Should Headshots Prevent Revives?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Coltorl, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Coltorl


    Obviously I don't think TK should prevent revive, and also it might be interesting to see the MAX unrevivable if killed by an explosive?

    Awarding good team play and individual skill -

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  2. AntediluvianChilde

    Sounds like something worth a run on the Test Server, at least. Might make BASR Infs useful as well.
  3. AlephZed

    I don't think they should prevent revives, it'll just slow the pace of the game down, keep people out of the fight more, and that's less fun. Some people might like that aspect, but many would not, and they would be more likely to quit.
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  4. Latrodectus

    Huh, that would give snipers more of a presence on the battlefield. A neat idea in my opinion.
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  5. Liquid23

    eh balance wise it would be neat to test out and see how it affected gameplay... sad thing is not enough people actually participate in battles on the test server to tell... funny how we complain and complain about things not being tested and then begged for the test server... then when we got in almost no one uses it for more than a quick look at new items coming without ever actually testing them
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  6. doombro

    No. Nanites.
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  7. PurpleOtter

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  8. Coltorl

    Any reason why?
  9. TimberWoff

    You've had your little headshot patch. Now you're just getting greedy.
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  10. Zorro

    Nanites are capable of repairing any injury, including head injuries.
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  11. Latrodectus

    You mean sniper rifles were fixed to do the job they were originally meant to? You really going to be bitter about that?
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  12. PurpleOtter

    Getting sniped is frustrating enough, you don't need to add insult to injury by denying a revive. You learn pretty quick to NOT stand still in this game. I usually get sniped when I'm attempting to accomplish something that causes me to disregard my own safety for a team oriented goal. Don't penalize team play. MAX's are expensive. At 350 resources per unit and a short revive window, there are already enough constraints on the class.
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  13. ViXeN

    At this point, they can take revives and armor completely out of the game for all I care. I'll live.
  14. Raraldor

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  15. Zorro

    No need to be bitter, 'tis the season to be jolly.
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  16. Thorval

    This was already said, but it would definitely slow down the pace of game play, and kinda tilts the game in favor of certain factions. (NC have higher bullet damage and better chance of doing enough damage with that last headshot to end it, VS and TR would be at a disadvantage because of their spray/pray weapons.)
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  17. Latrodectus

    Yeah, but if they did it just for sniper rifles the over-all flow would remain the same pretty much.
  18. ViXeN

    I'm not bitter, more like getting burnt out on gaming lately. I don't like the direction the industry trends are going with FPS games. Bleh.. I wish Tribes would come back, it was the last truly challenging FPS game. :mad:
  19. Jalek

    So, this thread is about making K/D stats a big deal?
  20. Mustarde

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