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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by undeadsapir, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. undeadsapir

    well, im almost done saving up the 1k certs for a shotty (only 300 to go :p)
    anyway, im still not sure which one goes best.
    i dont want to get that 1k cert carbine, im fine staying with the starter one and instead getting a shotgun to play with since i love shotguns, but after trial both semi auto shotties twice, im still not sure which i should take.

    is the only difference mag size vs reload speed? also, is the laser really worth it for a shotgun? i thought it would be useless but i saw people saying they use it. if its useless than i could get the one with the 6 shots and faster reload and just put ext mag, 10 rounds are more than enough.

    also, can anyone give their opinion about the slug ammo? what exactly does it do to the shotgun to make it worse in close and better in mid?

    thanks in advance for any answers
  2. Romalic

    its all about your play style, i have all the shotguns unlocked, all have slug ammo and extended mags, extended adds 4 rounds on each gun, so

    mag size -

    Nova 8
    Pandora 6
    Thanatos 6

    + 4 with extended on each

    a lot of people say the pandora is a beast close range but i just dont see it, you hold the button down, ok it keeps firing, but its not really fast, you can spam the button on a nova far faster and get a higher rate of fire and 2 extra shots, everything is situational

    i use the thanatos with extended, slugs and x2 reflex, makes an effective sniper weapon really, i regularly take out infils at medium range with 3-4 hits, same with other classes, granted its less damaging than buckshot at close range but its still very effective and allows you to be very competative at medium range too

    reload speed, as with all weapons you will at some point need to reload, thanatos seems the fastest reload, but tbh i dont have any problems with the nova, your gonna take cover while reloading if possible, if i had to reload in the open i would switch to beamer and fire that, no cover, no chance to reload if the opponent is in any way competent and not reloading too

    slugs are a great cert, they turn scattershot into a solid single slug, greatly increasing range, sure theres a little drift but they hit hard, i reccomend you save up the extra 100 certs for slugs before unlocking, the weapons completly different with them
  3. undeadsapir

    thank you for taking the time to post such an helpful reply
    id most certainly try slugs :) as for thanatos vs nova, i found that 8 rounds on the trial nova was great, giving me 2 more would be me very happy.
    im one of those mass reloaders guys, anything more than 2 shots fired from the shotgun and ill want to reload.
    reload speed isnt about cover or not, its about how likely you are to be caught into a fight while reloading, thats why i tend to favour the thanatos in that matter, i was just wondering since no one ever mentions it, everyone only talk about the nova... that maybe theres another difference that im not aware of.
    im with you on the automatic shotgun, i dont like it.. :p thats all im gonna say
  4. Erendil

    With slug ammo, which shotgun would you say is the most accurate, either aimed or hipfire? And do the slugs for each shotgun all do the same damage?
  5. Romalic

    i dont use laser sight, so id have to say ADS, you see the drift, but its not too big, laser sight doesnt give anything if your ADS, it only works for hip fire, as to the damage, its quite difficult to be sure but the thanatos seems to loose less damage over higher ranges, although its not a great deal of difference, maybe even none, its just the way it seems to me, its all subjective :)

    ultimatley its all about your experience once you unlock, you need to take time to adjust to the new weapon, its VERY different from a carbine, even a carbine on single fire and blooms very quickly if you spam, its more of a medium range azz kicker, but allows you a good chance of winning a close encounter too
  6. Undead Clown

    The Auto shotguns DO FIRE FASTER. There is a faster refire rate on the auto shotguns, you can not fire the semi autos quite as fast.

    Just throwing that out there, I still prefer the 8 round semi auto. I usually have to reload after a kill, so the more rounds the better, I still kill people extremely fast.
  7. Marinealver

    They only work on point blank range though. Dont try and chase a LA with it. Use it for ambushes instead.
  8. Bubblewrap2

    Unless you have special needs (e.g. slugs),

    TR: Nighthawk.
    VS: Pandora.
    NC: Piston.

    Fit extended ammo attachment. They don't need Laser as much as they need more ammo. Always hip-fire.

    If you decide to get the fast semi-autos instead (Haymaker, Nova or Sweeper), Laser is good attachment since they have higher ammo. Yes, it does make a difference since it increases viable range slightly due to higher hip-fire accuracy.

    Slug ammo = single projectile instead of spread. Far worse than spread in close quarters. At mid and long and ADS, can turn the shotgun almost into a sniper IF you're a good shot and IF you have no lag issues. Slugs seem to work best with the highest damage/clip shotguns, e.g. Barrage, Thanatos and Jackhammer or Mauler.
  9. undeadsapir

    i know what shotguns are ment for, and i love it, the gameplay, the tactics, distance closing, everything is just fun. :p

    i dont like the auto shotty, i just dont feel it :) , i was asking between the nova and the thanatos.
    im not sure why you would say thanatos has more damage/clip than nova considering the dmg is supposedly the same but the nova has 2 more bullets, but since the only rumour about a difference tends to go in favour of the thanatos, which i like better anyway due to lower reload, that question is also answer :)

    thank you all, you've been really helpful :) as for slugs, seems like everyone should try it and decide for themselves, i played a no spread shotty once, its possible, and it only improves your aiming skills.
    its like i saw someone say in another thread, the handicap only makes you become better.
  10. Exmortius

    tr nighthawk auto shotty takes some getting use to. sometimes i wiff on dudes right in front of me. i'm getting better with it though lately. usually takes 3 shots to drop most enemy it seems. so it is best when you get the drop on someone.
  11. Compass

    The Nighthawk tears through infantry. It's 3 unless you get a good headshot cleave from what I can tell, with me one-shotting an Infiltrator and 2-shotting most others to the head. Ammo goes like crazy, so bring your ammo pack if you're indoors.
  12. Kottabos

    Definately takes getting used to, but so much fun when you do. I love running around Biolabs with this shotgun, the close quarters environment makes you nearly unstoppable ... well until a scatter max comes along.
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