Shotguns ruined the TTK/Skill required/Close Quarter Combat of Planetside 2..We need higher TTK!

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  1. DeltaGun

    Agreed. When I get bored with my pitiful pea-shooter LMG, I switch to Light Assault with an automatic shotgun and get huge kill streaks while blowing up enemy Sunderers with C4.

    There is no easier infantry weapon to get kills with than with the Auto or Pump shotgun.

    The SMGs, extremely high RoF carbines and ARs, and insta-kill shotguns that were added soon after launch really killed the originally envisioned TTK time that most of the guns in the game still have.
  2. Dreadnaught Wrex

    I would rather see the pump action shotguns get nerfed to not be OHK and maybe make them have a longer range in return. That instead of increasing the TTK.
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  3. Advanced Darkness

    That comes from wanting a K/D score card to spam on facebook or use in a peeing contest. I can say it has no place in an MMO but that would just be an opinion. You could still have it but it just wouldnt look like one from BF3. The kills would be lower but actual accomplishments would be higher. Again, my opinion but the large accomplishments part would fit better in an MMO.

    Its about as useless as keeping track of how many NPCs you killed in a certain other mmo as compared to keeping track of major bosses or how many pvp duels you won. Pvp duels i might add would have an extremely long ttk. Thats whats worth keeping track of. Not the same ohk you got from the same guy in 5 mins.
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  4. Ranik

    Actually a decent idea.
  5. Dreadnaught Wrex

    You are welcome to advertise the idea if you want. Anything to improve the game. Though scatMAXes should stay the way they are given they are supposed to have 3 barrel shotguns but they only do the damage of a semi-auto shotgun.
  6. Bape

    So that means it will be a jackhammer? Do you want the NC to rage?
  7. Dreadnaught Wrex

    The NC already complain how crappy their jackhammer is. Maybe buff it to keep the QQ down? Because we all know any change this game gets we get a mass of QQ. Also, I still remember our conversation in the biolab on matherson.
  8. Bape

    We had a conversation about what lol?
  9. Ranik

    To be fair. The Jackhammer and the other ES-HA weapons are all pretty garbage. Mainly due to shotguns funnily enough. :rolleyes:

    You can't be the super heavy assault weapon, when every Light assault / Infiltrator is carrying something with the same TTK as your biggest gun.
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  10. Dreadnaught Wrex

    General ****ery. I was on my crappy VS alt and it was a general conversation. You killed me a few times with your scatmax. got my behind a tree from the spawn room. >_> Called me a noob. lol
  11. Bape

    Wait I called you a noob? I never used that word in my life lol are you sure that was me? or you probably mistaken that with someone else I think that word "noob" is ******** I just call people trash or awful. Also the jackhammer only unique trait is its range if they just hand it to the PA it basically a better version of the JH which will make many NC pissed lol. Im seeing the Jackhammer to be actually good day by day when I trial it.
  12. Xhaleon

    No, we need to extend the number of shots to kill for shotguns by exactly one.

    Exactly one shot. This means that pump actions will no longer give one-pump-chumps the absolute advantage in point blank combat unless they consistently score solid headshots. Automatics now gain a marginally greater desirability over the semi-autos because of the amount of shot it can pump out, but the extended mag version still has its use as ammo conservation counts even more. The MAX scattercannons would also have to be affected.

    In return, tighten up the COF of shotgun pellet spread (not the gun's COF) by 0.5 or 1.0 degrees across the board. Reduce the damage falloff for the pellets. Now shotgun users will start firing earlier and will need the aiming skill to keep up the pressure for a longer period of time. That goes for the pump-actions too.
  13. Dreadnaught Wrex

    Actually, I think it was someone else who got me from the spawn. But I have seen you around matherson.
  14. crazyoldfart

    I love catching people off guard like that. Don't even need a shotgun. But if those guys are on their toes you won't get but one even with a shotgun.
  15. crazyoldfart

    No Sir. That has nothing to do with K/D ratio. It's just plain silly for 2 guys to adadad for 20 seconds trying to kill each other. Most likely someone else would stab you in the back before then.
  16. wingspan

    If you want to see what long TTK fights are like, see two MAXes fighting. NC MAX is the new shotgun TTK, and VS and TR are regular guns. You still jump each other, and HP bars start swirling down, with each player moving slowly back and forth, vying for headshots. There's time to watch the whole process as a spectator. If you don't kill each other, there's plenty of time for other people to gank you and clean up the fight.

    For that to be even close to how infantry fights go would be a game-breaker for most shooter fans wanting scaled-up Battlefield. Is this an FPS or more of an action shooter/RPG? I think its the former, and PS1 had its shot as the latter.
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  17. Bape

    yes i am a well known NC in Mattherson lol :).
  18. Dreadnaught Wrex

    Meh, I just run into you alot. I tend to memorize the name of MAX users who kill me a good bit. I have one NC player on Connery who almost everytime I see him in a scatmax he would always kill me. But since the NC MAX nerf I havent really seen him. I might just start playing on my matherson TR character more to get my MAX certed on there and come fight you. Though, I have dumped way too many certs into my Connery Main. lol
  19. Bape

    I only use Max in biolab or tower to avoid PA death I hate them so much my only way to counter it is Max. Anywhere else I will be infiltrator or HA. My most played class is infiltrator and it seems I get more killing streaks as infiltrator then max it seems.
  20. Dreadnaught Wrex

    I would have been a NC if it wasnt for the miniguns on the TR MAX. which are more my style and my preference. I main MAX, meaning unless my cooldown timer is stopping me, I run my MAX suit. should probably stop getting off topic like this.
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