Should buggy’s be looked at?

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  1. brutes359

    Its funny that people thing that on uneven terrain with a single shot slow firing gun (Usually a 5 second reload depending on your faction) that the driver of the tank is going to be some mythical tank marksmen and not miss a shot as they are circled by a vehicle with literally the same health as them, the same if not higher dps then them, and able to fire its weapon on the move because usually harasser weapons are automatic, burst fire, or semi auto. The repair seat is just the icing on the cake, coupled with the nitro? who even bothers with lightnings anymore? Though I suppose like so many other things in this game. its totally balanced because if you cant shoot a flea out of the air at two miles away with a 105 or larger, or land three consistent shots on a small target that is moving erratically and at changing speeds on uneven terrain while its pelting you with missiles and has optional nitro boost, your just a scrub with no skill right?

    I've always been an advocate of nerfing their health. two rockets should more than toast a light scout buggy. The vanguards 150 MM RAILCANNON should literally tear it in half in one shot. But I'm pretty sure the devs have already spoken on that by ignoring it for like three years now.
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