[Vehicle] Should ESFs be 150 Nanites?

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  1. Posse

    No, ESFs can kill everything in a single loadout as they are right now, that would make the game terrible.

    What they should do though, is make a really cheap pure air superiority aircraft, that way you can actually have some air gameplay.
  2. Jawarisin

    Oh you bothered to answer me with a good complete answer!!! This makes me way more happy than it ought to.

    Here's my reply: Anything you spawn or use that gets destroyed WILL create a loss in nanites. We could say the same for a tank. The "cooldown" shall we say is needed to prevent abusive spamming of a certain vehicle. Also, you got to consider that a lot of people will alternate. For instance, I'll go do infantry, get 700 nanites, and then go in the air. Let's say I was an awfull awfull pilot and I died every 30 seconds. That means every minute, I'm at a loss of 650 nanites (because of the 50 regen'd back). get 13 other players to do the same as me, and simply alternate like that, and we can effectively spawn an ESF every 30 seconds.

    In a 10v12, the more experienced player will still have an advantage. I've ran in 2v5's or such with a friend of mine, and we still prevailed. And for instance, 10 good pilots will still win vs 12 bad pilots. 9 bad pilots and 1 good pilot will most likely win vs 12 bad pilots too, because bad pilots wont try to aim the guy flippin around, they will aim for the easier targets anyways.

    It would only increase A2G farming. But it's not really as farmy as you'd think.
    A lot of what you said gives me hints that you might not be flying much. So I'd like to invite you to come fly with me, I've got both my lib and my reaver/scythe well certed, and you can pilot or gun either of those and see how the "A2G" farming really is.

    Also, you got to realise something, pilots that go for A2A are the ones that get rid of those ground pounders you seem to dislike :)

    Emerald -> JawarisinNC
    hit me up whenever, you can be BR1, I'll be the one pulling anyways.
  3. 745837

    I would say that this would be a good idea its will help intermediate pilots.

    I class pilots in beginner,intermediate and advance.

    beginner -a2g pilots
    intermediate- pilots that hunt a2g esf(this would be were I would place myself)
    advance - pilots that hunt other a2a esf to keep the air clear for there faction beginner pilots

    edit the only downside could see is that it would increase rammers
  4. Flag

    You wish.
    They're just as prone to ground pounding as a lot of the not-amazeballs pilots.
  5. Inex

    And the point of reducing the costs is to bring the Nanite spent close to the Nanite earned. Tanks have a different gameplay style, where you'll often see large columns shooting at each other either hulldown or peeking out from behind rocks. Ground vehicle gameplay can be very lethal, but offers a lot more opportunity for extended lifespans than air play does. On top of that, the existence of the Harasser and Wraith Flash mean that you can field some effective vehicle force without breaking the bank.

    What I'd want to see is an option for people who want to get into the air that means losing the 10v12 doesn't kick them out of the air for another 7 minutes. It's already a priority of the devs (as Higby says here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/...ax_lockdown_need_a_buff_the_other_way/co0lfr1), and while the air game is much better than it was at this point last year, there is still some room for improvement. And rather than just make Coyotes the default wing loadout, I would rather start with the idea that you can stop the A2G farming by allowing friendly ESFs the opportunity to "respawn" more often to keep the pressure up on those people who want to lolpod all day.
    Sadly, that would have to wait for me to go make another account so I could have an Emerald character.

    That can't be true. Every time Matti posts a video of him getting a 20+ farmstreak he goes out of his way to explain how difficult that is to do. :D
  6. Flag

    For sure.

    By the way, did you use Matti as the example because you were replying to me, or because Matt is... Matti? :p
  7. Hatesphere

    The only cheap air that would be acceptable is a dedicated A2A intercepter with extremely limited ability to affect ground targets but with some flak resistance. Give it slightly higher speed then an esf and only a nose gun (no anti armor or anti infantry gun, but still the ability to kill single non armor targets with good aim). Zoom but no thermals or other A2G centric optics. Flares and stealth optional.

    In theory this will encourage new pilots to learn to fly while clearing air threats and not causing major damage to the ground game. Once a pilot is experienced they can switch to the more expensive but "jack of all trades" esf. In turn ESF prices should be a bit higher.
  8. Jawarisin

    You still seem to have missconceptions. Make a new account if needed, and come join me. It would also be easier to talk if needed.
  9. Reclaimer77

    What's the point of having a resource system if you can just constantly pull vehicles regardless of how often you lose them?

    This is probably the worst idea EVER. Seriously I can't imagine many more ways you could ruin the game than this.
  10. Slamz

    Make different weapon systems cost different amounts of resources.

    Base ESF: 150 resources, no guns. Adding guns costs extra. AV weapons cost more than AI weapons.
  11. ashen

    A cheap A2A fighter with very limited A2G capability has always been the best solution to A2G infantry farming. Shame the devs spend their time making transport aircraft (Valkyries) for a game that doesn't need transports.
  12. Inex

    Can you think of a better example of a Sky God purist with a library of lolpod farming montages?

    You might have to explain what they are, because right now my biggest contender for "Thing I mistakenly believe" is "I explained the concept of Nanite spending well enough".

    When was the last time you got farmed by an ESF while there were friendly aircraft in the skies? I think you can make both sides of the ESF cheap and the constant A2A (especially considering you can depend on being able to afford to pull one to defend your own base) would put a stop to the farm.
    ESFs are currently second only to Galaxies in terms of persistent Nanite cost. How much higher do you need them to go?
  13. 745837

    The so called aces can already chain pull esf. lowering the resource cost of the esf would only really help beginner to intermediate pilots and by getting more of them in the air it will some what curb the intermediate to advance pilots tendency to ground pound by giving them more esf to kill.

    If a advance pilots has time to ground pound there is only one explanation :

    there is not enough enemy esf in the air
  14. travbrad

    You can already spawn ESFs faster than any half decent pilot should be losing them, so I don't see why they need to be cheaper.

    The same can be said for just about everything in the game because the current resource system is basically this:

  15. Flag

    Not really no. :p
    The reason I asked was because last time I entered into "conversation" with that thing (read: Matti), he figured a better way to go about it was to jump straight to ad hominem insults rather than, you know, responding to what I had said. ;)
    (to the point where even one of his usual fanbois started to scratch his head with what Matti was doing)
  16. Inex

    Yeah, that sounds like Matti. :)

    But really, I think most pilots have at least a few peasant farming videos. It's just them believing that if it's hard to stay in the air, then everything you do in the air must therefore inherit that difficulty. They are not correct in that belief.
  17. reydelchicken

    What we REALLY need is the cost to depend on the weapons you're equipping your esf with.

    For example, if you want to pull a banshee + rocketpod/a2a lock esf it'll cost you 350-450 nanites to pull, but a fuel pod + default nosegun/rotary esf would only cost you about 150 certs.

    That would help remove the cancer that flies around everywhere by encouraging people to pull a2a esfs, and this also improves the air game for newbies, since you've got more people flying.
  18. Peebuddy

    Cost is fine as is, at the current rate you have to shoot the mother****er down3 times in a row to starve him of resources.

    3 times is a lot
  19. Inex

    Yeah, that's what - 45 seconds of combat for the 15 minutes of Nanites spent?