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  1. MAXArmar

  2. KirthGersen

    Such a perfect example of a guy logging out/redeploying in case of any danger:rolleyes:
    10% accurcay on MAX machine guns:eek:
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  3. Lewk

    I play all aspects of the game (infantry, infil, tank, esf, lib, battlegal, etc). 3 br100s. Different guns vary by a few percentage points, but for the most part i run around 25% acc, 20% headshot infantry. I don't play FOR stats (running with medkit out to increase kpm on guns, holding back at shooting because it will decrease accuracy, etc), but i do try to increase my effectiveness through proper compensation/headshot aiming, etc. My infantry KD is 6+, but mostly due to my preferred play style of medium engagements. My overall KD is bumped up though from air and tanking.

    The only aspect of the game that i absolutely hate to play is shotgun infantry. I enjoy everything else (even dedicated AA), but i just can't stand playing the shotgun game.

    Anyways, stats are in the sig.
  4. Alzir

    This means cheap kills. The more cheeseburger's flipped, the worse the player, generally speaking....or maybe more accurately, the more cheeseburgers flipped the less kudos you get for your k/d
  5. andy_m

    In your humble opinion, of course...
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  6. Liberty

    It is honestly just a "for fun" stat like megahigbies with a bit of a tongue in cheek jab added for good measure. You can look further down the page to see the weapon / class stats to see where someone really stands performance wise.

    Some people pull MAXes to farm infantry, others do it to kill or deter air/vehicles. I think most (even some of us!) believe that there is a time and a place for players to pull MAX suits, the problem is if you want you can always pull one for a straight upgrade in survivability and firepower.

    It'd sort of be like having a game based around melee combat and sword fighting and saying "Well if you want, you can also pick a gun. It hits harder and makes you more difficult to kill, and anyone can use it pretty much whenever you want" What was supposed to be a melee game would be just another shooter.
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  7. IberianHusky

    While I'm still not exactly MLG, my KDR has improved significantly over the past few months. Nowadays I tend to hover anywhere from 1.3 to 2+. Usually my K/D is about 1.5 or so.

    Am I still a ****ter?
  8. Alzir

    It is not a for fun stat for most people who look at it, and it is not my humble opinion, it's my right in your face opinion. Cheap kills = cheeseburgers on dasanfall. I have 100+ and I'm embarrassed by it. I'm nowhere near the worst.
  9. MAXArmar

    Well I am using my Cosmoses as a suppressing tool (aka spraying a doorway for a good 30 seconds) and I'm using my Blueshifts to engage targets at ranges you probaply wouldn't even think of ADS shooting. Accuracy padding with a MAX is like HSR padding with a rocket launcher, you can do it but why on earth would you?

    And usually I use sprint to get out of danger, redeploying takes 10 seconds, y'know.
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  10. Alzir

    I know DA are stat wh*res but how the f**k did you get into such a prestigious group with 25% orion accuracy and that max and vehicle based kd padding?

    Edit: Also 57 f'ing hours with medkits = you are a stat padding tw*t (and yes, one of these days the DA site will penalise that)

    Once a stat is who*ed all other stats become close to meaningless for that player. Is this the standard for DA?
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  11. Liberty

    Well hello there sweetie! Do you have any plans for this weekend?
  12. Alzir

    The standard fall back position of homosexuality, to protect your position, doesn't fly with me.
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  13. Liberty

    Oh wow, I completely misread all that pent up rage for sexual frustration. This is pretty embarrassing.

    Also, standard, back, position. Giggity. I can read between those lines, and by that I mean subext. And you can't spell subtext without....
  14. Cowabunga

  15. Liberty

    Dude, don't block me here. I think I am close to getting someone's number. Not cool!
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  16. Alzir

    i don;t know how you knew how i like it, but i suppose with all that time to yourself in a skill suit, your mind must wander, and that eventually our respective fantasies had to meet...
  17. Hiperion

    In my signature i pretty terrible in accuraccy and very bad sniping
  18. Liberty

    But yeah, on a serious note. Accuracy after a certain point becomes a reflection of engagement range. Players who tend to avoid engagements of greater than 30 M, tend to easily break 30% accuracy/HSR. Players who shoot at anything that moves tend to have lower values. Accuracy by itself doesn't indicate skill any more than KDR does in a vacuum. It is when you look at the combination of stats that you can see where a player falls.

    As for MAX units, Tanks, etc. If you actually bothered to look, I literally play a bit of everything except for spending any meaningful time in the air. I have 27,000 kills as heavy, 11,000 as LA/Engie 10,500 as Medic, 6,000 as infil, 6,700 as a MAX suit, 6,700 in lightnings and 3,700 in MBT's. Seems pretty spread out to me.

    It is clear at some point, someone in DA touched you in a way you didn't like and I would likely to sincerely apologize for that person's behavior. I hope in the future you receive the help you need and can manage to carry on with your life without being constantly haunted by that memory. :)
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  19. Fortress

    Did someone say K/D padding???
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  20. Posse

    Since when is it mandatory to have a 30+ accuracy to get into DA? Lol, that doesn't mean anything, accuracy depends a lot on your playstyle.

    Do you know who wouldn't get into DA though? Someone who can't break a 60 KPH with the Betelgeuse, for example.

    It usually means that you K/D whored so much that your KPH went down to AOD levels.