Should BASRs have less body damage?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by miraculousmouse, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. miraculousmouse

    Just wondering what Forumside thinks. They should have like 350 or 450 damage, but a 4x headshot multiplier. This prevents those situations where you get out of a firefight with no shields, and then get oneshotted by some sniper while his buddies tried their hardest to kill me. It would still reward the high aim/patient snipers who get headshots
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  2. DatVanuMan

    Just make the RailJack the same. It's a rail gun, after all:p
  3. Hatesphere

    no, there is nothing wrong with picking off priority targets (injured players) in my opinion, and the current system is acceptable in my eyes. it rewards headshots/skill with OHK, and it reward smart play by allowing snipers to work as part of a team and take out injured targets easily.
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  4. miraculousmouse

    Nah, this is a game. "Snipers working as a team" is a real life concept and just because it's real life doesn't mean it should be part of games.

    Seriously though, people always bring up balance and **** on these boards. What's the balance of being oneshotted by some dude you have literally no chance of avoiding. At 50m or so even jumping around or zigzagging won't help if he has a high velocity BASR.
  5. Hatesphere

    you were not one shot, you were shot and then shot again. I use that implant no one uses (advanced targeting) to pick injured targets out all the time for my team.
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  6. Rikkit

    at 50m, you have a good chance to fight back, unless your wielding an smg or a shotgun(without slugs)
    you can hit him, and make him miss due to screen shake. and if you can't fire at him couse his frinds are firing at you, you may have died to his friends, when you leave a save spot without shield.
  7. KenDelta

    I agree that non-scoped BASRs are a bit too powerful in mid ranges , but no.
    The body damage is perfect , assuming the enemy is full hp.

    Not every sniper tends to aim fully for the head , sometimes taking 2 body shots is better than aiming at the target for 30-60seconds.
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  8. miraculousmouse

    Huh? 50m I have to do 900 damage to a dude with my 143/167/200 damage weapon. He literally has to aim at me, pull the trigger and boom i'm dead. Not to mention that he has cover, and a cloak (at 50m it's extremely effective). Literally my best hope is to run around like a maniac and hope that he won't hit me.

    Telling people that they have a chance against semi-competant snipers at 50m is ridiculous, the best you can do is distract him and maybe a friendly sniper would have zeroed his sights in on the dude at that very moment before he kills you.
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  9. Akaran

    No. I miss you on the first shot, you're probably diving under cover before the second can land. If you didn't, that ain't on me. As for close range, if you can't get me dead before the second round chambers... not really much different than if I had emptied a SMG/LMG into you and missed a couple.
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  10. miraculousmouse

    I'll go killsteal my teammates behind the safety of some rock and call it teamwork.
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  11. Pickles112358

    The rage is hard in this thread.

    BASRs are fine.
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  12. Hatesphere

    hah, "kill steal" I think you and I are playing very different games. in my game snipers are harmless unless working with their team mates or extremely skilled. in your game they are godless bodyshoting kill stealing machines because you couldent take on 4 guys in a row.
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  13. SpartanPsycho

    How did you get into Recon Team Six if you don't think that teamwork should be in a game?

    I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you believe what you just said.
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  14. _itg

    This is a new one. I've heard complaints about OHK headshots before, but never about 2-hit bodyshot kills, especially when they're more than 1 second apart. In the scenario you describe, any long-ish range weapon could kill you just as easily.
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  15. miraculousmouse

    Snipers ain't harmless. I wouldn't call an average aim player sitting with a 650 damage or 1000+ damage with headshot weapon sitting in some obscure position 50m away (WITH A CLOAK) harmless. You must stay in doors a lot, I don't blame you. For us people who play outdoors, managing to kill 2 or 3 dudes with automatics at closer ranges (a feat in itself when they all know you're there and are shootign at you at the same time) and then getting dropped by some ******* with his thumb up his *** far far away is stupid.
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  16. Hatesphere

    no read again, he is complaining that a sniper took the opportunity to kill him after he was fighting other players.
  17. miraculousmouse

    The whole teamwork comment was facetious. I was mocking his posts in another thread about AP rounds oneshotting infantry. He said that we don't know if ap rounds could one shot infantry, because it's a game and not real life.
  18. Hatesphere

    wow you hold a grudge, and if you had been reading the whole thread I said AP rounds one shoting infantry was fine from a gameplay perspective, you on the other hand could not step out of the real life argument to save your real life.
  19. _itg

    I did read it, although my phrasing was a bit poor, since he didn't directly complain about 2-bodyshot kills. However, he did complain that they do enough damage to kill in 2 bodyshots. The point still stands that he's just as likely to get killed at half health by any other weapon as he his a BASR.
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  20. miraculousmouse

    I don't care if I get two shotted by a sniper rifle. It's just annoying when I manage to kill a group of infantry who were firing back at me, lose all of my shields in the process and maybe even some of my health, and then get dropped by some ******* who kills me while taking 0 risk WITH ONE HIGH VELOCITY ROUND, unlike his buddies who are fighting at the front lines.