should the lynx have less vertical recoil?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Illucidator, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Illucidator

    Just curious to what u guys think.
    (I play on vanu so yea not really biased)

    I just thought because it has a slower ttk than the serpent or gdf7 with a lower damage per bullet (125) It would be easier to control but I was having quite a hard time getting headshots on the pts.
  2. Iridar51

    Yeah, with 125 damage per bullet it should probably have less than 0.34 recoil. Somewhere in line with 0.25 would be more fitting, considering that even the 143 damage Serpent has 0.255.
  3. metrotw

    The original Lynx (and Jaguar) used to be wonderful guns to shoot.

    They are both pitiful shadows of their former selves.
  4. Corezer

    new lynx is one of the better guns in the game for LA...
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  5. Dumpsterprophet

    vertical recoil doesnt matter on the lynx because you should be using laser sight and hipfiring like a beast.
  6. No_pi

    well WDS 0.75 on TR's Carabines is already good ;)
  7. Leftconsin

    I don't hipfire with the Lynx unless I have to. Only reason I run a laser is if I get jumped I still want to be able to win CQC.
  8. Leivve

    The problem is even though I know hipfire is it's strength I'm normally fighting at rangers where ADS is better. Lynx is a beastly weapon, but it's oriented around CQC, and shotguns fill that role better.
  9. Corvus Corax

    Probably, yeah. The issue is with the Lynx that if you don't drop your target in the first second ish then you're either a) going to run into recoil compensation, which means you will miss, which means you will die or b) you get caught in a reload.
    That being said if you can get the jump on people you can drop 2 (maybe 3, I've only done 2 max ever) at a time. Requires a few headshots along the way though.
  10. repairtool6

    Hmm no i dont feel this way. Besides the 'low' damage and velocity, vertical recoil is just about the only thing holding this gun in check. Making vertical recoil easier on this one would turn it crazy powerfull. Just my opinion.

    High dps -> low horizontal recoil/drift (like - REALLY low) and a pretty fast reload? It is great as it is.

    This doesnt even make sense? You accumulate same amount of recoil if you ads or hipfire. Both vertical and horizontal. The recoil doesnt distinguish between ADS or hip-fire. Vertical/horizontal recoil 'matters' just exactly 100% as much when you hipfire as when you ads.

    There absolutely SHOULD BE a difference but so far no fps games i know about does this sort of mechanic.

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