturnal7x

    MLG420YOLO360NOSCOPE1337 stats in my sig.
  16. actionpark

    My stats. Mainly an infantry engineer player. No outfit or friends to play with. Just fight on my own and try helping out my faction.
    I bring the ammo - you do the killing? :D!/8253534815446422129/

    I've never used the dasanfall site, maybe i should? If it can help me improve, why not....

    So am i bad or decent enough? Just curious ;D
  17. Ribero

  18. MAXArmar

    While that would make sense for my AI weapons stats, with Vortexes however I am #22 on KPH leaderboard with also a U-rating.
  19. Posse

    Probably because no one uses that, lol.
  20. Mauzeraut

    Unfortunately I'm unwilling to divulge my charname as I already get harassed enough as is, so you'll have to take my word for it. I do get some interesting analytics from it though.

    Lifetime KDR: 1.4
    90-Day KDR (via DA): 2.4
    Highest ACC (on an actual gun): Lancer, 70%
    Highest ACC on a traditional weapon: NS-15, 43%, 27% HSR
    "Favorite" weapon: Sirius, 1643 kills
    "Favorite" vehicle: Flash, Fury
    Lifetime Kills: (~)43,000
    Directive Points: (~)2100
    Auraxium'd Weapons: 29

    From my stats you can see some interesting things....
    -That KDR jump came when I took some good advice about my mouse sensitivity and started adjusting my aim more precisely.
    -I'm 50% more accurate with the Lancer than the next closest, the Striker.
    -I'm 13% more accurate with an NS-15 than the Orion and 16% more accurate than the Betelgeuse, and 5% higher HSR and a total of +0.4 more KDR. It's a good thing I love the NS-15 because I'm probably going to have to aurax it four times...
    -The unusually high kill count (for me) on the Sirius is due to my newb days not really caring about Auraxium medals.
    -Long Live the Fury Flash.