Shotguns ruined the TTK/Skill required/Close Quarter Combat of Planetside 2..We need higher TTK!

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  1. Gustavo M

    Oh, okay. So why did you posted this right after?
    Hitting In the head still makes a sniper rifle able to OHKO, right?
    You must be a great runner, then.
  2. hawken is better

    Well, I'm glad people actually read it, thanks for the responses.
  3. Momo93

    QQ more about shotguns, we don't have enough threads already. They are fine, stay away from them, problem solved.

    Yeah, that is completely true for shotguns too, you have to be in range and hit the body so every pellet will hit. In fact, THERE IS OHKO SNIPER RIFLE!
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  4. phreec

    It is slow compared to most shooters out there. It's no mechwarrior borderline turn-based slow, but it's still slow. Including pump-action OHK weapons was very much a mistake on their part when semi shotguns are so effective. If they would've made semi shotties 3+ hit they could've balanced pumps by making them 2 instead of the instagib they're now.

    I don't see any way to balance the OHK aspect of the PA without making it obsolete to the semi/auto shotties. Maybe if they make nanoweave or at least HA shield able to survive a full hit or make it require at least half of the pellets to hit the head in order to score a kill.
  5. Sebyos

    You mean a smart man who runs for cover and heals up when shot in the head. Then yeah.

    Give me a favor and stop this BS. You are wrong snipers are not a factor for me in long range fights. I take a hit go to cover, heal then come back 10 seconds later ready for more. And that's IF I get shot in the head because it rarely happens.
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  6. Maellean

    I doubt there will be any sort of change to the pump shotguns at this point as they seem to be selling very well (according to how many of them I see in every base fight).

    There is no issue with overall TTK, and the semi and auto shotguns were always fine. Never felt like I had to pull a shotgun on my heavy or medic to be competitive in close quarters. Until now that is. The GR22 is supposed to be the medic CQC weapon, sure it shouldn't win at 5 meters against a shotgun, but at 15 or even 10?

    Do I rage when someone gets the drop on me and one shots me with the pump? Yes, but that is partially my own fault for not checking my six often enough or for getting tunneled on someone else. I can deal with THAT happening. However if the pump wielder and myself meet head on at 20-15 meters and he just bulldozes into me while spraying and hopping about like a monkey on redbull while I land a headshot and still get meatshotted.... Between that and the suicide drive-by shotgunners, it tends to sour the moment.

    Currently, the pump doesn't punish bad aim enough. Yes the rate of fire is slower than other shotguns, but it's still plenty fast to spray and pray.
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  7. Warlyik

    Your statement implied that it was a OHKO everywhere. It's not. It requires a special condition (and at long ranges it's NOT a OHKO with Headshot - it leaves a sliver of health, kind of defeating the point of being a sniper to begin with).

    The OHKO Shotties don't require special conditions. You don't need headshots. Hitting the body is easy in CQC. You just need a decent majority to hit, and voila, dead.

    Meanwhile, the Sniper Rifle has ONE BULLET, that requires precision aiming over a long distance (AKA, hope your target doesn't move two inches). You can't spray and pray or shoot in a general vicinity. You have to be accurate. Oh, and don't bother ADS/strafing.

    If headshots for SRs didn't kill, these weapons would be completely useless in the current game. As it is, you're lucky to get two body shots on someone with half a brain.
  8. wave

    Reduce the one hit kill range for pump shotty to 1 meter and I would be OK with it. Otherwise, I agree with OP.
  9. Flarenza

    Easy way to fix the TTK, bring back armor for infantry and then boost the health of grounds vehicles/MAX units by 30%. Except for the Infiltrator, the stealth is the armor pretty much. This would also give engineers more of a role since they can repair players as well then. Hell, PS1 had armor and then made it where NC/TR weapons were better against shields or armor, while VS was average overall.
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  10. evilduck

    we do not

    ttk is absolutly ok
    have you ever played a game where a single bullet is the end like arma, operation flashpoint or red orchestra? do you really think that these games are dumbed down skilless affairs?

    stop defining "skill" as basic hand/eye coordination paired with muscle memory and fast reflexes.
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  11. LordMondando

    Playing laser tag is the height of skill.

    Giant space war, learn to die with a bit of grace, don't worry. We can get you a new clone.
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  12. LordMondando


    Go on someone, argue against his point please.
  13. KRE8R125

    I really don't understand why so many people have a problem with a low TTK.
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  14. CaligoIllioneus

    Skillful....sure...ADADAD and/or bunny hopping? No thanks.
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  15. ladiesop

    Can someone explain how the shotgun requires no aim-skill (must put the crosshair over the centre of mass, pull trigger; partial hits are less effective), when automatic weapons apparently do? (hold down trigger, spray left and right)

    Shotguns are more effective in CQC, but one weapon type has to be.
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  16. Sharpe


    TTK is fine, shotguns are fine.
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  17. LordMondando

    I vote that evilducks post be copypasted against all future 'i likes more TTK plox' threads.
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  18. Urban Cohort

    Game like this, there are a lot of ways for skill to manifest...

    Fast reactions and aim time have a place. Anticipating an enemy maneuver? That's skill too. Playing angles, map reading, accurately predicting how the battle is going to unfold over the next few minutes...all of these things are skillful.

    Low TTK is a good thing for PS2, really. What's the point of maneuvering if the enemy is going to have time to respond, anyways? As far as shotguns go - well, I still think they're fine, but I can live with or without them.
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  19. SinerAthin

    Shotguns are perceived as no skill weapons because they only require 1 to 2 hits in CQC, and it is pretty hard to miss a target when it is right infront of you, unlike a Sniper who has to land a perfect shot on someone's head 200 yards away, or an LMG user who has to be able to follow & lead a running and moving target at 50-100 yards.

    There is also the issue that in CQC, no other weapon has a chance vs a Shotgun user unless the shotgun user is blind and deaf, thus creating an extremely unsatisfactory rock-paper-scissor balance.

    Sure, some people might actually think about their tactics & positioning, but it is nonetheless extremely easy to just run brainlessly through a map and be extremely effective with the shotgun.

    If the Shotgun had required a skilled operator to be useful, it wouldn't have been a problem.
    The problem is that right now, Shotguns can be super effective in the hands of -anybody- who has an intact W and Shift key on their keyboard.
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  20. 7thHighlander

    If you go into CQC and you don't have a shotty.

    You're just pwning yourself.
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