Should MAX kills grant more experience?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Village, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. Village

    I think so. They cost a large amount of resources now and have been given numerous buffs and new abilities. The MAX kill bonus is meagre in comparison to vehicle kills and seems to be around half a typical player kill.
  2. Ganjis

    The fact that assists and even critical assists give no MAX bonus is annoying
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  3. Ibuprofen

    Yeah, they definitely need to do a pass on the MAX kill and assist experience the same way they did on vehicle kill and assist experience a little while back.
  4. Village

    Just killed a MAX, 100 experience for killing a player, and +25 experience for killing a MAX o_O Should be far far more experience considering the risk you take when you combat one.
  5. Xasapis

    Vehicle bonus was given for two reasons:
    • So players get rewarded for hunting vehicles instead of farming infantry
    • So players are rewarded even when they don't kill the driver
    I certainly wouldn't mind some bonus exp from killing maxes, but "they cost resources" doesn't seem like much of a reason to grand that.
  6. PieBringer

    I fought a Fracture MAX today. Got him down to 2 bars from full health before he killed me, and then a teammate hit him.

    What did I get for putting that many bullets in him?

    Critical assist ; 75 exp.
  7. Adeon

    MAX killing more infantry than other classes so, u receive more exp, it is obviously.
  8. Adept

    Agreed if you increase C4 and grenade costs along with the max xp rewards.
  9. y3ivan

    definitely needed. Its a bigger pain to kill max than a tank now.

    MAX kill: 400 exp
    MAX assist: 350 exp
  10. Steveru

    Maybe a small 10 or 15 xp bump, but I think you're all forgetting that MAXes can be revived, and usually are. We can't have 400xp and 300xp MAX kill and assist bonuses for a "vehicle" that can keep coming back from the dead. I don't play MAX that often (I think I have 50 minutes logged), but when I do, I don't want to think of myself as a giant XP piñata.

    "Great, that guy just got 400xp for killing me, and three other guys just got- OOOH! Medic, thanks for the re- oh great, another 1200 xp all-around"

    And also remember that if a MAX really is good at the game, a high-threat or extreme menace, then you get the high-threat, extreme menace points!! But if you kill some pushover MAX like myself, who just rolling with the default weapons and no ZoE, and no lockdown or ubershield, then you're only going to get the extra 15pts of XP.