Shotguns ruined the TTK/Skill required/Close Quarter Combat of Planetside 2..We need higher TTK!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Rustler, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Herrick

    I love how half the thread is Smokemaker posing broken sentences and not knowing what the edit button does.

    I'm not sure if the stupidity is intentional or legit.
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  2. Xind

    If you want to get rid of instagibbing. you really can't single out Pump Action Shotguns.
    You need to target Dumbfire Rockets, UBGLs, AP Mines, Sniper Head Shots, and NC AI MAXs.

    Shotguns aren't the first in this area, they're just the most recent. But getting rid of this one, one shotting weapon, doesn't change the tone of the other present Instagib weapons.
  3. Rustler

    Couldn't be anymore true.

    When the game Launched/in beta their wasn't much shotguns. People actually needed skill in CQC. That meant they needed good accuracy while stafing or when ADS....CQC was actually fun/skillful.

    The good players got rewarded.....Then came Shotguns.

    Before this, people with shotguns(some of them), were getting owned by the better players...I have a feeling they were the n00btubers/people who run with rocket launchers trying to get a kill on Infantry.

    Luckily tho for these people, shotguns came in....Ruined the whole CQC aspect of the game..Instead of being skillful where a person could make a comeback if he was caught, now you just die ASAP.
  4. Frosty The Pyro

    all starter LMGs have a ttk of .48 without headshots, .24 with headshots

    pretty sure most guns are similar.
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  5. Rustler

    I was never fan of dumbfire rockets and n00btubes and AP Mines....I made several threads saying how they were bad for the game, nobody listened.

    I mean those explosive ASAP kills were/are annoying but is no way near to shotguns, shotguns just take it to the next level.

    All those bad players IMO, the ones who ran with rockets to kill infantry and n00btubes traded those weapons in for shotguns....because shotguns are just that easy.
  6. Bl4ckVoid

    ??? They 1 shot from close range, I see no problem.
  7. MurderBunneh

    Pretty sure a gun that requires you to maintain target acquisition is harder to use then one that frontloads damage and requires you to be on target for a split second.
  8. Xind

    I don't really view a shotgun as remotely easier than AP mines or UBGL. Maybe easier than teh Dumbfire, because you have to lead the target and gauge distance/travel time some.

    I just want to make it clear that the shotgun is not alone in it's area of power and that we either have OHK weapons or we should have NONE at all. (I'd prefer none and I own a pump action)
  9. MurderBunneh

    the problem is most infantry combat falls into this range....if not most then most certainly the combat that requires taking points and defending assaulting gens does.
  10. Urban Cohort

    The cutoff for me is this:

    From medium range, when I get hit, I want enough HP to have a fighting chance at getting to cover and taking stock of my surroundings. At close range, though, if someone gets the drop on me, I shouldn't have the luxury of realizing that I have no situational awareness or foresight and letting my reflexes take over - I should DIE.

    Shotguns aside, I think the game does this reasonably well, and opinion on shotties has been voiced several times in this thread. Could live without them, but don't really have a problem with them either. Personally though, I don't haul mine out unless I got shotgunned first - take from that what you will.
  11. Rustler

    They are Easier than UBGL....UBGL are annoying and they do decent damage but people actually dont get direct hits all the time, I mean they only have 1 try.....SHotguns on the other hand, you have a couple of tries and just easier to AIM.

    AP Mines are easy I agree, and perhaps the easiest...I dont like them at all but I still don't think they destroyed CQC like Shotguns.

    Well is not that I am totally against OHK...I mean Snipers have this ability since the start....but the difference here is that Sniper to get a OHK, actually takes some skill. I rarely get OHK by a sniper. This can't be said about the shotgun....Shotguns is just way too easy to kill people asap and it ruins the CQC part of the game.

    But I wouldn't mind getting rid of all OHK, but I doubt SOE would.
  12. Eyeklops

    I respectfully disagree. A large MMO with much higher average latency almost requires a higher TTK. Higher TTK's:
    reduce 1v1 ties
    negate some of the "constant movement" advantage
    allow a skilled player to beat a lesser skilled player even when jumped

    I am not saying we should be at PS1 ttk's,but 1 shot kill weapons need to disappear (except the sniper, that actually requires a headshot + skill). Maybe if shotguns had more range, didn't OSK, and had no headshot bonus things might balance a bit.

    Please don't give them any ideas.
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  13. MurderBunneh

    I am sinking every cert I have into my Scatmax the minute I get one shotted the max comes out.
    I have about 30 days playtime in this game love infantry combat but NEVER used my AI max till this weekend. I think all maxes are kinda cheap but if you gonna shotgun me I WILL come at you bro.
  14. RichardDunn

    Has anyone played BF3 on Hardcore Servers? If you think the TTK in PS2 is low check out that game. I only play BF3 on Hardcore Servers because I don't like shooting people in the head 20+ times to kill them. If you want a high TTK go back and play CoD.
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  15. Bl4ckVoid

    Maybe it is just on Ceres, but shotgun use is not very popular. Maybe every 10th death inflicted on me is from shotgun, not more.

    I only pull it when defending a tower, or when I know that I have to fight only close range: that is, I spend about 5% of my time with the shotgun.
    The only other time I grab it when I have to kill an SMG infiltrator (small scale fight and he killed me). It really helps with those pesky cloakers. I will not mind a shotgun TTK increase, but then take away SMG from infiltrators.

    BTW, if you remove shotguns or nerf them, then many people will switch to SMG for close quarters.

    Overall I do not see a problem with shotguns. What I hate most in any shooter (where it is possible) is jumping bunny behavior: constant jumping and strafing. Shotgun is a good counter to that IMHO.

    One problem of this game is that hipfire aiming is very hard because you do not get crosshairs that stand out. We need better crosshairs on all weapons, to help aim. Shotgun has a very good hipshot aiming reticule.
  16. Rustler

    At close range if somebody gets a drop you and you make a comeback to kill em, they don't deserve to kill you....This what happened before SHotguns in PS2.

    Now if you get the drop on somebody and he turns around and shoots you once with the shotgun...your dead...This what happens now in PS2.
  17. Rustler


    Play Raven Shield if you think Bf3 hardcore ttk is super low...Doubt you ever heard of it, tho...probably just go into gaming.

    COD is not high TTK really low.
  18. Bl4ckVoid

    I totally agree. Low TTK is much better. PS2 has a pretty good balance between realistic and arcade, because TTK is low, but sometimes you can survive being shot. I hate when you have to empty a whole clip into someone, I would not play such a game at all.
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  19. Herrick

    Don't forget UBGLs are also subject to flack.

    I don't see any certs to reduce shotgun damage by 50%.

    People always say this as if PS1 had a TTK of half an hour. It only had around 2 seconds but it felt longer because most of us had 300ms pings at best and couldn't hit anything.
  20. Urban Cohort

    That's what I'm saying - whether by fortune or by design, if a "skilled" player allows someone to creep up on and ambush him...he should die (barring a concerning dearth of skill on the ambusher's part).

    Some might call it lowering the skill ceiling, I personally think of it as emphasizing the ancillary skills that don't directly relate to shooting.